Dear Birthmother,

Hopes and dreams shape our lives; they give us something to look forward to. It has been our hope to build a family – we look forward to giving our child a lifetime of love and heart-warming memories. Through adoption, we hope to fulfill this dream. We will make sure that the child we’re lucky enough to adopt feels secure and happy in our family. We have arranged our lives to provide our future child with a stay-at-home parent, and we’ve already started a college fund so that our son or daughter can pursue an education or vocation without worrying about supporting themselves while they gain the skills they want to acquire. They’ll enjoy a life that is full of love and which will include a diversity of experiences. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our desire to be parents.

About Us

After a number of years of trying, doctors explained that we would not be able to give birth to a child. We began to learn about the needs of expectant parents, like you, who also hope to find a family to care for their child. In considering families, you’ll likely want a family who you feel will give your child all the attention and opportunities that you feel they deserve. It is completely reasonable to want a family who will provide your child with all that they need to grow up strong and secure. The kind and generous world of adoption is our hope for fulfilling our dream of becoming parents. Perhaps the challenge of these hard choices at your end can be lessened by the knowledge that, in the process, you are helping people like us fulfill a dream.

While we come from different circumstances, we share the dream for a beautiful future for your child. We would like you to have an opportunity to know us a little better, and we truly appreciate the time you’re taking to read our letter.

Since the day we got married, we have tried to build a family. When we had difficulties, we gratefully accepted the help from our doctor. While trying to become parents, ourselves, we also watched with mixed feelings as our friends and relatives created families of their own. It was natural to feel happy for them but we were also sad because we were even more aware of the child for whom we have been yearning.  Sharing our sadness with each other actually brought us even closer together; our confidence in each other’s commitment to building a family felt even stronger.

Learning more about the adoption process helped us heal from our sense of loss.  We realize how incredibly courageous you are being by considering adoption for your child. If you’d like to consider us, we wish to reassure you that we will do everything in our power to ensure that your child has the best that life can offer.

How We Met

We met while we were living in New Haven, CT. Sunil was in graduate school and Caroline was working as a restaurant manager.  We saw each other for the first time at a salsa dancing party. Our attraction was immediate; our friendship grew strong and we quickly fell deeply in love. We knew that we were right for each other.

Caroline on Sunil

Caroline: From the beginning I’ve felt that Sunil is handsome, smart and kind, gentle, and funny. When we realized we were in love with each other, we became inseparable. We moved in together and married one year later – our marriage was between the two of us at the court house in New Haven CT. As we explained to our family, our wedding was not intended to leave out our family (although drawing together our family from all corners of the US and India would have been quite a task). We simply wanted to be married, and felt important to experience our wedding as a private and intimate experience for the two of us. Our families have found great ways to rejoice with us since then, one on one.

Sunil proposed to Caroline on his birthday; we were happily married a month later. We treasure our different perspectives and backgrounds, and yet, we have the same basic values – education, love, caring for others, devotion to children, tenderness towards animals and believing in the importance of making decisions together. We share a common life-goal of building a happy family and home.  We appreciate and respect our differences, and we complement each other well.

Our Backgrounds

We come from very diverse backgrounds. Sunil was raised in the big city of Bombay, India:

Sunil –Bombay is possibly the most diverse city in the country. I grew up getting to know wonderful people of different heritages and nationalities. From a young age, I had the opportunity to eat foods from a variety of cultures and to listen to a myriad of languages and the music of different backgrounds. I think that appreciation for diversity has become second nature to me. As an adult, I have always had a social circle which includes friends from different backgrounds and with different interests. It makes life fun and interesting!

Meanwhile, Caroline was raised in a small suburb in the mid-west.

Caroline: I grew up playing with our neighborhood friends on the swing set and rolling down the hill in the backyard, sitting with my dad on our red shag carpet near the fireplace in the family room, and playing with my friends. I had the chance to enjoy endless hours playing Barbies with my sister Amy and Legos with my brother Jeff.  I knew the kind of childhood that leads to a sense of happiness and safety.

We want to give our child the opportunity for a childhood in which they don’t have to worry about anything. Ours is a family life where they would have the chance to play, grow, read, explore and discover their own interests. We’ll support our child as an individual. They’ll be raised to appreciate the different strengths and interests of individuals, including their friends.

Our Families

The child we adopt will have many opportunities to learn about various cultures in different parts of the world. Sunil’s parents reside in Bombay, India, his brother and sister-in-law live in Berlin, Germany, while Caroline’s family lives in many different States across the US from Florida to Washington State. Our child will travel and receive many visits from all of these places and more. We think it is very important to give our child a chance to know their birthparents’ culture and history as well.

Our entire family is eager about our adoption plan. Caroline’s sister has been holding on to her children’s items in anticipation of sharing them with us. Our nephews cannot wait to meet their new cousin. Caroline’s father gave Caroline a book praising adoption for her birthday and looks forward to teaching our child how to sail. Caroline’s mother has already shared her box of baby mementos and has given a baby blanket to Caroline and Sunil to share with their new child. Sunil’s parents are genuinely caring and helpful to us throughout this entire process; they have pledged unflagging support.

Our Values

We will raise our child to feel knowledgeable about and comfortable with a strong sense of moral values, faith and tolerance; we’ll support our child with whatever specific spiritual needs speak to their beliefs and to their lives.  We enjoy an active lifestyle that emphasizes eating healthy and exercising. Whether through sports, long walks and cooking together, we hope to bring the joys of this health conscious lifestyle to our child.

Our Work

Sunil is a professional scientist and Caroline works for a law firm. Caroline also has a broad interest in both the arts and athletics. We live and work in Boston, a city that we love. Our child will grow up having the opportunity to see the inside of the world of scientific research as well as the opportunity to know the world of the arts communities and a variety of sports. Our child will have the opportunity to know Boston’s museums, art galleries, children’s museums, and music events.

Our Home

Boston has some of the best educational institutions in the country; we think it is one of the best places to bring up a child. We also appreciate the diversity of people in Boston; as a married couple from different heritages, we feel in is extremely important to feel at ease in your home without prejudice. Boston offers culture and diversity in its city, while the suburbs are safe and close by. We feel that together in this city, we can nurture any talents our child wishes to develop, and have a great balance of responsibility, enjoying life and love. Whether our child chooses to be an academic or craftsmen, for us it is very important to be able to provide whatever support is necessary for our child to develop social and financial independence. The college fund we have started will help them as they approach adulthood.

The primary consideration in our married life has been to start a family. All our choices are guided by this. From the car we drive, to our focus to save our money for our future. Caroline changed careers from late hours in the restaurant industry to a stable position in the financial department of a well established law firm that offers exceptional health benefits. In choosing where we live, we have had our future child’s best interest as our first priority. We recently purchased our first house. This house is a very important stepping stone in our preparation to create our family. When searching for our first home, we have our future child’s best interest as our first priority. We live in a small, safe, quiet, family oriented neighborhood, only close to the elementary school, and a park for children to play in.  We have a yard for our future child to run and play with our dog. Our street is full of friendly young families – a girl in pigtails safely rides her tricycle with her proud grandmother happily by her side. Our house has plenty of room – enough for us to grow as a family and for many family visitors to come and stay with us. We are looking forward to filling our home with love and laughter of children, family and dear friends. We chose a house closer to both of our workplaces so we can get home quickly to be together as a family.

We are both eligible for parental leave from our work to care and bond with our new baby.  We feel that it is very important to be the ones to raise our child. Caroline’s employer fully supports our adoption plan, and arrangements have been made so Caroline can work primarily at home. We also realize that some child focused day care can be fun for a young child and help develop useful social skills. We will attempt to achieve a balance of these so that the child gets the best of both worlds. We know, from spending time with our nephews, that we enjoy equality in our roles as parents.

Sunil: I watched as my dad effortlessly slipped into the same roles that mother performed and notions of gender equality were drilled into me at a very early age. It was only when I was older that I realized how unusual this was for a household in India!

We both have very strong family ties. We talk with Sunil’s family every weekend via Skype. We also meet them once a year, either they come here or we go to India. Since the travel is long, our visits tend to be between two to six weeks.  Sunil’s parents are soon to retire so they will likely come visit us more often and for longer. Caroline’s family is spread out throughout the US. We tend to spend our holidays visiting her family. It is common for the family to gather at Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday celebrations throughout the seasons. Most of what we know about parenting comes from observing our families. We have had the benefit of watching Caroline’s sister; an elementary school teacher and her husband bring up their boys. It is a great joy to be part of these boys’ life.  We can benefit from these positive influences when we bring up a child on our own.  Every member of both of our families is eager, supportive and excited about our adoption plans. They often express that they just want us to be parents and are looking forward to loving our child.

We are blessed to have the most adorable puppy in the world; we named him Linus. He is very friendly and safe around children. We think he will adapt well to a child in the home and that it will be sweet for our child to have a puppy to love.

Our Hopes

We are looking forward to all of the ups and downs of parenthood. We look forward to bringing our new baby home and enjoying watching her or him become increasingly aware of the world around them. Diapering, feeding and getting up in the early hours of the night are all parts of parenting for which we’re prepared.

We can already imagine feeding our child new foods as they begin to decide what they like and what they don’t like as much. We can’t wait to watch our child learn to walk, talk and read. Together we’ll climb, dance and swim and help our child have an increasingly confident sense of their own body’s capacities. We imagine walking beside our son or daughter as they ride their first tricycle down the neighborhood sidewalk. If there are any falls, we’ll be right there mending skinned knees with a recipe of ointment, band-aids and kisses. We long to proudly see the child bravely enter the first grade toting the new, small, backpack loving gifted from grandmother, and proudly displaying all of the wonderful and funny crafts and artwork on the refrigerator. We will be there to support our child with all their achievements and comfort them in sad moments as well.

We are very much looking forward to guiding and witnessing how this little person transforms into an adult with their own talents and interests. We’ll begin with a family tradition of marking their height along the door frame as the child grows. It will be fun to watch their delight in their progress. We will give your child a family life where they feel loved and happy throughout their childhood. They will grow up with the knowledge and confidence to live a successful and happy adult life.

We’ve learned that talking about adoption, in a matter of fact and age appropriate way, from early years can help children understand their adoption in a warm and caring way. Your child would grow up knowing that you are their biological mother or father. We would like to know what you would like to share with them. We can talk about this together; the main point is that we will always be honest with your child.

Sunil on Caroline

Sunil: I can’t wait to parent with Caroline. Caroline is a wonderful human being who has longed to be a mother for as long as I have known her. She is a kind, gentle, artistic mind that is very emotionally tuned to the needs of people around her. I have seen her treat her nephews as if they were her own children. When I see her hold our recently born godson in her arms, the love that she expresses in her eyes is completely indescribable. Caroline feels the greatest goal of human life is to give birth to and to nurture a child. I think that she will be a fantastic mother. Her holistic view will enable her to sense our child’s needs and her kind and loving nature will guide her in meeting them.

Caroline on Sunil

Caroline: I feel that Sunil has an incredibly gentle soul. He is an intelligent man who loves the simple pleasures of life, he is humble and one who does not crave attention or material possessions. He is content and confident with himself. The dedication Sunil has shown in regards to our goal of creating a home and family is unwavering. I adore Sunil for so many reasons, but I appreciate him every day for his patience with efforts to reach our goal.  When I first introduced Sunil to my family, it was amazing to witness Sunil, a man who, at that point, had had very little contact with small children, fall so quickly in love with our nephews. It’s wonderful to see the faces of the boys look up to Sunil with such love and admiration, and for Sunil to return the gesture by sitting on the floor with them and playing as equals.  He is kind and caring, has a great sense of humor and compassion for human kind. He is admired by his peers and loved by his family, and well liked by all who meet him. He will be an amazing role model to our children. I cannot think of a more wonderful image than to witness Sunil nurturing and teaching our children as they grow.

We have waited so long to be able to start our own family, that if you should choose us to be the adoptive parents to your child, we will be immensely grateful throughout our lives. You will be giving the greatest gift possible, a chance to bring up your child in the most loving and caring environment.

Sunil: All in all, I have a had a good life, a great soul-mate in Caroline, good friends, very kind and nurturing parents, and, sometimes, the sounds of Linus snoring in my ear late at night – I can’t complain and the only thing I hope for now is to share our lives and our hearts with the child we’ll be blessed to love.

Through adoption, we can join you with a common purpose of giving the best possible life to a child. We will always be respectful of your selfless decision to give your child what you feel is in their best interests. We will do everything under the sun to make sure your child has the best life we can offer.

We understand that your needs and desires for information about your child may change throughout the years; we promise to do our best to fulfill your wishes. We’d be very happy to send you photo/letter updates, post photos on a private web site so that you can access them anytime, and we are open to learning what you might want by way of in-person times together with your child and us over the years.

If you would like to learn more about us or to have a chance to talk with us or meet, please contact Full Circle Adoptions at 800.452.3678. We thank you for your time and we wish for you all of the best.


Caroline and Sunil