Thank You

Full Circle Adoptions is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. Also, many employers are willing to match contributions from their employees. Please ask your employer if they will match your contribution to Full Circle Adoptions. Full Circle Adoptions will provide you with documentation for your taxes. Thank you for your contribution.

Thank you to all the wonderful families, friends of Full Circle Adoptions, board members, colleagues, and members of our community who donated to Full Circle Adoptions during the 2022 fiscal year. Your donations went into the Stout Family Fund to help with unexpected adoption expenses in the adoption process.

Steve & Lydia Spiegel
20 Bridges Swim GoFundMe fundraiser
Hans and Eleanor Spiegel
Mark Spiegel
Barbara Fell-Johnson
Barbara Arrighi
Gary & Debbie Goodwin
Meg Kelsey & Jonathan Wright
Gary & Elana Rose
Carla, Paul & Megan Bradford
In honor of our daughter’s birthmother
Eric & Jascin Finger
Town Fair Tire Foundation
Chris & Courtney Crowell
Suzanne Wilcutt
Dorna Sadaat
Caroline Stratton & Jimmy R. Crow
Reiko & Shigeru Miyagawa
Thornwill Design
Matthew & Johannah Medeiros
Toni Moletteri
Kathryn Schmidt
Judith Katz
Mary Fox
Audra Steiner
Lisa & Michael Ciesinski
Christine Vincent
Bruce Boyd & Nancy Donovan
Kevin & Val D’Aquilla
Rob Garrison & Alex Trofimov
Anna Woofenden & David Howlett
John & Judy Trickey
Marie & Nick Spellman
Howard Polonsky
Sue & Wally Foerster
Sandra Hart
Tyler Reynolds & Bridget Kean Reynolds
Gifts in memory of Linda M. Doyle
  • Joseph Colfer, Peggy Doyle, Kevin Colfer
  • Linda Hewitt & Terry Bremer
  • Cheryl Smart
  • Joan Kovach
  • Bradley & Dianne Anderson
  • Eleanor McLaughlin