Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Aaron and Abby and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our story with you. While we cannot begin to imagine your experience, we are wishing you clarity and comfort during this time. We hope that our profile can provide you with a better understanding of who we are and what your child’s life might be like if you choose us as adoptive parents.

Over the past 12 years, we have built a beautiful life together and are excited for this next chapter. After struggles with infertility, we sat down and discussed what “family” really means to us. Family is about love. We realized we simply want to be parents and for us, adoption is the next step in our journey towards parenthood.

Our Story

Our story began back in 2009 when we were both working at a local grocery store. We worked in separate departments but began finding ways to spend time together. Aaron would often stay late to help Abby finish closing up and likes to joke that he’s been doing the dishes since day one. After our first date, we quickly knew we were meant for one another.

Over the past decade, we have continued to support one another through the highs and lows of life. We look back fondly at our time in our first, tiny apartment when Aaron first began his career on the railroad while Abby continued in school and later completed her graduate degree.

We married in 2016, on what was the happiest day in our lives so far. Our wedding was an intimate celebration with our family and friends and filled with so much love and joy.

As best friends, we communicate well and express our needs with mutual respect. We work as a team in our daily responsibilities, share in each other’s triumphs, and support one another on difficult days. We love the routines of our day-to-day life– talking about our days as we cook dinner, relaxing on our deck overlooking a beautiful view, and sharing in laughter.

Our relationship has only strengthened over the years and we can’t wait for the next chapter. We are excited to grow our family and look forward to cherishing the simple moments like reading stories before bed, Sunday morning pancakes, and holiday traditions.

About Abby, by Aaron

The first thing I remember noticing when I met Abby was her contagious smile and her stunning hair. However, I quickly realized how much more there was to love about her. Her emotional strength has helped her to overcome many obstacles in her life and I admire her determination.

She is truly my joy in life and her humor matches mine. I love her kindness and empathy for people (and animals too). She has a way of making others feel loved and cared for just by being there. I don’t think I could have asked for a more thoughtful and giving partner who I am lucky to call my wife.

I cannot wait to see Abby as a mother and can only begin to imagine the love she will have for a child. Our nephews and nieces all gravitate to her and she is able to connect with them on a level that most can’t. Her kind, nurturing nature and warm heart will make her the most amazing mom.

Job: Therapist

Favorite Pastimes:

  • Gardening – We always have tons of fresh veggies!
  • Reading
  • Hiking
  • Spending time with family and friends

About Aaron, by Abby

Aaron appreciates and loves the simple things in life. He is a very hard worker and during his downtime, he enjoys time spent at home or with family and friends. I fell in love with his kindness, even-tempered nature, and sense of humor. He makes me laugh every day.

Aaron is always there to lend a hand to family and friends and has an enormous heart. He is an incredible partner and unequivocally supports my personal goals and our shared dreams. His never-ending support reminds me of his belief in me and of his love. I am so grateful for him and the life we’ve created.

I have no doubt that Aaron will be an amazing father. His gentle and kind nature and his nearly infinite patience will all be wonderful qualities in becoming a parent. I can’t wait to see him as a father – a child will be so lucky to have him as their dad and to experience his unconditional love, kindness, humor, and all the knowledge he has to offer.

Job: Railroad Trackman

Favorite Things:

  • New England Sports
  • Cooking – Chicken parmesan is his favorite!
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Camping trips

Our Families & Friends

We are lucky to have Aaron’s parents and Abby’s mom nearby and to see them often. They can’t wait to have a new grandchild (Abby’s mom’s first!) and are already offering their support and time.

Aaron has two sisters – one in Pennsylvania (along with our niece and nephew) and one in North Carolina. Abby’s brother lives only a couple of hours away in Boston. We are able to remain in close contact with our siblings through calls and video chats. We get together for special events and also make efforts to visit regularly throughout the year.

Our extended family is also very supportive and we enjoy time with our uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents, many of whom live nearby. We can’t wait for a child to share in the love of both our immediate and extended families.

We have close relationships with our friends and are an “Aunty and Uncle” to many of their children. They can’t wait to meet a new playmate! Aaron has a wonderful “work family” on the railroad and we enjoy getting together as a group for dinners, activities and a good time.

Our families and friends are so thrilled about our adoption journey and cannot wait to welcome a new member to the family!

Our Home & Community

Surrounded by beautiful views of nearby mountains and farmland, our home is our happy place.

We have a big backyard with plenty of room for a child to run and play. We love to host family picnics and holiday get-togethers and enjoy grilling and spending time on our deck in the summer.

We live in a beautiful, charming town in a very scenic area, with a lot of open land and farms. Though spread out and somewhat rural, our town also has excellent restaurants and small businesses.

Our area is great for outdoor activities and has many trails and rivers perfect for hiking, kayaking, and biking. Our community has a “small town” feel and we enjoy our walkable neighborhood. With our sights set on raising a family, we were drawn to this area for access to an amazing school district.

In Closing…

We are grateful you have taken the time to read our profile and consider us as adoptive parents. Regardless of your choice, we are thinking of you and sending you our support as you make this decision.

We imagine this is not an easy decision and if chosen, we will always make sure your child knows how much love went into your choice. We promise to provide your child with unconditional love and support; he or she will be so cherished by us, our families, and friends.

If you’d like to meet us, we would be honored to meet you. Please know that we are committed to whatever level of openness and forms of communication you are comfortable with both now and in the future.

If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please contact Full Circle Adoptions at 1-800-452-3678.


Abby & Aaron

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