Dear Expectant Parent(s),


We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our profile with you! We hope this letter shows you a little bit of us through our words along with little glimpse into our minds and hearts.

We thought we would start by sharing a more in-depth piece of our story with you. As you saw from our profile, we have been together for 6 years. We knew from the get go we wanted to be parents. However, I (Sarah) was born with a medical condition in which I cannot carry a baby. I do have fully functioning ovaries, but in order for us to have a biological baby we would have to not only do IVF, we would have to do surrogacy as well. The procedures involved are very invasive and carry a lot of risk. After sitting with the options for a long period of time, we decided that was not the right path for us. That is where we started our journey toward adoption. We strongly believe that we are on this path for a reason, and the reason is to provide a warm, loving home for a child.

Please know, and we mean this wholeheartedly- we care about you, your family, and most importantly, we care about your precious baby. We can’t even imagine what this is like for you. We already know just from the mere fact you are considering this that you are a loving, caring, selfless person who is acting in the best interest of your baby, not for yourself. Without having the chance to meet you yet, we know you have a good heart! You are being the best mother you know how to be in the situation you are in. We commend you for that and hope that we will be just as selfless as parents when our time comes.

Speaking candidly- we, of course, more than anything, would be honored to be the adoptive parents to your sweet baby. Your concerns of “can I see them as they grow, can they meet their siblings (current or future), are these people open to having an open adoption”- put those to rest. YES- WE CAN HAVE AN OPEN ADOPTION! Mark and I would never want to deny your baby the opportunity to know you and your family; we want to foster whatever type of relationship everyone is comfortable with. There are so many healthy ways to facilitate this and we want to work WITH YOU. Never against you. We are on your side, 100%.

You are in the driver’s seat. You are in control, as you should be. If you ultimately decide you want to keep your precious baby, we fully support you. If you do however decide on the alternative, we hope more than anything you allow us the chance to give your child the best life possible! We promise that your baby will have a home full of love, happiness, care, and a family that would give them anything they could possibly need and want. Along with knowing you and having a relationship with you that we hold in the highest regard, knowing how incredibly important it would be to both of you.

We hope this letter brings you whatever you may need at this time- peace, clarity, comfort, relief. We hope you understand and truly know that although we have never met, we care about you, we care about your family, and we care about the wellbeing of your baby. Our thoughts are with you! Our hopes for you: health, for healing you may need, for whatever it is you might be yearning for.  We always hope for the best, that this situation will truly resolve in whatever way it is meant to be, whether that means we parent this precious baby, or you do.

Thank you for taking time to read this. We appreciate you considering us and opening your mind and your heart to what could be. You are amazing- don’t EVER feel like you are anything less!

All Our Love,

Mark & Sarah

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