Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for your kindness and consideration in reading our letter.  We are grateful for the chance to share our family with you. Our thoughts are with you as you make your plan for your child.  We hope this letter is helpful to you.

We love children. We have been blessed with a loving marriage, stable professional lives and the good fortune for Deirdre to be able to be a full-time at-home mom. We’ve been blessed with one child, our nineteen-month old son, Kieran, and we long to share our love with another son or daughter. We have talked about adopting since we first met. And now, our history of infertility and a miscarriage has made adoption the path we need to take. Several of our friends have adopted children and their families are wonderful. All of our families and friends are so enthusiastic about loving a child whom we would adopt. It is our hope to adopt a child and share our love.

About Us

Deirdre: David and I first met at a conference. It was a cool autumn day just before Thanksgiving when I first saw his smile.  I knew immediately that David is a kind and caring person.  He sent me an apple pie for Thanksgiving and brought Shanna, my dog, treats on our first date.  At Christmas, we spent a special day in the city: we had a delicious brunch, attended a concert, and took a walk through the Boston Commons.  It felt magical!  A year later, David proposed.  We are still blissfully happy. When we disagree, we don’t fight but rather have discussions.  Communication is so important to both of us. People always comment: “You two were meant to be together.  It’s so true!  David is my best friend. He is funny, kind, intelligent and has incredible faith. He always finds time for others. His family is his priority.  Each day, I love him more.

One of the truly special things I love about David is that he is a wonderful Dad and a very involved parent. Together we share the important decisions of being parents.  He helps with everything and enjoys each special moment.  He changes diapers, loves to give baths, and reads special bedtime stories.  He can always makes Kieran laugh and smile.  Most importantly, David shares his love.  Each night, we tiptoe in to his room and peek at Kieran.  David loves to rub Kieran’s back and tell him how special he is.  It’s a beautiful part of every day.

David: I knew Deirdre was special the moment I met her. It’s hard for me to put into words, but there’s this gentleness about her that attracted me immediately.  And as we began dating, I discovered she is perhaps the most giving and selfless person I have ever known. I have seen this in her loving mothering of Kieran, in the way she brings our friends and family together, and how she has made our house such a warm and happy home.

I look back on the time we were dating as so much fun. Most of time, it was simple things like pizza-and-a-movie, trips to the beach, bike rides, or double-dates with friends. But, as each day passed, Deirdre became my best friend and my confidant. I knew that I had been truly blessed to find her. I have seen evidence of this in every moment of our marriage.

Our Family Today

Deirdre: I am very grateful to be a full-time at-home mom for our son and the son or daughter whom we adopt. I cherish this time. During our son Kieran’s first nineteen months, we have enjoyed walks in the woods, swimming lessons, music class, picking apples, going to the beach, sledding, airplane trips to visit friends, and gentle companionship from, Shanna, our Springer Spaniel. We look forward to sharing these special day-to-day joys with a brother or sister and to witness his or her own special interests.

I have years of experience as a children’s speech therapist. I have loved my work with children and families; nurturing children and helping them overcome their difficulties is very gratifying to me.  In the future, I’ll work a few hours a week. During which time my mother, “Grandma”, will have some special time with the children. But primarily, I will be an at home mother for both of our children as they grow up over the years.

David: I am a senior manager at a large investment management company. I am grateful to have a very family-friendly employer. My boss is very supportive of his employees’ desire to live happily. He knows I work hard, but he respects that my family is always my first priority. No one ever makes a comment about the number of hours I work or when I leave early or come in late due to a family commitment. For example, I always go Kieran’s check-ups at the doctor’s office. I want to be there. That doesn’t mean I won’t work hard. It just means I have a schedule that allows me to put family first. My true job will be to insure that your child is happy and healthy. I am a “shirts-sleeves rolled-up” kind of Dad. I change diapers, burn the occasional meal, and am a true partner to my wife. My heart is open and ready to love your baby.

Kieran: Kieran is a fun little boy who loves to laugh and giggle. His idea of fun is rolling on the grass, picking up a phone and pretending to have a conversation with someone, or trying to ride our dog likes she’s a pony! Kieran is a gentle boy, who loves other children.  Sometimes when he’s with his friends, he’ll walk up to them and give them big hugs. Most of the time, it’s running, laughing, jumping, climbing and singing!   Kieran is very excited to love a brother or sister!

Friends and Family

Both of our families are very close and part of our daily life. Your child will have the benefit of lots of visits with grandparents. Everyone is eagerly awaiting another grandchild to love and share special family traditions. When we shared the exciting news of our adoption plans, we received the same enthusiastic response from our families as when we shared Kieran’s birth announcement. David’s parents, Grammy and Grampy, are just 25 minutes away.  Grammy loves to sing and share her joy of music.  Grampy is always ready to play.  Together, they visit every week.  Grandma, Deirdre’s Mom, is just 15 minutes away.  She loves to teach a new word a day and read special stories. Grandma also loves music and old show tunes. Your child will be cherished by loving grandparents and loved by wonderful Aunts and Uncles.  David’s sister, husband and their children Zachary and Alyson visit frequently. Zachary, Alyson and Kieran are very close cousins.   Deirdre’s brothers are recently married and are very fun Uncles and Aunts. Family birthday parties are an especially fun time.  There’s always a big birthday cake, special presents and lots of laughter. Holidays are filled with special traditions such as Christmas stories, special ornaments and decorations and special meals.

We have special friends who are honorary Aunts and Uncles.  Every year we vacation at the beach with 4 families and 9 children.  We all look forward to this time together.  It’s especially fun for the children.  They are all so very close.  During the holidays, we plan a party.  Each child has a special gift and there’s a piñata and lots of games. Your child will have lots of fun playing with everyone!  All the children, Aunts and Uncles can’t wait for your child.

As a family, the best fun is spending time together, regularly, not just for special occasions.  We enjoy relaxed time together going to the local fair, attending a concert, playing games, swimming in the pool, and taking walks in the woods.  Reading books together in the rocking chair or dancing to music are special favorites.  We are so looking forward to sharing these times with a new daughter or son.

A Nice Place To Grow Up 

Our town is a wonderful family-friendly community with terrific schools, community activities, beaches and parks. Our backyard is big and surrounded by beautiful woods.  We grow organic fruits and vegetables.  Its special to be able to have the children pick strawberries or tomatoes right off the vine for a picnic.  There’s a large playhouse, sandbox, slide and swings waiting to play.  Kieran loves sharing his toys and is looking forward to brothers and sisters

We spend the summers at the beach building sandcastles and splashing in the water. Our home is always filled with family and friends. We all can’t wait to read to your child, play music, sing and dance! We’ve created an amazing playroom in our home complete with a ball pit and a little table and chairs for arts and crafts.

In our home, your child will know the love and support of Mom and Dad.  Your child can join in activities like soccer, music, gymnastics or anything that interests them. We’ve already set aside funds for college, which will be ready for our children when they make their choices. Our wish for our children is to live and learn with happiness. We have simple rules in our home of respect with “please” and “thank you” and kindness to others.  Our faith is part of our daily family life.

We want to share traditions and wishes you have with your baby.  Your child will always know your love.  All questions will be answered honestly and with thoughtfulness and caring. The camera is always clicking in our home.  We will happily send you pictures and updates over the years of your child’s growing up and we are open to any special requests you may have.  Our hearts are filled with love to share with your child.

If you’d like to talk with us personally or ask more about us, please call Full Circle, toll free : 1-888-452 3678. We hope to have a chance to talk with you!  We hope you find peace and happiness with your adoption plan. Please know that you are warmly in our thoughts

With All of Our Hearts,

Deirdre and David