Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hi, we are Kevin and Megan. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us as prospective parents.

Our Story

We met in Boston in the fall of 2019 via an online dating app. On our first date, we took a walk around a local pond, bonding over our mutual love of staying active outdoors and our shared passion for social justice. We hit it off immediately and brought our conversation indoors where we talked over tea until the shop finally closed and kicked us out. We arranged another date for a few days later and we have been together ever since.

We weathered COVID together, supporting each other through the most difficult parts of the pandemic. In December 2020, Kevin took a new job a few hours north of Boston, in Portland, ME. Megan followed, spending holidays and half of the week in Portland with Kevin and returning to Boston a few days each week to teach. We welcomed our dog, Percy, into our lives and enjoyed exploring our new home city and state with him, via long walks and backpacking trips. In October 2021, we were married in a small outdoor ceremony in Acadia, a National Park on the coast of Maine, surrounded by our closest friends and family.

We have always wanted to be parents but we were waiting for the right partner. We knew that conceiving a biological child would be difficult and require some medical intervention. Rather than pursue that path, we decided that we would prefer to adopt and provide a loving home for a child who needs one.

About Kevin by Megan

As a primary care doctor for refugees and people experiencing homelessness, Kevin’s work involves meeting many people each day who have or are experiencing extreme difficulty. He strives to make each visit impactful for his patients by prescribing medication, offering emotional support, coaching, and validating their experiences. I know he is incredible at his job because our house is full of notes and small gifts from his patients expressing their appreciation and affection for him.

He exhibits the same empathy in his interactions with family and friends. His sisters and friends regularly reach out to Kevin for his support and advice. Even our dog, who spent his first years living on the streets, immediately sensed safety with Kevin. On his first night with us, he could only settle down when curled up next to Kevin and he still follows Kevin everywhere.

Kevin has a DIY spirit. He loves working on our old house and has rewired our kitchen and redone the dining room drywall. He loves gardening, organizes jam-making and tomato-canning projects, and helps our friends tap trees to make maple syrup. I can’t wait to see him outside in the garden with a kid, planting seeds or pulling weeds, while listening intently to their stories and experiences.

Fun Facts About Kevin

He is an early riser – never sleeping past six!
He is a rower. He competed in high school and college and still rows regularly with a group here in Portland.
Before med school, Kevin spent a year volunteering as a caregiver at an HIV/AIDS hospice program.

About Megan by Kevin

I knew we had something special on our first date. The alignment of our values, shared love of the outdoors, and her intellectual curiosity were the sparks of the relationship. As a philosopher, she loves to wonder about life’s big questions, but she is acutely interested in how those questions apply to our everyday reality.

She studies and teaches courses on social justice that encourage undergraduates to think about what kind of world they would like to live in and how they can be a part of that change. She is routinely honored as a favorite professor by her students. She cares about her students, building relationships and mentoring them as they struggle with transitions into adulthood.

Megan isn’t a stereotypical academic – she spends significant time outside. She has hiked half the Appalachian Trail, goes rock climbing regularly (and taught me to climb and confront some of my fear of heights), and can swim like a fish.

She has a silly side that makes her the favorite aunt to all my nieces. At my sister’s wedding, Megan led the kids in a dessert taste test that they still talk about. She texts and talks regularly with our older nieces, playing video games and getting updates on all their activities.

Fun Facts About Megan:

Megan has lived on four continents, studying abroad in France and Uganda and teaching English in China!
She loves to read sci-fi, and often has both an audiobook and a paperback in progress.
She has rock climbed in Mexico and Spain.
Megan was a vegan when we met, but I enticed her to eat cheese again.

Our Home

We moved into our 100-year-old home in a suburban neighborhood of Portland in January 2022. We love its historic vibes (like original wood floors and built-in bookshelves) and we are enjoying the process of updating some of its quirky features (like the late-70s kitchen replete with orange laminate countertops). We both love a DIY project and together we have spent many weekends covered in plaster and paint. One of our favorite features is the giant, sun-soaked deck where we (and the dog) spend hours in the summer.

From the first day we moved in, we were welcomed into a tight-knit, active neighborhood community. Our next-door neighbor has become a close friend and her dog and ours move freely between our two houses. We are only one block from the bus stop so our front yard is often where the neighborhood’s many elementary-aged children gather. Block parties, neighborhood Easter egg hunts, and trick-or-treating add to the fun, kid-friendly atmosphere.

We live only a short walking distance from the local pool and an incredible children’s museum, which has made our home a popular destination for our friends in Boston with children. Portland is a city with a small-town feel, and we are close to nature and beaches. Portland’s racial and ethnic diversity continues to grow, with a significant population of new Mainers hailing from West Africa. We can’t wait to take a child to the Eastern Promenade, a local open space hang-out with playgrounds, fields, and food trucks which is always full of families from all backgrounds.

Our Family

We come from large, loving families. Growing up, Kevin’s grandparents lived just a mile away. Megan spent every summer of her childhood at her family’s lake house in Canada, surrounded by extended family. One thing the child can be sure of is that they will be supported by cousins. Kevin has three siblings scattered across the country, and they all have children – we just welcomed our sixth niece! We love traveling to LA, Chicago, or Boulder to visit them. In the summer of 2024, our two oldest nieces are making their first solo trip to visit us in Maine, and we can’t wait to spoil them with trips to amusement parks and too much ice cream.

Speaking of summers… as a professor, Megan has summers off and continues to spend a couple of months at the lake house with her mother, brothers, aunts, uncles, and many, many cousins, as she did in her childhood. Her family can’t wait to introduce a new child to swimming, canoeing, and building fairy houses in the woods.

Our families couldn’t be happier about our decision to adopt. Kevin’s father has three adopted siblings. Megan’s mom, who spent her career in early childhood education, is eager to lend a hand when the baby arrives.

Hobbies, Interests, and Traditions

As a family, we love to spend time in the kitchen and eat daily meals together. Holidays are a great excuse for an elaborate meal, but so are weekends or a random Thursday night with both of us chipping in. Kevin learned to bake from his grandfather and cannot wait to pass on the secrets of an unbeatable pie crust to a child.

Megan is especially looking forward to teaching the child to swim – she grew up loving the water and still enjoys long swims at the lake or in the ocean.

We both love hiking, biking, and canoeing and are eager to bring a child into nature with us. Each year we go on a backpacking trip, disconnecting from the digital world, and focusing on what’s at our feet, or taking the time to admire a beautiful sunset. We can already imagine the wonder in a child’s eyes as they learn of the world around them.

We both appreciate our time reading and tend to close out our days with a book in hand. In the winter, we always have a fire going and sit in front of it to read and unwind. We will share our love of books by reading our favorites to the child whom we adopt every night.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We can only imagine all that has brought you to this point, and we commend your bravery in making this loving choice. If we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to adopt a child, we promise to shower them with love and attention and give them all the support they need to grow into a beautiful adult.

We hope that the birth mother will always be a part of our lives and the life of the child. We will share photos and stories and we hope that we can meet her. The child will always know where they came from. We are already collecting children’s books that can help explain the process of adoption and we will pair those with the story of their mother’s own loving decision.

We wish you luck and strength as you determine what is right for you and the baby.


Kevin & Megan

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