Dear Birthparent(s),

We can only begin to imagine what an emotional journey you have been on over the past few months and respect you for the decisions you have made and the strength that you have displayed.  God has a special plan in place for each of us and we are thankful for the opportunity he has given to us to be a part of yours.  We want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to read our profile and consider our family for your precious child.  Although we have not met you, we know that you are courageous and loving and we pray for your peace and comfort in this process.  We believe that our profile will give you a strong sense of who we are as a couple and as a family.

Our Beginnings

We were high school sweethearts and best friends before we became husband and wife.  After high school, we went to college together and both graduated with bachelor degrees.  A few years after college, we celebrated our marriage on a beautiful fall day with all of our family and closest friends.  The first few years of our marriage were focused on starting our careers, buying our first home, and learning how to share a bathroom!  We always wanted to be parents and share our lives with children, so starting a family became our new focus.  God had a different plan in mind for us though.  After struggling with infertility, we embraced adoption wholeheartedly as a way for us to build our family.  A few years after starting our adoption journey, we were blessed to bring our first adopted child home from the hospital.  Her name is Teagan and she often tells us how much she wants to be a big sister!  We know deep in our hearts that no matter how a child enters our life, we have so much love to give and share.  We are excited with the hopes of further growing our family and starting the next chapter of our lives together.

Home Sweet Home

We live in a small town tucked just outside of the city.  To say we love it, would be an understatement!  Our town is comprised of a top rated school system, small shops, trails for hiking and exploring, and a closely knit community of friends and neighbors.  It is uniquely balanced in being a short drive from a great metropolitan area that is home to professional sports and arts, great restaurants and universities, and tons of culture and diversity.  While at home, we enjoy entertaining our family and friends on the main level where we have a living room, den, and kitchen that often has people gathered around the large center island.  Upstairs, we have a number of bedrooms but the main attraction is the playroom!  Whether it be playing, doing crafts, or watching a movie, the playroom serves as a “magical” get-a-way for Teagan and our future children to make lasting memories while learning and having fun!  In the warmer seasons, you will probably find us outside playing in the yard, relaxing on our covered front porch, or just enjoying the tranquility that our beautiful yard and landscape creates.  If a change of scenery is desired, the town common and recreation area is right down the road. Complete with basketball courts, swings, ball fields, and more!

Jeremy by Rebecca

Jeremy is an incredible guy.  He is a loving, compassionate and supportive husband and my best friend.  His smile warms my heart, and his generous soul and strong values define who he is.  He shows confidence and pride in all that he does.  As a key leader in a large corporation, his strong work ethic and adventurous spirit make him very successful.  He has an amazing ability to talk to anybody, and will often be the first to start a conversation.  Family is a priority for Jeremy and he will go out of his way to ensure that they are taken care of.  He loves children and watching him with Teagan absolutely melts my heart.  He connects with her on her level and cherishes his “Daddy and Teagan Time.”  From reading her stories, to teaching her how to ride her bike and ski, he truly gives his whole heart.  Jeremy loves sports cars, adventure, and excitement.  From heli-skiing to taking a spin in his BMW, he enjoys the thrill of the moment.  Jeremy is an amazing dad and he has such a loving heart and endless energy.  I truly love sharing parenthood with him!

Rebecca by Jeremy

Most people have a best friend. Many people have a spouse.  I am blessed to have both and I call her my wife! Rebecca (or Becca as I call her) came into my life and brought a level of love, compassion, commitment and companionship that I never imagined possible.  After our first child was born, Becca left her prior career to become a stay at home mom.  Although she loved her job managing teams and problem-solving, this change was a dream come true in giving her the ability to spend her days at home with our family and play an active role in their learning and daily activities.  She helps create a warm and comfortable environment no matter where she goes and always puts the well-being of her loved ones before her own.  Her natural ability to nurture and support others melts my heart and reinforces one of the reasons that I chose to spend my life with her.  Becca enjoys traveling, spending time with her loved ones and working out…superficially running and her daily barre class!  She truly is an awesome wife, mother, friend, and relative.  Most importantly, she is my rock and in many ways, has made me who I am today.  I love her and cannot imagine life without her.

Having Fun & Making Memories

We love being active and finding new and fun things to do together!  Whether it is skiing in the mountains, exploring new places, or taking a walk together on a crisp fall day, you can find us enjoying life as a family. In the spring and summer months, we love the beach, barbecues, and outdoor activities. When the leaves turn colors, our attention turns to apple picking, football games, and a trip to the pumpkin patch and a local fair.  In the winter, you can find us decorating our home for the holidays and heading to the mountains to ski and to enjoy all the great outdoor fun the snow provides.  We all have a love for travel and in-between it all often escape to Costa Rica, Mexico, or the Caribbean. We look forward to sharing all of this and more with our future children. We want to give them the opportunity to learn and enjoy everything life has to offer and provide them a healthy, fun, safe and memorable childhood.

Generations of Love

Family is very important to both of us.  We were both raised in loving homes, and we continue to have close relationships with our parents, brothers, sisters and extended families.  We live within driving distance of the majority of our family, which makes spending time with them a regular part of our lives.  We have peace in knowing that this will allow us to raise our children to grow close and truly know their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  This tight relationship with family carries into our holiday traditions and special occasions, which involves large gatherings with the focus being on sharing time and love for one another as we celebrate together.  We are truly blessed to have such a warm and caring family, and they are all so supportive and as excited as we are about adding more children to the family!

Our Promises & Open Adoption

We fully desire and intend to be open with our children about their adoptions.  We will do this from a young age using books and stories while sharing with them their adoption journey.  We want our children to know that their birthparents love them, and we welcome a level of openness in which this love can flourish and be experienced.  We will provide our children with a good education, and the ability to attend college if that is their wish.  It is important to us in raising our children that they are brought up with strong morals, ethics, and an understanding of how much they are truly loved.  Thank you for allowing us to share our lives with you.  We hope our words and photos helped paint a picture of what we hold dear, and the parents that we are.  We pray you have comfort in knowing that we respect your decision, even if that decision does not involve us, and you will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Many blessings to you today and always.

Thank You!

Thank you for allowing us to share our lives with you. We hope our words and photos helped paint a picture of what we hold dear, and the parents that we are. We pray you have comfort in knowing that we respect your decision, even if that decision does not involve us, and you will remain in our thoughts and prayers. Many blessings to you today and always.


Jeremy, Rebecca, & Teagan

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