Dear Expectant Parent(s),

As we, Katie and Bob, sit here thinking about how hard it is to start this letter, we can’t help but imagine how hard it must be for you to start reading this letter as well. You are making such a huge decision that will impact a number of people, possibly even us, so we want to start by thanking you for putting so much love and thought into considering placing your child for adoption. We’re a fun-loving couple who can be a bit shy at times, but we’ve got a lot of love to give. We see adoption as a beautiful way to grow a family, and we’re grateful (and excited!) to be considered as adoptive parents to your child.

Our Story

We met online while Katie was still in college. But the timing just wasn’t on our side. Fast forward ten years later to 2009, and Bob reached out to Katie via Myspace! From there we communicated for a while before grabbing a coffee on a Friday. Coffee went so well that we agreed to go to dinner the next night on Saturday. Dinner went well so we decided to go to a movie on Sunday night. It was a whirlwind of a weekend. From there we never looked back!

We got married in Aruba in 2011 and only invited our immediate family. It was an intimate and memorable ceremony. Because Bob comes from such a large family, and we had other friends and family we wanted to celebrate with, we decided to have a reception a couple of weeks after getting married in Aruba. It was the best of both worlds!

We support each other, balance each other, and know exactly how to bring out the best in each other! We will always be each other’s biggest fans and greatest support. After looking through our profile, we hope you can see how much love we have in our hearts to give our future child and how excited we are to start our family through adoption!

Meet Katie

Words cannot describe how much I love my wife, Katie. She is the most fun, loving, and optimistic person that I know. Whenever I’m down, she can bring me back up. Whenever I’m having a tough time with something, she will talk me through it. Katie is there for 100% and is the same way with everyone else in our lives.

I love Katie’s thoughtfulness. She cares deeply and seeks my thoughts and opinions on things big and small in our relationship. She makes sure we share chores and tasks, and she can see into any extra burden that may be weighing on me, understand it, and give me advice. At the very least she lets me know I don’t have to take on any challenge by myself.

She loves all kinds of music and is always looking forward to the next concert – whether it’s at the stadium, the town common or in our laundry room, blasting from her Bluetooth speaker while she folds laundry. And when she’s not busy working as a preschool teacher, she loves being outdoors. In the summer, you can often find her gardening or at the beach on the weekends. Did I mention she’s a HUGE Patriot’s fan too? We love hosting football Sundays during the fall.

Katie has always wanted to be a mother, and I know that she is more than ready to step into this role. She has a natural ability with children, always being able to relate to them and “get on their level.” I can’t wait to see the relationship she develops with a child in the future.

Meet Bob

When it comes to answering the question of who Bob is to me, I would say that he has the spontaneity to keep our relationship exhilarating. He’s always up for an adventure! He’s always been the inspiration and driver behind many of the best experiences that we’ve had as a couple, such as camping in a tent in Virginia Beach during a hurricane (hurricane wasn’t planned) along with attending a music festival in Prince Edward Island Canada. Each of these trips was more than memorable!

Bob is a hard working, passionate person who enjoys living life to the fullest. By day, he works delivering linens, but at home he brews his own beer. He has learned that “a happy wife means a happy life” so he began brewing beers I would drink along with wine and ciders. Hockey is something that also drives Bob. He travels to Montreal to see his Montreal Canadiens play and I know he can’t wait to continue this tradition with a child.

Our Family

We think it’s safe to assume that our parents are very excited to be grandparents! Because our immediate families are small, we are fortunate enough to spend holidays together. That means cookouts, Thanksgivings, and Christmas’ as a group filled with traditions and memory-making.

We have been fortunate enough to travel with both families. Bob’s parents spend summers in Canada and we spend time in Canada visiting some of Bob’s aunts and uncles who live there. We have also traveled with Katie’s parents, sister, brother-in-law, and niece to California, Aruba, and recently took a cruise to Bermuda.

Both of our families are incredibly supportive of our decision to adopt. All four grandparents are retired, so we’re sure they’ll take advantage of this flexibility to be very involved as grandparents. Katie’s parents are over-the-moon at the prospect of having another grandchild, while Bob’s parents are daydreaming about trips to Canada with us and a grandchild!

Hobbies & Traditions

As a couple we enjoy adventures! Jumping in the car for “a ride” is one of our favorite things to do. We usually find a new brewery, restaurant, or shop. When we moved to our city, one of our first rides took us to the riverfront where we happened upon a group of people with fancy cars, loud music, and tons of jet skis. We love the “Fast and The Furious” movies, so we call it our “Fast and The Furious Experience.”

Regardless of where our rides take us, they’re about spending time with each other with no agenda or plan.

Other interests we like to do together are camping, going to the beach, and traveling. One tradition we enjoy is celebrating our engagement each year in place of Valentine’s day. It’s something that is special to only us and that makes it even better. We also make it a tradition to travel to a different football stadium each year to cheer on our New England Patriots! We can’t wait to share both of these special moments with a child, and make more fun traditions together as a family.

Our Cats

So yeah… we’re those people. We have two cats that we absolutely adore, and we’re excited to share our love of felines with our child. Each cat has a very distinct personality, both of whom will adapt well to a newcomer. We adopted the brother-sister pair from a shelter as kittens. Shiela, who is a small grey and white tortoiseshell cat, is the vocal one. She is always quick to tell you what she needs. Mitch is a larger grey tabby cat with a mild-mannered demeanor. Both cats love to sit with us on the couch and be rubbed. Shiela has a stripe of darker grey on her head and she especially likes that rubbed.

In Closing

We appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about us as a couple, and hope that you have gotten a sense of what kind of parents we would be. We want to thank you for considering us. We are humbled and promise, if chosen as an adoptive family, to provide your child with unconditional love, always.

The decision you are making is not something we’ve ever had to face, and we know we can’t put ourselves in your shoes. Please know that we are committed to whatever level of openness and forms of communication you are comfortable with, not just now, but in the future as well. No matter what, we love taking photos and will be constantly documenting life as it happens. We will share as much as you’d like at any time. It would be wonderful to meet you, but please proceed however you are most comfortable.


Katie & Bob

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