Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hi there, we are Chrissy and Sean. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and learn more about us!

How did we meet? Online! In 2010 we both found ourselves single and looking for ways to branch outside of our friend groups to find a match. We downloaded a dating app, created our profiles, and started winking. After exchanging emails we met in person for the first time, shortly after Memorial Day. We had an instant, deep connection and bonded over long drives listening to Mumford & Sons, talking about our childhoods, and realizing how similar our experiences and dreams of the future were. 10 months later we were engaged!

In 2012, we had an amazing wedding and honeymoon in Capri, Italy and were very excited to move onto the next chapter of our lives, buying a house and starting a family. It was easy to find a house we loved, but starting a family was a much bigger challenge. After nearly four years of fertility treatments, by some combination of luck, hope, and a scientific miracle, we were blessed with our son, Bruno.

Becoming parents has been the most amazing and rewarding experience we have ever had. Our dream has always been to have more children, and for Bruno to have a sibling. After multiple failed attempts through fertility, we have decided to grow our family through adoption.

About Chrissy, by Sean

On our second date, a smitten Chrissy told me that she just wanted to take care of me and cook for me. It’s a statement she has tried to take back multiple times (especially when I leave a dish in the sink), but it speaks to her nurturing side.

As a nurse, Chrissy has dedicated her life to taking care of others, whether at their bedsides or by impacting healthcare in a broader sense. Her patients appreciate her positive attitude and attention to detail.

Her compassion and dedication to caring for others are not limited to her career; motherhood is a role that Chrissy was born for. Whether she is consoling our son when he is sick or sad or running around the room having a dance party to his current favorite song – Dance Monkey – she thrives in these moments. Watching her with our son reminds me of why I fell in love with her so quickly.

Chrissy is the project manager of our family – we wouldn’t have survived a renovation during a pandemic while homeschooling a preschooler and working full time without her organization, optimism, and sense of humor.

When I first met Chrissy, I was drawn to how she and her family prioritize creating and remembering life’s special moments. In the years since, I have watched her carry on those activities and traditions with her nieces and now with our son. She is exactly the mother I thought she would be; any little one would be lucky to have her as a mama!

About Sean, by Chrissy

When I first met Sean, I couldn’t help but notice his dedication to his family; he would drop everything to answer a request from his mom, no matter how wacky it might be. He is fiercely loyal and devoted to his family and friends and prioritizes his relationships with his loved ones. I have been fortunate to inherit a large group of his friends through our relationship.

Sean can be reserved and private with those he doesn’t know, but he has a sense of humor that brings regular smiles and laughter to those who know him well. Whether he is researching a vacation location or has a new curiosity, Sean is always looking to learn and share his new knowledge with others. He is a very patient educator and has a knack for providing a simple explanation for the most complicated concepts. As a partner, Sean is incredibly thoughtful and supportive.

On one of our early dates, we took his 3-year-old nephew out to the aquarium for the day, and I got the first glimpse of how he would be as a father – patient, loving, playful and extremely safety conscious (we call him Safety Sean). He is a hands-on dad – from taking paternity leave, to giving Bruno swimming lessons, and sharing his love of transformers and comic books – he prioritizes time with our family above all else.

About Bruno

Bruno is our adorable and loving five-year-old son who is very excited about potentially becoming a big brother. In 2021, he started kindergarten and is ready to take the world by storm.

Bruno is a people person and wants to share a smile, a conversation, or a laugh with anyone and everyone he meets. He loves to play with his older cousins and is a helpful role model for the younger kids in his preschool pod.

It is amazing to watch Bruno’s mind work as he learns and puts new ideas together. He is hilarious and regularly cracks us up with a funny question or remark, and he is so affectionate and loving. Over the years, we have enjoyed participating in various activities with Bruno – from baby yoga, to music class, toddler soccer, swimming lessons, judo, and T-Ball. As he continues to discover his passions, we look forward to being his biggest fans and supporters.

We have always been very honest with Bruno about the way that he was conceived and the extra special efforts that we had to make to bring him into the world. He loves to hear the story of when he was first born and it’s one we tell often. We plan to be just as open with another child about their adoption story, and how much love went into welcoming them to our family.

Our Home

When we bought our first home (a good-sized, two-bedroom cape), we envisioned a major renovation to make enough space for the family we hoped to be starting. Perhaps we were watching too much HGTV! While our plans were stalled for a few years, we finally made our vision a reality in 2020. We didn’t set out to complete a major renovation during a pandemic, but as luck would have it, that’s how it worked out. After a lot of planning and good fortune, we now have our perfectly designed forever home.

The renovation doubled the size of our home by adding a second story with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and created a light-filled open concept main floor. We love to cook, so our favorite room is the kitchen; it was designed for hosting our friends and families for holidays and celebrations. Bruno especially likes to sit at the island counter and play order from “Chrissy’s Café.” Our other favorite is the “blue room,” a combination family and playroom, a comfortable space perfect for family movie nights.

We love our neighborhood and the community spirit that is alive in our city. We are regulars at the farmer’s market, the library, and the neighborhood park on our corner. It’s where Bruno met some of his first friends and future classmates at the neighborhood elementary school!

We can walk downtown for fun town events like the Summer Stroll and the annual Christmas tree lighting where Santa rides down Main Street on a fire truck- this has been a super fun way to kick off the holiday season each year.

Our Family

With two sets of grandparents eager to spend the day or even an overnight with Bruno, we’ve never had to look outside of our family for a babysitter. Whether it’s learning how to make scones with Mimi or picking blueberries and making pies with Nannie, we are so fortunate that Bruno has so much quality time with our parents.

Sundays are set aside for adventures with cousins – Chrissy and her sister are always off doing something fun with the kids, even venturing a little out of everyone’s comfort zone with a camping adventure this summer. To be completely honest, we are more GLAMpers than campers!

When we aren’t with our families, you’ll find us with our squad of friends who all have kids born within a few months of each other. Each January, the moms meet to schedule monthly visits to all our favorite zoos, farms, beaches, and amusement parks as well as our annual pumpkin carving and gingerbread house decorating parties. Sometimes it’s hard to fit all our favorites in! Our annual trips to Vermont and Maine are as chaotic and fantastic as you could imagine with 10 kids ages 2 to 5 years old.

Our two-year-old cavapoo, Gloria, keeps Bruno company and provides our family with endless snuggles and wet nose kisses. She is too smart for her own good, has a playful personality, and is hopelessly in love with whoever walks in the door.

Hobbies, Interests, & Traditions

Family time often includes playing with favorite childhood toys (Sean loves Transformers and Chrissy enjoys a play kitchen), reading books, building pillow forts, and taking turns making up stories, which is one of Bruno’s favorite activities!

On most weekends, you will find us splitting time between visiting extended families and having adventures with our friends. We love to travel and experience new places together. While lately we have been sticking to more local excursions, we are looking forward to a trip to Disney soon!

We are both avid readers and podcast consumers with tastes that range from celebrity gossip and true crime (Chrissy) to Sci-Fi and Sports (Sean). Sean has a passion for trying new recipes and unusual cooking techniques, while Chrissy is never happier than when she is decorating a room or planning a “Pinterest-perfect” party. We work really well together, and put these passions to good use by entertaining our friends and families, be it for a casual BBQ, making memorable dinners for the holidays, or hosting annual parties like Friends-Giving and a Christmas ornament swap.

In Conclusion

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope it has given you a good feel of who we are as a couple and family. We want nothing more than to grow our family through adoption, and we admire your courage and strength as you navigate your journey and consider your options.

Please know that if you choose us to be parents for your child, we will provide your baby with everything we have to offer- a loving, caring home, great education and opportunities, and a large extended group of family and friends.

Our hope is that we will stay connected with you throughout the child’s life so that you can see how they are growing and thriving, though we recognize that not all birth families wish to stay connected, and would certainly follow the adoption plan you set up.

We promise to share the story of their birth and adoption openly with your child, just like we share Bruno’s birth story with him. They will always know how much you love them and the selfless choice you made so that they could have the life you wanted for them.

We are writing this letter with the hope of being able to share our love with another baby – we have so much to give! You are in our thoughts and hearts as you decide what is best for you and your little one. Thanks again for considering us.


Chrissy & Sean

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