Dear Birthmother,

After years of trying to have a child, we came to the realization that, if we are to be parents, it will be with the loving gift of someone like you. Adoption gives us the opportunity to know the love of a child and express gratitude for the family whom we also hope to know in the years to come. We know that you are considering this difficult choice with all the love in your heart. We are grateful to you for considering us as you contemplate what is best for you and the child you are expecting.

The child we will be blessed to love and raise will live with us in a beautiful, wooded area of Massachusetts in a home we recently built with having children in mind. We chose the same community as our family so that we are very close to the homes of our relatives. We’ve wanted our child to know the joys of the close-knit family we’ve known all our lives.

Our child will grow up with the blessings of having all she or he needs and the assurance of support for their education or career. Justine is an emergency room nurse and Kristine is a tax accountant in her family’s business. Luckily, we both have the flexibility to arrange our hours so that we can be active at-home parents. We would embrace a child of any heritage and we believe our family and community will provide a wonderful, loving and encouraging experience for our son or daughter. Our families are very comfortable with adoption and they can’t wait to welcome our child into our family. A child will grow up knowing acceptance and love in our extended family and will be encouraged to realize their dreams. Kristine’s family lives close by and so we expect to have warm family gatherings here as well.

About Us

We had our future children in mind when we asked the builders of our house for an open floor plan design so that our children could have the space to stretch and run around. Our backyard is a perfect place to play make-believe, ride bikes and run around. Living in a residential area north of Boston, Massachusetts means we have the delight of nature all around us as well as the opportunity for all the cultural offerings of the city. We can’t wait to show our child the stars in the sky and exhibits on everything from computers to electricity at the Science Museum. It will be fun to climb the maze at the Children’s Museum, to help our child learn to swim at the pool, and feed the ducks along the Charles River.

We first met 15 years ago through mutual friends. Several years ago, our friendship became much deeper. We met one day for lunch at a restaurant we used to frequent with friends. From there, we spent time together, taking hikes, cooking for each other and spending warm and fun times with our families. Our relationship flourished.

We both have known for a long time that we wanted to be parents. We’ve learned that we love teaching young children about nature, sports, and reading the same book over and over again. Thoughts of teaching a child to tie their shoes, jump the waves at the beach and how to ride a bike, fill our hearts with hope and anticipation. When we came to terms with the fact that we wouldn’t be able to bear our own child, we looked at adoption and felt hopeful again. We have friends and family members who have adopted children and we see how happy, fulfilling and complete their lives are.

Family, friends, honesty and laughter are the focal points in our lives. We often attend get-togethers or cookouts at family and friends homes. We enjoy attending Red Sox games, Patriot Football games, hiking, the beach and many other outdoor activities. At home we love to cook, listen to music and relax in our loft watching TV or reading. During holiday times the entire family gathers. At Thanksgiving, we all gather around a table for dinner, socializing and playing card games. During Christmas, we love to decorate our tree and listen to Christmas music while watching our nieces and nephews open gifts from the whole family.

We’re blessed to have a lot of flexibility in our work so that we can be very active day-to-day parents. As a tax accountant, Kristine focuses on a three month period each year when most clients need tax assistance; other than this time period, she can focus on our child. Justine works three days a week in her role as an ER nurse; the rest of the time, she can relish the sweet moments of childhood with our child. We are truly lucky that we have careers that allow us to take time off at a moments notice and which allow us to create our own schedules.

Our child will have a huge extended family; they are so excited for a new addition. Our child will see and understand diversity and respect everyone, appreciating the different music, food, history and traditions of those of different races and cultures. We have a multi-cultural, extended, family which include family who are Cambodian, African American, Hispanic, El Salvadorian, and Portuguese. Several of our family members are also adopted—we know the joys and gratitude of adoption. A child who joins our family will be welcomed with open arms.

Kris About Justine

I’m not sure there is enough space for me to write about all the wonderful qualities Justine has…but I will give it a shot. Justine is the kindest, most selfless and devoted individual I know and there is no question why I fell in love with her.

Justine is an Emergency Room Nurse in a very busy Boston hospital. She approaches her work with dedication and compassion and often puts her own needs on hold to comfort and care for others. I’ve known Justine for 15 years, but it wasn’t until several years ago that our relationship became much more. I had not seen Justine in some time and one day contacted her. We had dinner and the rest was history.

Justine loves to travel, even if it’s as simple as a day at the beach. She enjoys the quiet time we have at home, as well as the anticipation of the next Patriots game. I look forward to very warm times with our child and family.

Justine has a very close relationship with her mother, siblings and her extended family. She always seems to be the one they call when they need someone to listen. One of the most compassionate things I have ever seen anyone do…Justine did. Last year, my 4 year old cousin was diagnosed with Leukemia. Instead of sitting idle, Justine organized the largest bone marrow drive ever to take place in New England for this little girl. A selfless act to say the least.

Justine has many close friends. We often travel with them and their children. You can see how happy it makes Justine just being around them. With her compassion, sensitivity and patience, Justine will make an excellent mom…she has a lot of love to give. I can’t wait to be sitting together reading stories to our child, singing songs in the car and building sand-castles on the beach.

Justine About Kris

Kris is one of the most loving, caring and loyal women I know. I have known Kris for 15 years. We met through mutual friends and would frequently be at the same social events. It wasn’t until a few years ago that our casual friendship became much more. Kris and I reconnected by chance through an email, met for dinner and have been together ever since.

Kris works as a Tax Accountant at her family tax business. She has worked side by side with her father for over 10 years. She is extremely good at her work. She enjoys working with her family —they share a sense of dedication and the family focus means that her schedule is very flexible.

Family is very important to Kris. We enjoy spending time with our family throughout the year. Kris is the eldest grandchild on both sides of her family. Being the eldest grandchild comes with a lot of delightful responsibility. When Kris’ grandfather passed away last year, it was her responsibility to contact al the cousins (30 of them) and make them aware of the situation. She is very loyal to her entire family and is more than happy to help any of them when asked.

Kris’ best friend is her sister Jen. Jen is only 13 months younger than Kris. Jen lives in Florida with her husband and children so she and Kris talk on the phone several times a day. We frequently go to Florida to visit her 2 beautiful children, Christopher (named in honor of Kris) and Olivia.

Kris loves to travel as much as I do, but a simple day trip to the beach, mountains or Boston is never out of the question. As much as Kris loves to travel she truly is a “home-body”. She loves to do yard work, garden and plant flowers. She also loves to cook, read and play her guitar. There is nothing like coming home from work to a home cooked meal. Than we sit on our deck, listen to some music and talk about our day.

Our Life

When we have a child, we look forward to playing with toys on the floor of our loft, turning the pages of picture books, planting flowers together and piling in the car to see the city or the countryside.

We have 2 Golden Retrievers; Riley, age 5 and Kali, age 4. They are both rescue dogs who love to curl up on the couch next to us, swim and play ball. Mulligan is our 2 year old cat who seems to enjoy whatever Riley and Kali are doing. At times, we think he’s another dog. They all love children and will be very patient and affectionate with a young child.

Our child will be raised to treat others as they would like to be treated. They’ll understand the importance of respecting others and being kind to those less fortunate. We’ll encourage them to respect themselves as well. We were both raised with our aunts, uncles and cousins around and our child will be raised with family living next door. Family is very important to us and we want our child to feel the love, security and belonging that we grew up with. We are both strong advocates of education and will provide for their college futures. We understand how important it is for a child to know that their college education will be paid for. We’re already started saving money so that, when the time comes, our child will have the financial support from us to pursue their passions, vocation and career goals. We want our child to feel confident about reaching towards their dreams.  Along with education we will raise our child with a sense of faith and security. We’ll provide our child with an opportunity to attend a church with us that is welcoming and loving to all. We hope to raise our child with values that focus on kindness to others and respecting differences in a community.

We want to know what your dreams are for your child. And if you’d like to stay in touch over the years, we’re open to this and we’re grateful for the opportunity for your child to grow up knowing everyone who loves him or her.

We have built our relationship through mutual respect, thoughtfulness and communication. We will teach our child all those values and you can feel confident that your child will be able to pursue his or her dream, passions and educational goals.

We will teach our child compassion, acceptance and kindness because we feel that these attributes are the foundation for raising a well-rounded individual. We believe in giving our child or children the educational skills and opportunity to become self- sufficient. We also feel that it is important to raise our child or children to understand adoption and letting them know about their birthparents. Above all else, we value relationships with family. We both love to spend time with our parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and cousins. If you choose us, we’d like to know what you would like in the way of communication in the years to come. We know how meaningful it can be for you and for your child to stay in touch, if that’s something you’d like. Please know that we’re open to exploring staying in touch over the years, including time spent together in-person if that feels right for you.

We feel that your decision is both a difficult one and a courageous one. You are making an incredibly loving decision in considering an adoption plan.  We believe that entrusting your child or children to another family is selfless and admirable. We would be honored to be chosen to be the parents for your child.

If you would like to speak with us directly and learn more about us please feel free to call Full Circle at 800.452.3678. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Thanks again for considering us; we’d be honored to be chosen.

Warmest wishes,

Kris & Justine


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