Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hi! We’re Cassandra and Stephen! Thank you so much for taking the time to look into our profile and consider us as you navigate this journey!

Fast Facts


Cassandra goes by Cassie
Stephen goes by Steve


Cassie is an elementary Special Education Teacher during the school year and an assistant director of an inclusion camp during the summer.
Steve is an assistant store manager for a large supermarket chain.


We have two dogs: Snips and Fives
We have a cat: Belle


We are self-proclaimed nerds


Star Wars
Gaming (especially Steve)
Disney (especially Cassie)
Harry Potter

Our Story

We met in 2016 while working at a grocery store. Steve was the bakery manager, while Cassie worked part-time in the front end. Steve had Cassie transferred to the bake shop to get to know her better. After hanging out with our group for a year, Steve asked her on a date, and Cassie, of course, said yes.

In 2019, Cassie’s mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jokingly, she said that Cassie needed to hurry up, get married, and have babies. When Cassie relayed this to Steve, he said he could give her mom one of those things and proposed – six months later, we were married. Unfortunately, Cassie’s mom wasn’t able to attend the wedding, but we know she was there in spirit. Cassie’s brother officiated, and we celebrated our love with family and friends.

We bought our house in 2020 and moved into it with our cat, Belle. Since then, we have welcomed two dogs into our home. Through the adventure of buying our home and adopting our furry family, we started trying to grow our human family. We discussed options, deciding to first try IVF but agreeing that adoption would follow as we know love is stronger than blood. After five rounds of IVF, loss, and emotional and physical pain, we decided it was time to close the IVF door and open the adoption door. We are excited to be on this journey and look forward to bringing a baby into our loving home!

Steve: Through Cassie’s Eyes

Steve is an assistant store manager for a large supermarket chain and is one of the most amazing people I know. He can carry a conversation with just about anyone!

He taught himself to play guitar and ukulele. He is so connected to the music and the instrument and can figure out how to play a song just by listening to it a few times – it’s like he can see the notes in the air!

He is an avid Star Wars and Zelda fan! He has a huge Zelda-themed tattoo and could talk for hours about Star Wars, Zelda, PlayStation, Spiderman, and more. His nerdy side is probably one of the reasons why we get along so well. He game for dressing up for events or taking pictures with characters. Our wedding cake topper was Zelda holding Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Steve’s not afraid to show his silly side, illustrated by a dance move we call the Stevie Shuffle. I haven’t seen anyone able to keep a straight face when witnessing this.

I love watching him with our niece, nephew, and my younger cousin. Our niece is OBSESSED with her Uncle Steve. He jumps right into playing games with her. They play everything from hide-n-seek and restaurant to dress up and joke telling. Even when it’s time to relax, she wants to sit with him.

The love Steve has and shows for me is more than I can put into words. I know the love he shows me will be multiplied when it comes to a baby, and I can’t wait to see it!

Cassie: Through Steve’s Eyes

Cassie is a rockstar. I have never met someone with more ambition, passion, and drive in my entire life. When I met Cassie, she was finishing her Master’s degree in Education while simultaneously holding down three jobs, taking care of others, and making time for her family and friends. She was the true meaning of inspiration. I fell for Cassie immediately, although it took me longer than I would have liked to muster up the courage to ask her out.

Cassie is an elementary special education teacher during the school year and assistant director of an inclusion camp during the summer. More than just how much I love her, what makes me smile the most about Cassie is how proud I am of her. Cassie had to “adult” at a young age and rather than let it break her, it helped mold her into one of the most caring and compassionate people I know.

Cassie was destined to be a mother. She encompasses all the things I believe it takes to be a good mother and is the only person on Earth whom I would want to take this journey with. We spend countless nights talking about how a little one will be showered with love, not only from us but through our circle of friends and family.

Truth is, I am my best self around Cassie. She has a way of bringing the best out of everyone she’s around. She doesn’t judge, she works harder than anyone I know, and she loves with her whole heart. She is my soulmate. I knew this when we first dated, and I know this today.

Our Home

We have a split-level ranch with a large backyard. Cassie has a garden in the back where she grows veggies and flowers every spring and summer. The dogs have a separate fenced-in area that they have access to 24/7 through a dog door, ensuring there are no doggie “surprises” in the rest of the yard.

We brought Snips home in August 2020. She loves cuddles, doggie ice creams, and belly rubs and is named after Ahsoka from Star Wars: Clone Wars. In October 2022, we brought Fives home, a giant goofball with lots of energy. Fives was named after a clone trooper from Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Upstairs, we have two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. In the living room, we have a TV and gaming system and a coffee table that folds out to become a dining table – our modern twist to ensure we still can have family dinners even if the TV is on. Downstairs, we have another bedroom, a large family room, and a laundry room. In the family room, we have all our nerdy possessions that we can’t wait to share with a child. We have comic books, figurines, Lego builds, regular books, and collectables. We also have some toys for the child that are longing to be played with.

Our neighborhood is very quiet, off the main road, and perfect for long walks, bike rides, and dog walks. While we love our quiet neighborhood, if we ever feel up for an adventure, we are a very short drive from downtown and less than a 45-minute drive from both the Cape and Boston! We have the best of both worlds.

Our Family

Steve’s parents are 10 minutes away, living in the house where Steve grew up. His dad actually built their house, and they have access to a private beach (where you’ll find them most of the summer!) They are over the moon about our adoption decision and can’t wait to welcome a grandchild into their home!

Steve’s brother and sister-in-law live less than a half hour away, and we anticipate many cousin get-togethers in our future! This is important to us as we were close with our cousins growing up.

Even though Cassie’s mom is no longer with us, she has a large family who can’t wait to share their love with a baby. Both of Cassie’s grandmothers, her step-dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and cousin all live within a 30-minute drive, and her sister lives an hour and a half away. Cassie’s entire family is so excited about us adopting, they are all but counting down the days to welcoming a baby into the family.

We are extremely lucky to have such a big family and support group. Cassie has a lot of family that has been made by love and not blood, and we know any baby we welcome into our home will be loved beyond belief. Beyond the family members mentioned above, we both have many extended family members, all within an hour of us and even more spread out across the country. Family is important to both of us, and we try to have get-togethers at different points of the year.

We know it takes a village to love and raise a baby. We definitely have a village behind us!

Our Traditions

Thanksgiving is a major holiday for Steve’s family. It’s his mom’s absolute favorite! This is when Steve’s family really gets together. We all go over to his parents’ house and spend time well into the night just eating, chatting, and playing games. Steve’s mom is a great cook and spends days cooking to get ready for Thanksgiving Day.

Christmas is a big holiday for Cassie’s family. Christmas (and her family) is so big that it’s spread over two days of celebrating! On Christmas Eve, a ton of the family go over to one grandmother’s house to eat, chat, and spend quality time with each other, and on Christmas Day, even more of the family meet at Cassie’s aunt’s house to play Christmas games and eat Cassie’s favorite holiday meal: spiral ham with gravy! Cassie’s grandmother makes the best ham gravy. Christmas Day has been a tradition longer than Cassie can remember, and Christmas Eve has been a tradition since Cassie’s step-dad joined the family when she was seven. She is very excited to share with the baby the tradition of building a gingerbread house with her aunt over Christmas break.

On top of these major holidays, both Cassie and Steve’s families have many cookouts over the summer, hosting different family members, including those who visit from out-of-state.

Our Interests and Hobbies

We are avid Lego builders! We have built more Star Wars ships than we can count, as well as the different helmets. We have also built the Hogwarts castle and different pieces in the Harry Potter universe.

In the spring and summer, Cassie likes to spend as much time as possible outside in the yard, gardening. We both like gaming, both video games and board games. When it comes to video games, Cassie will play some, but most of the time, she likes to watch Steve play. Steve is a big movie buff, and Cassie tends to get sucked into whatever he puts on, even if she doesn’t think she’ll like it at first. We both decorate cakes and Cassie really loves to bake.

Cassie LOVES taking pictures; there are tons of collages and photo albums around the house to prove it! Steve and the animals are usually the subject of those pictures.

For the most part, we are homebodies and take small adventures around town when the weather is nice. We like to travel once a year, sometimes making simple trips to Vermont or to visit family in Louisiana or Florida; other times, we plan bigger trips with family to Hawaii, Ireland, or a cruise.

We both have a love of reading. Cassie loves fantasy books, while Steve loves horror and fantasy. We can’t wait to read with a baby every night and pass along that love.

Our Promise

If you choose us as adoptive parents for your baby, we’ll love him or her beyond measure. We promise to update you and send pictures (Cassie will have plenty to share!). We hope that we will be able to meet you someday and (as long as everyone is comfortable) stay in contact throughout the baby’s life. We promise to shower the baby with family, opportunity, love, and openness. The baby will always know where they came from and know that every decision was made with love. We promise to encourage the baby to express themselves and to try new things. We promise to pass on family values and to be honest with them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look through our pictures and read our profile. Thank you for considering us in your adoption journey. You are so brave, and we know the decisions you’re contemplating are coming from nothing but love. We wish you all the best in your journey!


Cassie & Steve

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