Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Steve and Kim and we know that you may have a lot of questions about us. Most importantly, what kind of family are we. To start, we are the kind of family who doesn’t let distance hamper our ability to be there for others. We have helped family move from Washington State to Massachusetts. Steve drove across the country in a moving truck with his brother, while Kim flew back with her sister-in-law and their three young kids (all under the age of three). We are the kind of family that flew down to Florida for a long weekend to celebrate Steve’s sister getting engaged. We are the kind of family who didn’t want our wedding ceremony to be dull, so we selected wedding vows that rhymed in a doctor Seuss type of way. We are the kind of family that helped put up drywall in Kim’s brother’s new family room. We are the kind of family that treasures long-lasting relationships with friends, some that we’ve had since the age of six. We are the kind of family that chose to go the adoption route instead of having a biological child because we want to give our future adoptive child the best life he or she can have, which, for us, means not putting the baby through a high risk pregnancy that we have been told Kim is likely to have. We hope that this gives you a small glimpse of who we are as a family, along with why we are pursuing adoption, and now even a little bit more about our lives.

Our Relationship

We have known each other since our freshman year in college, November of 2007. We started dating in 2010 and have not been apart since. We did have some difficulties to overcome though. For example, at one point, for six months, we lived over 375 miles apart due to work. After that time spent far apart, we decided that a long-distance relationship was not for us and moved in together. In 2015, Steve proposed – it was a multi-day affair where Steve gave Kim five letters. There was one letter for each year that we had been dating – each talked about what every year we had been together meant to him. On day six, he gave Kim a final letter talking about our future together and then he proposed. In October of 2016, we got married in front of all of our family and friends. Since we are both Disney fans, we went to Disney World for our honeymoon, which ended up being during the food and wine festival. We had a blast eating our way around the world at Epcot. For our one year anniversary, Steve made Kim a picture to hang up in our room with our wedding cake topper in the background and our unique vows in the foreground. As the years continue, we are constantly adapting our relationship as new situations arise and now we are excited for what the future holds – including growing our family by adopting a child someday soon.

Our Home with Luna

Our home in the suburbs has plenty of space where a little one can play, both inside and out. We live in a great area with friendly neighbors. We have come home from a weekend away to find that our neighbor had already cleared the snow from our driveway. Since we are not on a busy road, there are always neighborhood kids running about; we can’t wait to see our future adoptive child run around the neighborhood with them.

We also have a dog, Luna, who is a quiet five-year-old Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. She is happiest when she is playing with her ball filled with treats or cuddling on a lap. She is great with our niece and nephews and has been around them since they were born, so we are excited to see how she interacts with our adoptive child someday.


Steve studied game programming in college and is now a manager of software engineers in the medical field. He enjoys working with his fellow programmers to guide them through difficult projects and to help them grow in their current positions. He also loves that his job is very flexible. His company allows him to work from home and he can take plenty of time off when he needs to – like when we become parents.

Kim studied hospitality management in college. A few years after college she became a realtor, but has since transitioned into a more administrative assistance role at the real estate company for which she works. She is now the office manager and runs an office of 50 real estate agents, though she plans on resigning when we adopt so she can become a full-time stay-at-home mom. While she knows being a stay-at-home parent may be hard at times, she is excited to have those sleepless nights and spit-up-stained shirts as part of her future full-time job.


In our spare-time, we love to play games as a family, whether it be board games or video games – we love them all! One of the things that we look forward to the most about adopting is adding another person to our tradition of family game night. Sometimes it’s just the two of us, but both sides of our family love to participate as well. Kim also loves to garden and to bake all kinds of different deserts; she looks forward to teaching our future adoptive child some of her recipes. Steve’s passion has always been gaming, but he also enjoys playing touch football and different yard games with his friends; he looks forward to including our future child in these yard games when they are old enough to play. Together, we enjoy watching our favorite football and eSports teams. As often as we can throughout the year, we also take trips to Vermont and the campground at which Steve spent his summers when he was growing up. Additionally, every few years we take a vacation down to Disney World. We look forward to taking our future adoptive child on these trips with us so they can have fun in the outdoors and enjoy all the magic Disney has to offer.

Meet Steve (Written by Kim)

Steve is such a unique person and I am so lucky to have him as my husband! He is very logical, level headed, and keeps me grounded. He is always thinking ahead and is financially conscious. Family is everything to Steve and he is always there for any member of our family whenever they need him. Whether it be helping his grandmother when she can’t do certain chores around the house, taking care of me when I’m sick, or just cooking dinner if I’m having one of those days where I just don’t feel like cooking, he is always willing to help out where he can. I can just picture him sitting at the table helping our future adoptive child with homework and science fair projects.

In addition to being super helpful, he is also incredibly smart, always up for learning something new, and loves sharing his knowledge with others. He takes so much joy in teaching our niece and nephews random facts, like what clouds are made of, and reading their favorite stories to them. He also loves sharing his passion for gaming with everyone (don’t ask him about his favorite video games unless you have some time to spare). In an effort to share his enjoyment for video games with me, he actually saved up and bought a second Xbox so that we could play some of his favorite games together. I know he’s excited to share some of his knowledge and play video games with our future adoptive child as they get older and I’m excited to watch the fun they’ll have together. I really couldn’t imagine a better partner in life and I am so excited to see him in a new role as a dad.

Meet Kim (Written by Steve)

When Kim has her mind set on something she will make it happen. For example, back in college we enjoyed going rock climbing with our friends. She worked with the school to set up and run a club that allowed us to climb multiple times a week. At its peak, while we were there, there were over 100 people in the club and about 30 people climbing at the local indoor gym every week. Kim set up the club so well that now, years later, it is still going strong. I know that this tenacity will make her a great mother – a mom who will always put 100% into parenting and helping our future adoptive child however she can.

Along with being dedicated, Kim is also very family-oriented. While her family lives a few hours away, that doesn’t prevent her from keeping in touch with them. Most days, on her way home from work, she talks on the phone with her mom. They share what is going on in their daily lives and make plans for the next visit. Part of Kim being a family-woman, is that it has been her goal, since she was young, to be a mother one day. In high school, she worked with younger kids in an educational after school program. When we got the news of the birth of our nephews and niece, Kim was thrilled. She is in her happy place when she is feeding, playing, or otherwise spending time with them. Every time we go to a store with baby/toddler clothes, she manages to find her way to that section looking for cute things to get them. Since motherhood has been an aspiration of hers for years, she brought along some of her baby items when we moved into our house, knowing that she would eventually put them to use. Sure enough, four years later, we are now bringing them down from the attic, re-discovering that we already have a small library started for our future adoptive child.

Our Extended Family

Our immediate extended family includes two sets of future grandparents, two future aunts, three future uncles, three future cousins, two future great-grandmothers, and one future great grandfather, all of whom are super excited to welcome a new addition to the family. Kim’s side of the family loves to come visit and help out with projects, the most recent being painting our future adoptive child’s room. When visiting, they always end the day by playing board games with us. They are looking forward to going on trips to the zoo, science center, and aquarium with a little one in tow. Most of Steve’s family lives a lot closer to us, his mom lives only four miles away, so we do see them more often. They all love camping at their seasonal site that they have had for decades. They cannot wait to go on hikes, swim in the lake, and just watch the stars at night with a new addition to the family along for the journey. Steve’s sister, who lives in Florida, is excited to take a trip to Disney World with us and her new niece or nephew. For the holidays, we trade off going to Thanksgiving and Easter with each side of our family, but both sides celebrate Christmas together as one big family. We all are so excited for another little one to be there in the years to come to see when Santa comes to visit on Christmas Eve!

Thank you

We would like to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. If you decide to place your child for adoption and feel that we are the right choice, we promise that we will love your child unconditionally; we will always be there for them and protect them. Additionally, we will make sure that they understand their adoption story from an early age. They will know that you placed them for adoption out of love and that in doing so you gave us the greatest gift we could have ever imagined. Again, thank you from the bottom of hearts for considering us for the honor of being adoptive parents to your child. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us please contact Full Circle Adoptions at 1-800-452-3678.


Kim & Steve

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