Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hi! We are Aaron and Kara. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Our Story

We first met through a dating app in 2016, and our first dates to bars and restaurants quickly transformed into weekends spent hiking and camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We really got to know each other during the long drives and many beautiful hours on the trails.

It wasn’t long before Aaron and his young dog, Duke, moved into Kara’s apartment. A year and a half later, we bought and renovated our home in a Boston neighborhood. In 2019, Aaron planned an incredible proposal, which started with a walk in Central Park in New York City. There, he got down on one knee, with Kara’s family hiding to witness the big moment! Our original wedding plan was thwarted by the pandemic, but we truly ended up with the best of both worlds: a small, intimate wedding with our closest family and friends in 2021, then a huge party with all our loved ones a year later. We have been so fortunate to have so much support from our village.

Our relationship is our source of balance. We’ve discovered ways to include the things we love in life while making room for challenges as they arise. Relationships with our friends and family have continued to strengthen and evolve, we’ve crafted a loving home, and our village surrounding us has provided the utmost support.

We are excited about the opportunity to have a baby join our squad. We have always talked about taking a less traditional path to grow our family, and after exploring our options, adoption just felt right.

About Aaron, by Kara

Aaron is a research scientist at a pharmaceutical company, where he helps develop medications that will someday treat various debilitating diseases. He’s a thorough researcher and loves to nerd out on just about anything.

He is also an athlete and a repeat marathoner who enjoys the rigor of training for long distances. Most of all, Aaron loves to hike. He especially enjoys bringing novices to the mountains, showing them the beauty and peace of high elevation. This is his favorite way to bring people together.

Aaron strongly values his inner circle of friends, many of whom he has known since high school. He cares deeply for his friends, family, and fur babies. He is such a thoughtful person and is going to be such a wonderful and natural father.

Fun Facts About Aaron:

Can be soft-spoken, but when he does speak, you’ll want to listen
Is the guy you want on your trivia team
Is always looking for ways to improve (himself, a process, or anything else!)
Has a very goofy side that only his closest people get to see
Loves all sports and the strategy behind any game
Loves to cook for those he cares about most

About Kara, by Aaron

Kara works at an architectural firm as an interior designer, so her job entails a great mix of technical and creative tasks that make the day fly by. She loves being active and thinks fresh air is the best medicine. While she may not put in all the miles that Aaron does, she loves getting outside for a run or, even better, a hike.

Kara is the extrovert in the relationship and a social butterfly. She has a wide circle of friends whom she strives to keep in touch with. Kara also has a big extended family, so she’s used to large and energetic holidays and celebrations. With Aaron, she has learned to love quiet nights at home with her family and truly appreciates cuddling with the dogs on the couch. I look forward to seeing her share her love of people and the outdoors with a child.

Fun Facts About Kara:

Has been vegan for 16 years (and counting!)
Was a theater kid in high school and still sings along to many musicals
Speaks Italian.
Went skydiving once, and once was enough…
Kara’s mother is one of her best friends

About Our Pups

Duke and Pringle are important members of our family. They go to doggy daycare together, and we have been told that they look out for one another, which makes us so happy to hear.

Aaron rescued Duke as a puppy just a few weeks after he and Kara went on their first date. He’s very attached to Aaron and follows him everywhere! Duke is incredibly athletic, but he can also be a snuggly buddy – his happiest place is either hiking through the mountains or deep under blankets on the couch. Duke has the most soulful eyes and a calm demeanor. Sometimes, we call him our grumpy old man, but we know he has many happy and energetic years left in him.

Pringle is the newest addition to our family, and she fit right in from day one. She is such an excitable pup and is thrilled to meet every human, dog, or bird that crosses her path. Her tail rarely stops wagging. She has so much energy and quickly joined our family for runs and hikes. Despite all her energy, Pringle is also a snuggle bug at the end of the day.

Many an evening, the four of us are cuddled up on the couch, unwinding from the day. We truly feel so grateful that these special creatures found their way into our lives and our hearts.

Our Extended Family

We cannot wait to introduce a future child to our families, who can’t wait to meet them. We are so grateful to have so much support from our families as we grow ours.

Kara has two brothers, and between them, we have four nephews and a niece. Kara grew up with twenty-six first cousins, so she loves the idea of a big and boisterous extended family. Her ethnicity is Italian on both sides, and they grew up celebrating every milestone with lots of homemade food and bocce games in the yard.

Aaron’s side of the family is smaller, though he has more siblings – three brothers and a sister. Two of Aaron’s siblings are much younger, and Aaron helped raise them when he was a teenager. He is so proud of the adults they have become. We see our families regularly and were so excited to share our adoption plans with them!

Our Home

Over the five years we have owned our home, our hearts and hands have transformed it. We love all the big windows and the natural light they bring in. We are especially proud of our renovated kitchen, where we love to cook together and host family and friends around our big dining room table. We spend most evenings cuddled up on the couch with our pups, catching up and relaxing. Our living space also expands into the fresh air, from our backyard patio to our front and back covered porches to our fully fenced yard, which is a haven for our playful dogs. Most of our neighbors have lived in our neighborhood for years; our closest neighbors are friends with a pup just like us – our dogs love to play in our yard and even go to doggy daycare together!

Beyond our doorstep lies an urban community that embraces diversity and acceptance and provides unwavering support. We live just across the street from a sprawling field where community baseball games are played, and the playground is always busy with children. We are fortunate to live a short walk from a huge public arboretum, where we love running, strolling, and exploring. The paths are full of families and pets enjoying the shade from the beautiful old trees and appreciating how nature changes through the seasons.

We also live a short stroll from the busy town square— the vibrant center of our neighborhood. The square hosts a large and bustling farmers market every weekend, with activities, live performances, and mini-petting zoos for kids. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of all the family-friendly programming our neighborhood offers and connecting with other young families who call this community home.

Interests and Hobbies

We love just about anything that gets us outside! We have been working our way through the notorious 4,000-foot mountain summits in New Hampshire. Aaron has already finished them all, and Kara and the pups are well on their way. When we can’t make it that far north, we hit the local trails either to run or hike. We love to walk the beach, as well, even when the weather is cool.

At home, we have fun cooking together – Aaron is the creative one in the kitchen, and Kara is happy to be the sous chef.

We also love to host family and friends at our home. Aaron enjoys playing video games to unwind, and Kara likes to make handmade cards for close family birthdays. Above all, our favorite way to spend our time is with our friends and family, or snuggled up on the couch with our pups.

Thank You

We are so grateful that you have taken the time to get to know our family and to consider making us a part of yours. We know that this is a difficult decision, and we appreciate the bravery it takes to consider an adoption plan.

We’re very much looking forward to the joys and challenges parenthood will bring, and feel that we have so much to offer a child. Becoming parents will change our lives forever, and we look forward to navigating that experience together.


Kara & Aaron

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