Dear Birthmother,

From the beginning of our relationship, we have talked about wanting to be adoptive parents. Gerry and his sister were adopted and so, as a family, we are comfortable and excited about adoption as a way of growing our family. We know, at the same time, that you are trying to select a family who you feel will always love and cherish your child. We want you to know that, if you choose us, we promise to provide a safe and caring home for your child and a home filled with love and understanding. We will cherish your child and give him or her all of life’s opportunities.

About Us

Our names are Gerry and Steve.  We met through friends and easily developed a friendship. Over time, we grew to know that we wanted to spend our lives together and be parents together. We look forward to the baby’s early days with gurgling hellos in the morning, followed by first steps and first words. We’re both in the health professions and think nothing of getting up in the middle of the night to soothe a baby and rock him or her to sleep in their own time. We look forward to singing songs, making angels in the snow, going on outings to the local children’s museums and building sand castles and tunnels on the beach. We love to cook and look forward to making fun kids foods and cookies for various special occasions. We look forward, with joy, to the daily moments of family life through a child’s eyes.

Adoption has already enriched our family. Gerry and his sister Yvonne were both adopted when they were newborns. Gerry and Yvonne were raised by wonderful and caring parents; they were always honest and forthcoming about their adoption story and how much they were loved by both their birthparents and their adoptive family.  Our families are already comfortable with, and knowledgeable about, the adoption process.  They are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new member to our family.

Our Careers

Gerry is a well-regarded administrator in a busy hospital laboratory.  Steve, who is also a healthcare professional, is a professor of anesthesia at a large university in Boston. We both have flexible work schedules, and we have developed a plan that will allow Gerry to stay home during the day as a full time parent, while Steve will work earlier in the morning and be home before 3:00 p.m.  In addition, because Steve is employed at a large university, the child will be able to attend college tuition-free; we’re very grateful for this benefit for our child-to-be

Our Families

We look forward to sharing loving family times with our child and our families. Some of the best times we share are with our family and friends, during the summer, in our yard hanging out by the pool.  Each year we all look forward to the ceremonious uncovering of the pool.  By this time, all of our nieces, nephews and friends have called or stopped by to help prepare the pool for the summer.  One of Gerry’s favorite hobbies is preparing gourmet meals for family and friends, especially in the summer.  Gerry spends a great deal of time planning menus and creating new dishes for everyone—no one can wait to indulge in one of Gerry’s special treats.

The same is true during the holidays, where family members gather at our house for Christmas Eve.  Yvonne and her family usually stay over until Christmas Day.  Yvonne and her husband Brian have two children of their own (Madeline, 5 & Julia, 2).  Both are looking forward to having a new cousin to join our family.  Steve’s older brother Tony and his wife Wendy have three children (Eric, 25, Ashley, 20, and Ryan, 18).  Tony’s family also joins us for summer and holiday celebrations at the house.

Each year we take a vacation to visit friends and family in Chicago and Florida, where we relax and unwind.  During the winter months we particularly enjoy visiting our relatives in South Florida.  When a child joins our family, we look forward to taking the summer drive along the ocean, visiting the beaches and spending time in enchanting Disney World.

Our Home

We live in a safe and family oriented neighborhood on the south shore of Massachusetts.  Recently, we re-painted the room that will one day be for our child.  The rest of the house has recently been re-painted, and the kitchen and two of the bathrooms were remodeled.  We have three pets: Our dog Max is a white American Eskimo who is very friendly and great with kids.  Lucy and Sadie are our two cats and they are very gentle and independent “minded”.  They are well behaved. All of the animals get along and our house is large enough so that they can all have their own space.

Our Hobbies

We both enjoy watching movies and weekly sit-coms, as well as reading and crossword puzzles.  Steve is an avid jogger and usually jogs 3-4 times per week.  Gerry enjoys spending time on-line looking for great books to read or a special recipe off the Food Channel. In the days ahead, we look forward to playing board games with our child, playing with train sets and Beanie babies, taking music classes and swimming. Most of all, we look forward to finding out what our child finds interesting and fun.

Our Values

We will raise the child we are blessed to parent with a strong sense of values. We believe in showing compassion and respect for oneself and others. Our child will be welcomed in the church where we are members and will be encouraged to have a firm as well as comfortable sense of morals and spirituality. We hope to share the importance of responsibility and pride.  We will also instill the importance of sharing with others and working hard in order to be successful in what ever they choose. As parents, we hope to raise a child to be open-minded and well-rounded. We will be very comfortable nurturing the child as a whole person, including encouraging their awareness and celebration of their cultural or ethnic heritage. We are committed to learning as much as we can about our child’s cultural background and to make certain that his or her heritage is something to celebrate and respect.  Your child will be provided with our unconditional love and support.

We are truly thankful to you for considering adoption and would be honored to be chosen by you.  If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please feel free to call the Full Circle Adoptions Toll Free: 1-888-452-3678.  They can help answer your questions and/or connect us for a conversation if you’d like.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Steve and Gerry