Adoptive Parents Testimonials


We are very grateful for the work that Marla and the team at A Full Circle Adoptions does, and for the integrity and respect they convey in their work. There are no words good enough to describe the quality of care from this agency.

Gary & Elana

Thank goodness for Full Circle, as they held our hands and walked us through the process every step of the way! They demonstrated all the patience, knowledge, and understanding under the sun!

Full Circle of Love

John & Glenda

The team at Full Circle spent the time and effort to help us determine our needs and worked diligently and rapidly to fulfill our hopes to adopt a new baby. They left nothing to chance and even helped us find an outstanding foster mother while the adoption was in process.

Luke & Jonathan

Full Circle is an outstanding adoption agency. The director, Marla Allisan, and her staff bring great energy and professionalism to the adoption process, and possess qualities that we have found critical to our successful adoption.

Jessica & George

Marla and her staff were truly dedicated to making our adoption process a smooth one– especially Meredith. We have and will continue to recommend Full Circle to our friends and relatives.

Gary & Elana

We always knew that adoption would be the only way we could build our family, and we definitely did our research. We determined that Full Circle was the agency for us when we heard Marla talked so profoundly and thoughtfully about the perspectives of all those involved in the adoption process. We had full confidence that she would take care of everyone’s hearts and best interests, particularly the child’s.

We also knew that the adoption road was going to be a roller coaster. Thank goodness for Full Circle, as they held our hands and walked us through the process every step of the way! They demonstrated all the patience, knowledge, and understanding under the sun! Marla offered some of the most important guidance of our lives, even when we weren’t fully aware of how much we needed it!

This roller coaster ride culminated in a call that turned our world upside down in the most wonderful and magical way possible on Sunday, February 20th 2011 at around 1:00 in the afternoon. “You know that case we talked about a week ago?

Congratulations!!!”. We actually met our two week old son for the first time at the Full Circle office the very next day!!! How incredible it was to share this most amazing moment with all the warm, caring, and professional people at Full Circle; they all had tears of joy in their eyes along with us!!

Today we treasure every moment with our 2 ½ year old bundle of energy and joy!!! We think of Full Circle every day, and we are forever grateful for how they helped bring our family together!!

Warmest regards, Gary and Elana

Anita & Ken

Dear Full Circle,

Thank you so much for everything you and your staff did that made our adoption a success. We could not be happier with our little Andrew and are very grateful for all your help.

The process of adoption can seem long and difficult. Right from the beginning Marla was there to explain, and re-explain, the process and to be supportive to us. We remember hearing from Full Circle when we were first starting our paperwork and greatly appreciated the encouragement we received. At one point we were very discouraged, but Marla was always there to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel. On the day that we picked up Andrew, the entire staff was available to us as much as we needed, even giving up the better part of that Sunday to be with us and come with us to the hospital to pick up our precious little boy. They even followed up during the first week to see how we were doing. They continue to be interested in our son and us over two years since he was born.

We were greatly impressed by, and thankful for, Marla’s legal knowledge. She helped us understand all the legal issues involved with adoption and worked tirelessly to ensure that both we, and Andrew’s birthparents, completely understood the process and understood our rights and commitments. Full Circle was also diligent in helping us get all relevant health information.

More importantly, Full Circle helped us to really appreciate adoption. When we first started the process, we were more focused on what we wanted and ourselves. Over time we really came to appreciate the issues and tough decisions facing birthmothers and birthfathers. We are very happy that we have communications with Andrew’s birth parents.

We are happy to recommend Full Circle to anyone.

Sincerely, Anita and Ken

Ben & Terri

We are thrilled to write this letter of reference for Full Circle Adoptions. After four years of trying to conceive a child, we received a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’. It was one of the worst experiences of our lives to be told we may never have a child, but we soon realized that we would! We chose to pursue adoption. After months of researching and interviewing adoption agencies, we knew in our hearts that Full Circle was the right one for us.

We felt a connection with Marla from the moment we met her. She is a class-act; experienced, sensitive, intelligent, informative, and very down to earth. We found her staff to be very professional, attentive and well-organized. We couldn’t be more pleased, or feel more blessed by, the outcome of our adoption journey. Our daughter is a dream come true and we owe Marla and her staff a debt of gratitude for all they have done to give us this chance to be parents.

Warm Regards,

Ben and Terri Edwards


In 2005, we learned of our inability to have biological children, and decided to pursue adoption. We met with Marla Allisan in her Brookline office on February 13, 2005 for our orientation. Marla took all the time we needed to go over every part of the handbook with us and to answer our questions, which were never ending. In our attempts to have biological children, on our fertility voyage, we’d lost our hope. During this meeting, we both felt hope again for the first time in many years, that we’d actually become parents. In that Brookline office on that February morning, we found it.

We started right away with our application and home study. Every step of the way we were treated respectfully and professionally, when we did not understand something, Marla and all the workers at A Full Circle Adoptions took the time to explain things to us and to reassure us. There were times during our wait that we fell back into the more familiar feeling of wondering if we’ll ever be blessed with parenthood.

In December 2006, we began speaking with a young couple expecting a girl here in Massachusetts. During our talks, there were times when we became overwhelmed, and it was a Godsend to have Marla to bounce our feelings off of, it brought us great comfort to be able to share our concerns with Marla and the team at FCA. We became officially matched with this couple on New Year’s Eve and our daughter was born on March 6, 2006.

When our daughter was born, we went through the gamut of emotions and experiences. I was fortunate enough to have been asked by our daughter’s birthmother to room in with her in the hospital because she wanted me to start caring for and bonding with our daughter immediately, from birth. While it was one of the most difficult times and frightening times of my life, it was hands-down the best opportunity and exceeded even my best dreams.

There were times during our wait that we knew we had to be driving the staff crazy with our endless concerns and questioning, not because the staff became impatient with us, because they never did, but because we knew we would have driven ourselves crazy! And during our most uncertain and persistent times, Marla and FCA rose above and lifted us up and helped us continue on our journey, always respectfully and compassionately.

After we came home with our daughter, we started counting down our monthly post placement visits until finalization. In September 06, we had one particularly unsettling conversation with our daughter’s birthmother. Immediately after ending the call with our daughter’s birthmother, we called Marla for her professional opinion and some reassurance. She once again rose above and was able to successfully explain the grieving process that some birthparents experience and relate that to us and this particular situation. That was the moment that we knew we would really never want to end our contact with this agency. The continued support that started during our orientation and continues to this day, over a year after finalization, is the kind of support that is rarely available in today’s world.

We are very grateful for the work that Marla and the team at A Full Circle Adoptions does, and for the integrity and respect they convey in their work. There are no words good enough to describe the quality of care from this agency. It is the diamond in the rough. They’ve given us so much more than our hope back, they’ve given us our dream and our life as a family.


Jos & Sjef

Dear Full Circle:

With this note we would like to say thanks to you and your team, for your wonderful work. Your professionalism, knowledge and patience were terrific and especially your warm guidance was marvelous.

From the beginning we realized that, because of our Dutch citizenship, it was a whole lot of extra work for you to help us fulfill our dream. You took it as a big challenge and found all the answers you needed to help us, even by talking with the Dutch ministry to enlarge your knowledge concerning our Dutch adoption law. That was great.

During the whole procedure, there wasn’t a question we had, that was not answered in less than two or three hours, no matter when, day or night. You are very accurate and prompt.

Above all, we have experienced you Marla as a very warm and respecting person without any judgments. You have spent a lot of time talking with us to get yourself the right picture of us. Looking back, we realize you did know exactly who we are.

You helped Chhaya’s mother and us, with all our special wishes, into a wonderful adoption that fits us all very well.

Thank you so much.

Jos and Sjef

Jessica & George

Dear Prospective Adoptive Parent(s):

“It’s Marla, I don’t know what you have planned for this weekend, but you should cancel whatever it is – I have birthparents for you to meet.” One phone call changed our weekend plans and our lives.

It is our pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Marla, Meredith and the staff at Full Circle Adoptions. It seems appropriate that we write this letter now as we have just celebrated our son’s first birthday. As we look back on the year, we reflect on the process of our adoption and the joy we have found as parents.

We began our adoption journey after receiving a diagnosis of infertility. After much soul searching (and telephone book searching and internet searching), we contacted Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions. We found Marla to be attentive and informative. She is a compassionate individual and a “straight shooting” professional – qualities that reassured us. From our first phone call and to this very day, Marla has shown a continued commitment to our family.

Marla’s knowledge and expertise are complimented by her staff – especially Meredith. We have always been impressed with Meredith’s attention to detail, genuine concern, and even her ability to recognize our voices on the phone! Even through stressful times, our process has been a positive one because of Meredith’s willingness to answer our (seemingly) thousands of questions.

Marla and her staff were truly dedicated to making our adoption process a smooth one. We have and will continue to recommend Full Circle to our friends and relatives. It would be our pleasure to speak with you about adopting through Full Circle. Please ask Marla for our contact information.

Best wishes, Jessica and George Randall

Rob & Joanne

This letter of reference is meant to share with those families pursuing their dream of having a child through adoption. Our family began our pursuit in April of 2004 and were fortunate enough to have met Marla Allisan with Full Circle Adoptions. While the process was tedious nerve racking at times, Marla and her staff, especially Kristen and Meredith, made sure that our needs were met, our questions answered and our fears alleviated throughout the whole process.

My wife and I were matched with a Birthmother this past Spring and we became parents on August 5th 2005. Our tears and emotions flowed when we saw Annabel for the first time, about 30 minutes after she was born. It was a life changing experience. Imagine our emotions when we held her for the first time shortly after that!!

Marla and her staff at Full Circle made our journey through building a family by adoption a very smooth, comforting and professional process. Her network of counselors, lawyers and social workers were always willing to talk to us, no matter what time of day or night we called. As with anything in life, the fear of uncertainty can be very hard. Sometimes you feel like you’re all alone and only “you” have the challenges being faced. That’s how we felt before connecting with Marla. From the moment she came to our home to do the home study, she was thorough, attentive and always willing to do what ever it was to make sure we were comforted.

I would strongly recommend to any families thinking about adoption to speak with Full Circle. We were recommended to Full Circle by friends of ours and feel fortunate not only to have worked with Marla, but to always have her as part of our extended family. Without her, we wouldn’t be proud parents to our precious little girl Annabel.

Best Regards, Rob and Joanne

Brian & Val

We have recently adopted our second child with the help of Full Circle Adoptions. This adoption found us traveling to Mobile, Alabama in December, 2003 where we met a young woman who chose us to parent her child. While we definitely encountered our share of obstacles along the way, we were pleased with how thorough Full Circle Adoptions was with the entire process, always sending their support and positive outlook at all times. We valued their knowledge and experience to guide us through our journey. Although a very emotional process to go through, we were overjoyed when we were able to bring Charlie home to meet his older brother, Harrison, now 4, who was also adopted using Full Circle Adoptions. Charlie is a very healthy and happy little guy that loves to be around others and is already imitating his older brother in so many ways. He is a wonderful, easy going child that makes us smile everyday. Harrison is also a very happy and wonderful child who is very much the big brother who will always be sure to take good care of his little brother Charlie! We are so thankful for Full Circle Adoptions and everything they have done over the past 6 years in helping us build our family.

Thank you again Full Circle!

Sincerely, Brian and Val

Matt & Tricia

Dear Full Circle, When Tricia and I got married we knew it was important to both of us to have a family. Since we also knew there were potential obstacles to having a child in the most typical fashion, we started thinking about adoption from the very beginning. After a couple of years of marriage, we decided the time was right and we found Full Circle.

We were quite fortunate and did not have to wait a very long time for a placement, buteven so, the process of adoption is challenging. When you adopt, if you are at all introspective, you reexamine your own life and childhood. You think about your own parents and the things you liked and didn’t like about how you were raised. If you’ve lost a parent, you think about that too. The adoption process takes you deep inside yourself.

I think one reason, among many, that we found the experience so profound was that we came out of the process not just with a beautiful new baby, but also with a better sense of ourselves. Full Circle was part of the biggest growth experience my wife and I have ever had and for that we’ll always be grateful.

Regards, Matt and Tricia

Kathy & Jim

Words alone cannot thank Marla and the staff of Full Circle Adoptions for their expert help handling the adoption of our son. We are pleased to have the finalization behind us. At first, the road ahead looked so long. We were anxious and wondered if we would choose the right adoption agency to bring us forward. Now, we are confident we made a wise choice. Even before our first meeting, I received a warm, friendly telephone reception from the person that answered my call. I had recently learned this is not common to all agencies. We met Marla and felt even more at ease. She made us feel welcome and hopeful. Her personal attributes attracted us right away. She is truly professional, organized and knowledgeable. With her experience, we knew an expert would oversee our journey.

Always, we had Marla and her competent staff on our side. Whenever we required support or needed to get paperwork signed, we had a team of people at Full Circle to guide us through. We received prompt replies and reassurances all along the way. Marla empowered us by suggesting ways we might become more informed to make our decisions.

We are thankful for Marla’s dedication. We felt like we had access to her day and night. At the most critical stage, she kept contact with us throughout. This never stopped as she was there for us until the final i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. There were often times she seemed to anticipate our concerns and called or wrote at that time. Even the letter the staff sent to advise details for finalization, set our expectations and answered questions that we had just thought. Psychic maybe…, prepared and knowledgeable they are most definitely.

Of course it is a lot easier to write this letter now compared to the middle of our experience (or “adoption roller coaster” as we refer). But looking back we can see more clearly just how hard Marla and Full Circle Adoptions worked for us to help make our dreams come true.

With sincere gratitude and life-long friendship to all at Full Circle Adoptions,

Kathy and Jim

Ellen & Rick

Very early on the morning of December 11, I was awakened by a telephone call from Marla Allisan. “Your bags are packed, right?” she asked. Of course they weren’t, but with that call the final leg of our journey had begun.

Less than 18 hours later my husband and I were in a Des Moines hospital talking to doctors about our new son’s delivery. His birth mother was right there beside us after having met us at the front door of the hospital, IV still in her arm. It was a scene I never could have imagined we’d be a part of.

As the parents of an adopted 3-year-old, we thought our second experience would be similar to our first. We had received the telephone call that time only after all the termination papers were signed and the revocation period had expired. We had not even known that we had been “matched.” We never met or had any contact with our first son’s birth mother or father. Although we have relatively extensive medical records and notes from social workers, we have no photographs or firsthand information to share with our son. From our point of view at the time of that adoption, as a couple fresh off the infertility treatment merry-go-round, the scenario couldn’t have been better.

When we decided to adopt a second child we found that the world of domestic adoption had changed over the previous three years. We also found that the agency we had used was experiencing some difficulties. Our search for a new agency brought us to Northampton on a referral from friends.

From our first meeting with Marla she had our trust. Unlike other agencies we visited, Marla gave us her undivided attention for as much time as we needed. She answered our questions honestly. When she didn’t know an answer, she told us. She sometimes told us things we weren’t ready to hear, especially when she explained her philosophy about contact between birth and adoptive parents. We walked away from that meeting with our heads spinning, but with a realization that we had found a woman who not only knew her business, but also cared about the people she worked with.

We were matched very quickly with a birth mother in Iowa who was early in her pregnancy. We were excited, but quite honestly the last thing I wanted to do was call this woman. I was nervous about what I would say and nervous about what I would hear. Marla helped put things into perspective for me, giving me tips about what to say and what to stay away from. She said simply, “just have a conversation.”

It was great advice. That first conversation was a bit awkward, but a bond had been formed. We talked periodically through the pregnancy and each time was more comfortable. By fall it was clear that the birth mother wanted to meet me. I was a nervous wreck. Would she like me? Would I pass muster? And after the tragedy of Sept. 11, I had even more pressing concerns. I called Marla; “Do I really have to get on an airplane?” Deep down I already knew her answer. “Yes, you really have to.”

It was an important moment for my husband and me because it really drove home for us what Marla is all about. She cares for and respects birth mothers. Sure, it would be scary for me to get on a plane and it would be uncomfortable to meet the birth mother, but would it be any more uncomfortable than what the birth mother was going through? Of course not.

I flew to Iowa for a day trip a few days after Thanksgiving and the meeting couldn’t have been better. It was an emotional experience that I can honestly say was life altering. It also gave me a first hand look at how Marla and all the people at Full Circle Adoptions had helped this woman. In the several months that I have known our birth mother I have seen a woman who was in a very low and difficult place go to a place where she is confident and ready to begin college and start a new life. It was because of Marla’s counseling and the services and support provided by her agency that his woman was able to gain the self-confidence she needed to take a forward stop in her life.

I know that the last agency we worked with could not have performed such a service. It is Marla’s willingness to be available and to make herself a resource that allows birth mothers to trust her. I know that when a few difficult incidents happened after our son’s birth, Marla was the first person our birth mother called. She was able to diffuse the situation so the adoption could move forward only because she had built a trust with our birth mother over the previous several months.

While I have singled out Marla, I don’t want to leave out Meredith Davies, Megan Richardson or any of the other women at Full Circle that we had the pleasure to work with. On Thanksgiving morning Megan gave us 45 minutes of her time, talking to me about my impending visit to Iowa and our birth mother’s current state of mind. And on countless other occasions I spoke with the others in a state of panic about one thing or another, always to be calmed down by the voice on the other end ready with just the words I needed to hear.

We would recommend this agency to anyone ready to explore adoption. At each step of the process we were counseled about what to expect, what could happen and what would not happen. We were never surprised, not an easy feat in the unpredictable world of domestic adoption. We have a beautiful new son and we can feel good about how his birth mother was treated. She was treated not only with respect and dignity, but we honestly believe she was also treated with tender loving care not because she had a baby to surrender, but because she is a human being who needed some help.


Ellen and Rick


We have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Full Circle Adoptions of Northampton, MA. It is our great pleasure to do so, as I am fully satisfied and very happy former client of this wonderful agency.

Marla Allisan and her fine staff presided over the domestic adoption of our beautiful and precious daughter, Megan, in November of 2000. It is difficult for me to adequately express the amount of effort, empathy, sensitivity, knowledge and professionalism these people brought to the job, which, by the way, is one they all clearly love. If asked what one word I felt summed up the character of this agency, I would have to say, “warm”. This warmth permeated all discussions and transactions my husband and I had with them, even those concerning painful or stressful issues, and continues to this day. We felt understood, supported and liked by everyone we dealt with. In a way, we didn’t feel like “clients” at all: the relationship was more fond than that. The adoption process is a rollercoaster, and we always knew that we could (and we did) rely on Marla and her people for every peak and valley we encountered. We appreciated the responsiveness and personal attention we received during a process that would change our lives. Marla treated not only us but also Megan’s birthmother with respect and compassion.

We expect our friends at Full Circle to be a valued resource for many years to come. We would feel no hesitation at calling Marla for advice as Meg grows and starts to come to terms with the fact of her adoption. We know that she will always remember us, be happy to hear from us, and be willing to take whatever time we need. I believe she feels a personal pride in and special affection for every family that she helps to realize their dreams. We would heartily endorse Full Circle as an excellent choice to anyone interested in domestic adoption. If I can provide any further or more specific information about Full Circle and their service to us, I would be happy to do so. Full Circle staff has my permission to release my contact information if you would like to speak with me.

Whatever you decide, I wish you much luck on your journey.

Very truly yours,

Carla B.

Jill & Flynn

To the Full Circle Board of Directors:

We are writing this letter to let you know what a good experience it was adopting through Full Circle Adoptions. We came to Full Circle Adoptions somewhat raw from failed pregnancy attempts and apprehensive about the adoption process. Marla Allisan and the rest of the staff were extremely encouraging, sensitive and helpful as they guided us through the various steps of the adoption. Even though there is so much bureaucracy to deal with in adoption, the Full Circle staff humanized it for us from beginning to end. Marla, as both a lawyer and social worker, navigated the intricacies of the adoption process with skill, humor and understanding. Working with the Full Circle Staff was not like working with an “agency” it was more like working with a supportive, knowledgeable and friendly team.

We had heard about how difficult it is to adopt but it was a fairly easy process for us. By May of 1999 our Vermont homestudy was complete as was our profile or “Dear Birthmother” letter. We told Full Circle we wouldn’t be ready to adopt until September. Our son was born on September 5. Marla reminds us that it only took 5 days to adopt our son!

Our son’s birthmother contacted us in July of 1999 and then she disappeared from our lives. We assumed she changed her mind about giving him up for adoption. We were already hooked up with a new birthmother when we got a call from Marla at 2:00 a.m. on the morning of our wedding anniversary telling us that the original birth mother had just given birth and still wanted us to adopt her child.

It was a whirlwind adoption! Thus ensued 2 full days of phone calls made by Full Circle and us. Full Circle talked us through our part of the process including talking to the birthmother and birthfather, finding a local pediatrician to talk to the hospital pediatrician, Full Circle’s travel agent who deals with adoptions, adoption lawyer, etc. The 3rd day we flew to Seattle, rushed straight from the airport to the lawyer where we signed some papers, then rushed to the hospital where we saw our son Liam for the first time. The lawyer got us temporary custody and we brought our son home to a friend’s house in Seattle the next day. Three days later we flew home with Liam.

Our son is a delightful 2-1/2 year old he’s smart, funny, and quite a character. Liam is the light of our lives and we’re very grateful to Full Circle Adoptions.

Sincerely, Jill and Flynn

Chris & Elan

We are one of the very content families who used Full Circle Adoptions in the adoption of our now three-year-old son, Julian. Full Circle worked seamlessly with our adoption agency and facilitator here in California to help bring Jules home from Massachusetts where he was born.

Marla Allisan, Director of Full Circle was our main contact. Marla was wonderful and put in both her expertise and love into her work with us. She was particularly sensitive and caring about both sides of the adoption relationship that helped our birthparents greatly. She was able to lay the foundations of trust and care which have resulted in us having a warm respectful relationship particularly with Julian’s birthmother. Marla was there at our sides during the event-filled days after his birth and was a strong advocate for us at the hospital. This particular hospital had little experience with adoption and Marla was able to guide them also in setting up the proper environment for everyone’s care.

Thanks, Chris Gallagher Soltes & Elan Soltes
Los Angeles, California

Luke & Jonathan

We are parents to a three-year-old daughter who we adopted through Full Circle in April 1999. We presently are working with Full Circle on the adoption of our second child, and welcome the opportunity to recommend the agency to you.

Full Circle is an outstanding adoption agency. The director, Marla Allisan, and her staff bring great energy and professionalism to the adoption process, and possess qualities that we have found critical to our successful adoption.

First, the agency is very thorough in its work with both adoptive parents and birthparents. The adoption process can be daunting, and Ms. Allisan and her staff are extraordinarily patient and compassionate as they explain (and re-explain) the many steps families like ours and yours need to complete as we grow our families. Equally important is the attention to detail with which the agency reviews potential adoption situations. Although many describe adoption as a leap of faith, in our experience Full Circle has assembled and analyzed (often very quickly) key information — such as medical and social histories — that any family would want to know before making such a life-altering decision.

Second, Full Circle recognizes that adoption is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. As parents we are unique, and the agency strives to tailor our adoption plan to our goals, preferences, and concerns. Full Circle has been very supportive of the sometimes difficult decision-making process, helping us to evaluate our options while always respecting our judgment and the decisions we reach.

Third, Full Circle is very organized, efficient and friendly. The staff is always available, including on nights and weekends, and can react very quickly to most any situation. One example – at roughly 1:00 a.m. on the morning our daughter was born, we left a message with some questions on the agency voicemail; less than an hour later we received a return call from Ms. Allisan, who called from a tent in the Grand Canyon, where she was on vacation with her family.This level of responsiveness is typical; your calls will be returned, promptly, and with the right answers.

As you can tell, we have boundless enthusiasm for Full Circle and recommend it to any family considering an adoption plan.

Good luck,

Luke and Jonathan

Ashley & Matt

Dear Board of Directors:

We came to adopt our son from Full Circle in 1998 when the facilitator we were working with was contacted by Full Circle seeking “young” adoptive parents. After being shown several adoption portfolios, our son’s birth parents chose to meet us. From the beginning, our contact with Full Circle was professional and reassuring during a very stressful time. It all happened so fast for us, which was a blessing, but also difficult emotionally. Within the span of 3 weeks we had been contacted by Full Circle about the potential adoption, had flown up from our home in South Carolina to meet the birth parents for a weekend, and returned to Massachusetts when our son was born a few days later. Full Circle worked with us on all aspects of the adoption, from the financial and legal paperwork, to guidance on connecting with the birthparents, to how to handle all of the emotions that come with an adoption. They had also worked for months with our son’s birth parents in counseling, which I have no doubt made the process successful for all of us. We felt confident that the agency was working with all our best interests at heart- the birthparents, the baby, and us. Having the confidence that Full Circle was working to make the process ethical and positive for all of us, gave us a peace of mind that is priceless and still comforts us today. Our adoption with Full Circle was not typical, as we only started working with the agency after being chosen by the birth parents. Despite the whirlwind of the process, and the fact that they had just met us, Full Circle remained professional and attentive throughout the process.

Adopting our son has been the most wonderful experience for our family. He has given us more joy than we could ever describe on paper. We have no doubt for a minute that he was meant to be our son. We never thought we would be grateful for our years of infertility, but if it were not for those times, we would never have him in our lives. Thanks to the work that Full Circle did with our son’s birthparents and us to make the adoption such a positive experience, we can give him the gift of having met them and our wonderful memories of that time.


Ashley and Matt

John & Glenda

Dear Board of Directors:

I would like to take this opportunity thank Marla Allisan and her team at Full Circle for all the hard work and support they provided before, during and after the adoption of our son, Jake. Their efforts truly changed our lives and we are forever grateful.

The team at Full Circle spent the time and effort to help us determine our needs and worked diligently and rapidly to fulfill our hopes to adopt a new baby. They left nothing to chance and even helped us find an outstanding foster mother while the adoption was in process.

Jake is now a very happy and healthy two year-old and is at the center of everyone in our family’s life. We have recommended Full Circle to friends because we couldn’t imagine a better organization to which we would entrust the future of our family.


John and Glenda

Eve & J.L.

We looked long and hard at adoption and the different agencies that were out there. I initially thought I wanted domestic and open, and while that’s what we wound up with, what I learned in the process was more complex than that. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Full Circle to assist with a domestic interstate adoption, and I am continually reminded when I hear other people’s adoption stories about how thorough and respectful Full Circle was. Not just respectful of our time and needs, but deeply committed to giving birth parents the most choices and best experience they can have in what is otherwise a challenging time for them. In short, beware of adoption agencies that pretend adoption is a simple process – they’re probably hiding something. And as a trans-racial family now, I appreciate the thought and care put into the process of preparing us even more now.

E & G

We didn’t want today to pass without taking a moment to remember all of your work on our behalf to make what is now a very, very happy family of three possible. There were certainly major highs and lows throughout our journey, and you were there for all of them. It felt right to be sitting next to you this morning, as everything did indeed come “full circle.” We spent much of the day waiting to meet K under an ancient ginkgo tree way back in October. That we were able to travel back to that tree today for a family photo was incredibly special. In many ways, you have been as solid as that tree for us–steady when high winds hit, sheltering in moments of grief, joyful when our dreams finally grew into reality. We wish you the very best and sincerely hope that we remain in touch.