Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Tanya and Brendan. We have been together for five years and married for a year and a half. Shortly before getting married, we bought a house in a quiet suburban neighborhood west of Boston, Massachusetts.  We grew up in neighboring towns not far from the area we now live, and both of us come from very close knit families. Tanya grew up with a mom, dad, and an older sister, while Brendan grew up with a mom, dad, and three younger sisters. Our parents, siblings, and large extended family still live nearby, and we enjoy seeing them on a regular basis. Both of us work full time jobs that we love; Tanya works in the sales department at a manufacturing company, and Brendan serves as a first responder.  It is our dream to bring children into the home we have created and are more than excited to pursue adoption.  We would like to thank you sincerely for considering us and wish you strength and fulfillment in what we know may be a very uncertain and difficult time for you.

Who We Are

We met in the spring of 2014 and quickly discovered we grew up only a few miles apart. Raised in adjoining towns and being the same age, we had several mutual acquaintances, but somehow our paths never crossed. After dating for a few years, Brendan proposed to Tanya at the Boston Public Gardens in 2016. We were married in 2018 at the church Tanya had attended since birth in front of our closest friends and family.

Early on, it was our goal to start a family after getting married, but unfortunately life had some unforeseen twists and turns in store for us. Tanya lost her mother after a courageous battle with cancer less than a year after we were married. Around the same time, we were informed that infertility issues would prevent us from ever having biological children. It was certainly a very hard time, but we remained optimistic through it all.  Unbeknownst to the two of us, we both individually viewed adoption favorably for a very long time. Each of us knew families who adopted children and provided them with a loving and nurturing home to grow up in. We see raising a child as being a fulfilling experience that we are both eager to begin.

Our Families

We both grew up very close with our families and are blessed to still have them close by. Tanya’s sister recently gave birth to a baby boy, and he has brought great joy to our entire family. We get to see him quite often, as they live in the same neighborhood, only one street over from us. In addition, several of Tanya’s cousins have recently given birth to new babies as well. Needless to say, there won’t be any shortage of playmates at family get-togethers in the years to come. Some of the other children on Tanya’s side of the family are old enough to know about adoption. They were excited to find out we are pursuing this option, as it would give them yet another cousin to play with someday. In addition to gathering in the immediate area, Tanya’s family also loves being by the ocean. Summer vacations were often spent at their favorite spot, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

Brendan also comes from a large extended family, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins on both sides. Summer time for him was unique, as his family owns a 1,000-acre farm in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Spending summer vacations there, Brendan, his sisters, and their cousins had the joy of playing in several rivers, ponds, and large fields located on the property. The farm is still owned by our family today, and we can’t wait to introduce our child to all it has to offer.

Our Interests

Both of us were very active growing up, and we still enjoy many of those pursuits today. Tanya was a cheerleader most of her life and after graduating from college began to help her best friend coach their former high school team. Together, they led their teams to several championships and titles. Although not currently coaching, Tanya looks forward to getting back into it one day. Brendan played ice hockey, baseball, and ran track when he was growing up. He still maintains an active lifestyle. In his spare time, Brendan also enjoys watching all four of Boston’s professional sports teams. Together, we both enjoy outdoor activities, and we head outside whenever we can.  Recently, we bought two kayaks and often put them to good use on our local rivers. We live in an area abundant with state parks and hiking trails and enjoy using these spaces year-round. We would love to someday share these activities with our adoptive child.


5 Things I love About Brendan (Written by Tanya)

1. He pushes me to be my best self and challenges me to step out of my comfort zone every day. When I say, “I can’t,” to Brendan, his response is always, “Let’s try.”

2. Brendan is very funny. He always knows how and when to make me laugh. He seems to come out of nowhere with one-liners that crack me up.

3. Brendan is calm. When I get nervous, Brendan is right there to calm me down and tell me everything is going to be okay.

4. Brendan is incredibly hard working. He provides for me and our future family and strives to give us the life we have dreamed of with his diligent work ethic. He also works very hard around the house, making sure things are always taken care of.

5. Last but certainly not least, Brendan is caring. He does little things that mean to world to me, like starting my car on a chilly morning or cooking dinner on his days off. He also stayed by my side in the weeks after my mom passed away.


5 Things I love About Tanya (Written by Brendan)

1. Tanya is kind. She always smiles and makes people feel comfortable immediately when she meets them.

2. Tanya is intelligent. She has a wealth of knowledge that helps us make smart and sound decisions.

3. Tanya is resilient. She can stay focused and strong even when the situation may be stressful or hard.

4. Tanya loves her family. She visits with her dad on a regular basis and always helps her sister out with our new baby nephew.

5. Tanya is funny. She can always make people laugh and brighten their day.


Our Plan

We are lucky in that we have very flexible schedules. While Tanya works during the morning and early afternoon, Brendan goes into work later in the evening. Our opposite schedules allow for someone to almost always be at home. We think this will be a plus when it comes to raising a child. In addition, Tanya’s job allows for occasional opportunities to work from home, and Brendan has his choice of three different shifts.  Therefore, we are never locked into a schedule if it doesn’t work out for us.

Thank You

As we stated earlier, we are incredibly grateful that you have taken the time to learn about us.  We know that this part of your journey has probably not been easy and we hope you find peace as you choose a path for yourself and your child. It would be our honor to welcome your child into our family, and we promise you they will be loved and supported throughout their life.


Tanya & Brendan

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