Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Sean and Jenna! Thank you for choosing to read our story and learn more about us as prospective parents.

Our Story

We met in 2018 in a fitness class at work. While we shared the same employer for five years, our paths did not cross prior. We started chatting about workout recommendations and quickly realized we shared a lot of similar interests.

Our first date was rock climbing. We had a blast, which is ironic since, unbeknownst to Sean, Jenna is deathly afraid of heights. After a few too-good-to-be-true dates, Jenna decided she needed some time to be single, as she had just come out of a relationship. We continued to hang out as friends, spending nights and weekends scraping popcorn off ceilings and painting at Sean’s first home.

As a thank you, Sean decided he wanted to take Jenna on a trip to Costa Rica! Before leaving, Jenna realized her heart had mended, and she was ready to be more than just friends. From there, our relationship progressed quickly. We started living together later that year. 2020 was a whirlwind year – we got engaged, bought and renovated our forever home, and planned our wedding, all under the constraints of a pandemic.

In 2022, we decided we should start trying to expand our family. After multiple pregnancy losses, doctors recommended IVF. As a couple, we decided fertility treatments were not how we wanted to grow our family. Adoption is very close to our hearts. Sean has two adopted cousins and Jenna’s best friend adopted her daughter. Becoming parents has always been our dream, and we cannot wait to expand our family!

About Jenna (as told by Sean)

When I first met Jenna, I couldn’t believe how kind she was. I thought it was a bit of a show because nobody can be that nice all the time. Well, years later, she’s still the kindest person I know, so I guess it’s just who she is! She’s the perfect partner for me, because I bring the energy, and she balances us with a thoughtful and organized plan.

Jenna has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and works in finance as a sales support analyst for a biotechnology company. We work for the same company, and she’s on the business side, working from home, while I am on the technology side.

Jenna has an amazing ability to see potential. The first home she bought had recently burned almost to the ground, but she saw what it could become. She was able to do all the renovations herself, and turn what many people would have seen as a lost cause into a beautiful home. Years later, she did the same thing with our house, which needed a lot of work. She made all the design and renovation decisions and turned the house into our beautiful forever home. She also has a green thumb! When we moved here, we had the worst lawn in the neighborhood, but Jenna has quickly turned it into the envy of all our neighbors.

Fun Facts About Jenna:

Loves animals and has rescued two dogs
Jenna, her brother, and her parents all attended the same university
She found her first home in a classified ad under “make an offer”

About Sean (as told by Jenna)

When I first met Sean, I thought he was the male version of myself….and then I got to know him and realized he’s my exact opposite. His strengths are my weaknesses, and vice versa. This is why we work so well.

Sean has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and works as an operations manager. He takes great pride in his work and is always willing to throw on a lab coat and help team members solve product issues, resulting in multiple innovation and problem-solving awards.

Shortly before 5:00 pm, our two dogs, Reesee and Bayleigh, will lay in front of the door anxiously waiting for him to get home. As soon as he walks through the door, excitement fills the air as he is greeted by two very happy girls! Next, there’s a mad dash for the stairs, because it’s playtime!

Sean is patient, kind, and fun with children. Our nieces and nephews cannot get enough of him! They enjoy playing street hockey and “tickle, tickle”, although their favorite is when he throws them up high into the air, splashing into the pool. Neighborhood kids have been known to knock on the door, asking if Sean can come out and play soccer.

Fun Facts About Sean:

Held every track and field school record at his university for all running events 500m to 3,000m
Is afraid of sharks, so refuses to swim in the ocean
Is a huge fan of Chelsea (English soccer) and the Green Bay Packers

Our Home

We bought our forever home with the intent of starting a family. It has four bedrooms and plenty of space for us to grow as a family. We live on almost a half an acre with a big backyard surrounded by trees—this is our favorite part of the home. We cannot wait to watch future pickup soccer games be played and forts be built!

We live in a highly desirable neighborhood that is one of the most diverse in the area, filled with families and children, and only a ten-minute drive from the cultural center of the state. It is a quiet and safe neighborhood, built on a circle with sidewalks and streetlights, where everyone waves hello and keeps an eye on each other’s properties. Our neighbors drop off fresh produce in the summer and handmade ornaments and cookies at Christmas.

Groups of children frequently ride their bikes and scooters around the block, which is great since we love watching them have fun! Our two pups also love our neighborhood, since it is filled with other friendly dogs. They especially love taking nature walks and searching for antler droppings in the dozens of acres of forest that abuts our backyard.

We wholeheartedly believe Southern Maine is the best place to raise a family. We cannot wait to take the child to the children’s museum, to see a Maine Celtics basketball game, and to visit the local library.

Our Family

We both grew up in large families surrounded by siblings and cousins. We love being there to support them and, in turn, they are always happy and willing to support us. We are lucky to have our families and extended families living close by, and they are all excited and eager to help us raise a child. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, and between us, we have a huge village full of family!

Sean’s parents and siblings all live within fifteen minutes of us. He has two brothers and one sister. One of his brothers is his best friend, and he sees him all the time, but he’s close to all three of them. Sean’s parents are retired and are active grandparents to our two nieces, who are three and five-years-old.

Jenna’s parents reside an hour away, in a small town. They still live in her childhood home on a pond that is popular for swimming, boating, and fishing. Although they are retired, they are still very active. They love to renovate homes and babysit grandchildren. Jenna has one brother, who lives 45-minutes away with his wife and our two nephews, who are three and four-years-old. Jenna and her brother have always been close—he officiated our wedding, and his wife was Jenna’s maid of honor!

Both of our families are very excited at the idea of adoption and having a new baby to spoil! It fills us with confidence knowing we have the support of our family, who are ready and excited to help in any way they can.

Hobbies & Traditions

With each season comes new traditions. Springtime is the best time to visit the beautiful beaches in Maine, before they get too crowded with visitors. We enjoy exploring the picturesque coastal towns throughout the state, making sure to check out the beaches and shops, and grab ice cream!

The highlight of our summer is going to camp where we enjoy kayaking, swimming, and making s’mores. We look forward to summer days at Sean’s parent’s pool, teaching the child to swim.

In the fall we enjoy long walks through the woods where we can see all the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. Each November we take great pride in hosting Thanksgiving dinner for Sean’s family. Jenna’s specialty is garlic mashed potatoes and Sean’s is mac and cheese.

Christmas is Jenna’s favorite holiday. She goes above and beyond decorating the house inside and out. She thoroughly enjoys giving gifts to loved ones, making sure to have something special under the tree for everyone, even the pups! The dogs get into the holiday spirit, too, and love to prance around wearing reindeer antlers!

We enjoy snowshoeing in the winter and watching the local professional hockey team play. We developed a new hobby of ice skating and cannot wait to teach the child!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope this profile has given you a peek into our lives and provides a visualization of what growing up in a family like ours would look like. We are ready to grow our family and together take on all the new challenges and unpredictability that comes with it.

We know it won’t always be easy, but with love and patience, we are ready to guide a child through all of life’s lessons. We fully expect that while we are helping the child grow, they will be helping us grow, as well. We promise to always put the child first. We will love them unconditionally and will be supportive while helping them blossom into their best self. Our home will be full of love, kindness, acceptance, and laughter. We look forward to sharing traditions while also ensuring the child understands their heritage and where they came from.

While we would be happy to maintain open communication with the birth parents throughout the child’s life, we will also completely respect any boundaries they need or prefer.  We anxiously daydream about the day we finally become parents, but understand this loving choice is not an easy one.

We wish you the best and admire your selflessness as you decide what is best for you and the child.


Sean & Jenna

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