Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello, we are Amy and Matt! Thank you for taking the time to read our story and learn more about us as prospective adoptive parents while you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child. We hope that you will be able to see the love we have for each other, our children, and a potential future child.

Our Story

We met at work when we were assigned to work together as a team. When we realized we had a mutual interest in tennis (and each other!), we joined our company’s “40-Love” tennis league and started dating after a few tennis outings. We became partners in running, traveling, and rental real estate. 15 years (ten married) and two children later, our love for each other and our family has grown. The happiest part of our life has been nurturing and experiencing life with our miracle twin

8-year-old girls. Despite being born very early, they are thriving and happy. We have always wanted more children, as we come from larger families, and because we have enjoyed our twins so much, want to share our love with more children. After many years of painful infertility challenges, we are now following an adoption path, as we strongly desire to share the love in our home with another child. We cannot imagine the challenges you are working through, and we appreciate your consideration as we hope for courage, strength, and peace for you throughout this process.

Meet Amy (through Matt’s Eyes)

Amy is simply an amazing person. She inspires me. She is kind, strong, funny, and empathetic- and balances those attributes at the right times. These attributes make her a great mother, wife, and friend. When I first met her, she was simply the cute financial analyst who sat one aisle over from me in a cube farm at work. Today, I see her as a loving and supportive mother, who tirelessly strives to provide the conditions for our kids’ long-term happiness and success. I’ve seen her love for children long before our own, as she has always gravitated towards her nieces and nephews during family gatherings.

Amy is also a great spouse. It is the small things that she does that make each day joyful. Whether grabbing me a glass of ice water after a run, or truly listening when she asks how my workday was, I feel supported and heard. While day to day she enjoys outdoor activities, her deeper passion is traveling. While Disney World has proven to be a yearly staple, recently Amy has organized trips for us to Aruba, Hawaii, and New Zealand. She loves lining up cool activities to get the most out of each day. When we are not traveling, we hike nearly every weekend in addition to attending the girls’ sports and functions.

While Amy used to be a financial analyst, since the girls were born she has been a stay-at-home mom, a role that she plans to continue should we be fortunate enough to adopt a child. She has more love to give and the time and energy to give it her all. She is an outstanding mother and would be outstanding for another potential child.

Meet Matt (through Amy’s Eyes)

I’ve known Matt for over 15 years and have seen him grow from a carefree single adult to an amazing husband, and to a supportive and caring father. During our dating years we spent a lot of time running and playing tennis together. He loves the outdoors and doing active things whenever he can. As a child, Matt was in a Boy Scout troop who camped and hiked. He loves sharing these same types of adventures with our girls today. Matt is a family man and loves to share all the holidays with whichever relatives and friends are around. Family is a big part of his life and during get togethers he loves to spend time being a big kid with the rest of them.
Matt is an extrovert who loves to meet new people and listen to their stories. Matt enjoys being a father and takes every opportunity to help grow our girls with his insight and knowledge. He works very hard to provide for us. When he’s not working, he enjoys nothing more than spending time doing activities with our family. He is my best friend and I’m blessed to have him with me in life.

Big Sisters – Sophia and Madison

Sophia and Madison could not be more excited for a new sibling. When they go to school, they see the little brothers and sisters of their classmates and are inclusive, patient, and genuinely enjoy their presence. When we have playdates, both enjoy sharing and teaching smaller children about fun things and getting them involved in games and play. Their favorite part of family get togethers is playing with large numbers of cousins and letting loose. We’ve had many conversations about adopting with the girls, and they are just as excited as us!

Our Home

The house itself is newly constructed in 2019 and we are the original owners. We bought it with the idea of our growing family, so there is an extra bedroom for another child. Our backyard is partially fenced and there is lush grass thanks to irrigation. We have two raised garden beds where we grow vegetables that we eat each summer and fall.

Our town provides us with an outstanding sense of community that we’ve never felt before. We live 20 minutes north of Boston in the suburbs on a beautiful lake next to our town’s Common and largest playground! The community is incredibly vibrant, with activities constantly going on at the library, on the Common, and even weekly 5k races around our lake. We are walking distance to the restaurants on Main St., which includes an old school 1950’s style ice cream parlor. Also, within walking distance is a stop on the commuter rail that goes right into the heart of Boston. Some Fridays after school, we take the girls into Boston and explore.

Our Family

We have strong bonds with both of our extended families, and most vacations generally involve traveling with and to them. Amy’s mother and stepfather are less than an hour away and are a meaningful and at least weekly presence in our lives and incredibly helpful. Amy’s father lives in Florida and we generally spend a couple weeks each year down there. Matt’s parents have been married for 54 years and live in upstate NY. The 4th of July celebration in their town, including parade, games, and fireworks, is fun and we tend to go to NY each year for several weeks. Visits to Amy’s siblings in Maine and Virginia and Matt’s one sister in New Zealand provide that connection that can’t be replicated through FaceTime and calls alone. Matt has another sister 30 minutes away where our families hang out on a very routine basis. The kids have a blast together!

Traditions, Hobbies, and Interests


Growing up in Colorado in their earliest years, the girls associate hiking as the activity families do together. Despite moving from Colorado to Massachusetts, it is the primary activity we do as a family, We pretty much go hiking year round as weather allows. Local high peak mountains are our favorites that allow us to pack a lunch to eat at the top. These adventures we take strengthen our family bond with talking and having silly conversations along the way.

Physical Fitness

We value fitness as an enabler to a happier life. Having started dating, playing tennis, and our first large trips together being yearly Disney World marathons, physical activity brought us together before children. We’ve tried to instill that same enthusiasm in our own girls. They both swam and both currently play soccer. Madison started Judo last year for exercise and as a confidence builder. She has gotten such confidence and courage. Matt was so impressed by Madison that he also joined her Dojo and now takes classes himself. Sophia has been doing gymnastics for about two years now and has excelled at learning the new techniques, balance, and core strength. She looks forward to competing this year as a next step. Matt and I love to go to the girls’ practices and competitions and cheer them on. We would like nothing more than to nurture another member of our family on their own journey.


Our family loves to read. We have hundreds of books around the house. Weekly, we visit the town library, which has a great selection of books and fun enriching child classes. We sign up for these activities whenever our schedule allows us. A recent library-hosted activity brought in ‘Curious Critters’ where children had the opportunity to hold reptiles and snakes. The girls love the classes with art, Legos, and learning about different countries the most. Your child would have access to these incredible offerings from our community.


We travel every year to make vacations by visiting family or bucket list destinations. We also visit family in Maine, New York, and Florida multiple times each year. We love taking flights and the journey is part of the adventure. Our recent trip to New Zealand to visit Matt’s sister and her family was a great experience that brought our extended family closer together. We make it a point to ask the girls where they want to go, and then vacation there. We would plan to do the same with our new little one!

Our Promise To You

We promise to provide your child with the love, support, and resources that allows them to achieve their dreams.

We promise that we will be open with you and share their growth and developments to the level you’re comfortable with.

We promise that they will learn about where they came from because you are a critical part of their story.

We want you to know that we have the utmost respect for you and believe you are a brave and courageous woman, who is making a difficult decision about her life and the life of her child. We wish you peace on your journey and hope you will find us to be all that you desire in adoptive parents.


Amy & Matt

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