Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello! My name is Lizzie. I want to thank you for taking the time to review my profile and consider me as part of your adoption plan. My hope is that this gives you some insight into who I am as a person, what type of mother I would be, and the environment in which I’d raise a child. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to share a little bit about myself as you make what I expect is a difficult decision.

I’ll preface this by saying that were we meeting for the first time in person, I’d much rather hear about you than talk about myself, but I think it’s important you have insight into who I am as a woman, a daughter, a friend, an “aunt,” a professional, and who I expect to become as a mother.

I’m someone who thinks things through. I didn’t come to the decision to adopt without a lot of consideration, and I wouldn’t assume I’d be selected to raise a child without similar consideration. On some level I’ve always considered adoption (I had conversations about it as far back as college and have always known that love extends beyond biological ties), but my initial vision of adoption early on wasn’t as a single parent, and I didn’t take that lightly. What I know to my core is that I am prepared to raise a child and to provide the physical, financial, and emotional stability that a child needs to flourish.

My Story

I grew up as an only child in a very loving home in Baltimore, Maryland. My parents were smart and driven, but they were also caring, passionate about the people, pursuits, and ideals they believed in, and fun. They organized amazingly creative birthday parties, often included a friend for me on our family vacations, and were very involved in school activities, not only coming to events, games, and performances, but also in the less noticeable moments, helping me practice and prepare.

I discovered my love of reading early and excelled academically, but also explored interests in sports (field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, and tennis) and the arts (art, music, and acting). By early high school, most of my extracurriculars revolved around performance – I was part of an a cappella group, took voice lessons, and participated in school plays and musicals. On the weekends, I could be found reading or going to movies with friends.

I carried these interests with me to college in New England, where I majored in English and art history and continued with vocal performance. My freshman year, I developed a close group of friends that I remain in touch with to this day; in addition to the typical college pursuits, we traveled to New York, the Bahamas, and each other’s homes. The summer before my senior year, I got the opportunity to tour with a choir in Austria, which in addition to being an amazing experience was my introduction to international travel – I loved it!

My Life Today

Coming out of college, I faced the challenge many English majors have faced before me – what to do with the rest of my life. I considered law school, but ultimately decided to pursue a Masters degree in Communications. This has led to a career within the technology sector. I currently manage a team with employees across the US, and work remotely from my home office.

Two and a half years ago, I relocated to the Massachusetts coast; I grew up coming here and  it’s where my heart has always been. Moving here permanently has allowed me to expIore in new ways – I bought a bike, take walks on the beach after work, and have begun cultivating the gardens that my mother originally planted here. I also added a vegetable garden for the first time this year and learned that I’m going to need to expand the beds next year to accommodate all I want to grow! Having the opportunity to spend the day at the beach and be in and on the water regularly is something I cherish, and I feel very lucky to be able to have this be part of my everyday life while also being able to continue to excel in my career.

My Home

I live in what I’d describe as a quintessential coastal home – large and shingled with a yard that gives plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the sea breezes. There’s a neighborhood beach at the end of the street and another within walking distance that has swings and a play area that I imagine will be a regular part of my routine with a child. I’m on a quiet street, with friendly neighbors that care about each other.

I share my home with my mother and my two goldendoodles, Linus and Lucy. My mom and I have always been incredibly close, and when my father passed away several years ago, we made the decision to combine households. While I know this wouldn’t work for every mother and daughter, my mom and I genuinely like being around each other and have an ease that makes living together the right decision for both of us. We share many of the same interests, and enjoy talking about what we’ve read, catching up on TV and movies, planning the gardens and the next place we travel, and playing with the pups.

My mother is very supportive of my decision to adopt and can’t wait to bring a child into the home and assume the role of grandmother. She already showers her great nieces and nephews with love and attention (and of course presents!), and I know she’ll be such a positive presence in a child’s life. Linus and Lucy are great with children – they’re gentle, unphased by the action little ones throw their way, and love a full house.

My Family & Friends

Family has always meant the world to me. My parents and I were always exceptionally close, but I’m close to extended family and have developed a family of friends as well. While much of my family is located close by, we’re the kind of family whose closeness surmounts any distance. My grandparents, for example, lived in Florida for much of the year when I was young, yet would drive up simply to help when I was sick. It’s that type of commitment to family that they instilled in all of us and that continues today.

I’m an only child, but I’ve never felt alone. I’m closer to my cousins than most, and an adopted big sister to some. We went to all of each other’s graduations, I was a bridesmaid in weddings, and am now honorary “Auntie” to their children, in whom I delight. My parents also emphasized the importance of building friendships. They embraced my close friends, inviting them to spend time at the house, on vacation, and even to family events and holidays. My earliest friend remains one of my best friends to this day – I was a bridesmaid in her wedding and am godparent to the first of her three children. Everyone in my family and extended family are supportive and excited about my decision to adopt and bring a new little one into the fold.

Note from Charlotte (age 4): “Auntie Lizzie would be a good mom because she is sweet, kind, good at reading, good at playing dress up, good at taking care of me and Timmy, and knows how to drive.”

Interests & Traditions

If it isn’t clear by now, I love the beach and the coastal environment. I feel very fortunate to live near some of the best beaches and ocean views in Massachusetts, and it’s something I do my best to take advantage of.

In the summer and early fall, I love days at the beach, bike rides along the water, swims in the bay down the street, and sometimes even clamming or kayaking. These are all activities I’ve done with children I’m close to and that I look forward to sharing with a child of my own. In quieter moments, it’s tending to the garden and reading out on the deck or in the hammock. I can’t wait to curl up in a chair on the porch and read books with a child.

In the winter, there’s an emphasis on holidays. Thanksgiving is often at our house, with attendance some years coming in at over 20 friends and family members. Christmas tends to be quieter, but I love the slower pace, the conversations by the fire, the holiday music, and finding the perfect gift for someone. I was one of those kids who could never sleep on Christmas Eve (up until about age 25), and I hope to continue that kind of joy with a child.

I often take a vacation in the spring, seeking out beach weather that hasn’t quite made it to New England by that point. I can’t wait to share these travels with a child. When I return, it’s time to start planning the gardens and getting ready for warmer days back home.

Thank You

Family has never been defined by blood for me, and the capacity both I and my family have to embrace a child is immeasurable. I know how lucky I am to have that kind of support in my life, and this child would be welcomed into a family of loving people.

I believe it’s a parent’s role to provide structure and guidance while encouraging children to develop into who they are independently and grow into the best version of themself and that that’s achieved through exploration. Personally, I love accompanying children on that exploration – questions they ask, the ideas they have, and the journeys they dream up are some of my own greatest experiences. I’m committed to fostering learning at every turn: learning tools, reading aloud, music, and physical activity will be part of our day from the start. I plan to nurture this child through journeys big and small, providing love and stability, and encouraging this child to reach his or her full potential.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and for considering me as part of the adoption plan for your baby. If you decide that I am the right person to raise this child, please know that I will love, nurture, and provide for him or her. Regardless of the degree of openness you choose, I will make sure this child knows that this was a choice made with love. I will share as much of his or her adoption story as I am able, and I so look forward to seeing this child thrive.



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