Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello, we are Heather and Liam! Thank you for choosing to read our story and learn more about our family.

Our Story

Like many couples today, we met online through a dating app! We both had clear expectations and goals for our lives, and when we met, we just clicked and immediately knew the other was the right fit!

We very quickly began to spend all our time together, trying new restaurants, going on bike rides, and spending time with our families. We became engaged just three months after meeting in the fall of 2018 and were married after seven months of dating!

We decided against a wedding and honeymoon because we wanted to buy a home and start a family right away, so we eloped and later celebrated our first anniversary with a small backyard wedding with family and very close friends.

We spent the next two-and-a-half years trying to start a family, even unsuccessfully going through IVF treatments. Becoming parents was our dream so we decided to pursue adoption, and in June of 2021, we welcomed our son, Shawn, into our home!

We have loved being parents and seeing the world through a brand-new set of eyes, and very much believe that another child, a sibling for Shawn, would complete our family!

My Amazing Husband

When I first met Liam, I was amazed at how responsible and driven he was—he had recently finished active duty with the Air Force, where he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Since that time, he has looked for ways to make an impact as meaningful as his time with the Air Force. He earned a second Master’s degree in Social Work, which he uses to support other Veterans!

Liam is the definition of a hands-on father. He splits parenting and household responsibilities truly 50/50 and is the best role model for our son. He is full of imagination and kindness—he marches alongside Shawn as a dinosaur, builds garages from play blocks for Shawn’s cars, and tends to every scrape and runny nose! He cares about our well-being and finds healthier versions of our favorite foods, always looking for ways to sneak more vegetables into our veggie-hating toddler!

Liam is dedicated to his family – both his own and mine. He regularly ensures that everyone has what they need, from helping his sister move to helping my mom set up a garage sale. He never misses an opportunity to do something special for someone, like finding their favorite golf balls for a birthday or buying flowers “just because”.

Fun Facts About Liam:

He has traveled to 40+ countries and especially loves the Southeast Asia region!
He grew up on the beach but thinks it’s unwise to swim in the ocean past his knees.
He loves to golf and considers himself an “old soul”, preferring to golf with my parents or elderly members at the club!

My Wonderful Wife

I knew Heather was an amazing person from the moment I met her. She is funny, smart, and caring. We immediately hit it off, and just like that, we got married and started a life together. Heather is a hard worker and very dedicated to her craft as an HR professional. She works tirelessly to support team members in resolving issues or navigating challenges they are faced with. Because of her background, Heather is a strong advocate for those she cares about, and this carries over to our family.

Heather is our son’s hero. She is always there to make sure he gets nourishment throughout the day, has comfort when he is feeling sick or sad, and makes sure our house is running like clockwork. She makes sure Shawn has a bedtime story, song, and hugs as we wind down for the evening and takes time to come up with fun activities like finding toys in the sand, coloring, and making Play-Doh sculptures.

Heather is dedicated to family and ensures that we are supportive of things that may be going on in their lives. She always makes time to call her family and check in on them while guaranteeing they have everything they need. She is a dedicated friend who provides immense support to those who are struggling or need someone to talk to.

Fun Facts About Heather:

She loves Taylor Swift and listens to her music on repeat.
She loves to work out and practice yoga as it helps her decompress and have a positive mindset.
She grew up playing many sports throughout her youth and into high school and excelled in basketball and softball.

Our Home

Our home is a single-family home on a cul-de-sac that we built in 2022-2023. We have about half an acre of land and a fenced-in yard with a swing set. Our yard is large, with plenty of space for many activities—sledding in the winter and a small bounce house with a pool in the summer. We try to spend as much time as we can outside, and we even have a screened-in porch so we can spend evenings outside without bugs bothering us!

Our home is in a new but smaller community, and we have several young families on our street! We alternate having cookouts and fires, and have many play dates and opportunities to get together.

The best part of living in coastal Maine is the proximity to our families. We spend as much time as we can at our parent’s house in the summer, either in the pool or venturing to the beach! We also have plenty of areas where we can hike, explore, and enjoy all four seasons. We are also commutable to several larger cities and love to take Shawn to the zoo and the children’s museum. As he gets older and as our family grows, we can’t wait to share some of our passion for local sports teams and take the children to games!

Our Family

We both grew up in very large extended families, with many aunts, uncles, and cousins. We each have siblings, stepsiblings, and nieces and nephews—our families are loud, fun, and loving!

Shawn is a spunky, strong-willed boy who we know will be the best big brother ever! He loves dinosaurs, cars, and anything involving water. He is independent and wants to help with everything! He loves spending time in the infant room in daycare, where his teachers report that he goes out of his way to make the babies laugh, and loves making sure they have blankets to cover them. When another child at daycare or during a playdate is sad, Shawn wipes their tears and says, “It’s okay, baby” and tries to find them a toy to cheer them up!

Our parents love being grandparents. Heather’s parents are very close by and love having special one-on-one time with Shawn and their other grandchildren! Liam’s parents live two hours away but never miss an opportunity to visit. Liam’s mom is the queen of second-hand shopping and comes with truckloads of clothing and outdoor gear for Shawn at every visit, so he is always fully outfitted for any new activity.

Our families have become very close, and we tend to host most major holidays, where everyone converges on our home, and it’s filled with chaos (lots of kiddos under five-years-old) and love. Our family is super supportive and cannot wait to welcome another amazing child into the family.

Traditions, Hobbies, and Interests

One of our favorite things about building our family has been to create new traditions! We have some favorite memories from growing up and we have incorporated those traditions as we make new memories!

Spring: Easter Egg Hunt! Liam’s parents take this to a whole new level! We bring everyone together for an epic backyard (rain or shine) competitive Easter Egg hunt followed by a big brunch!

Summer: We spend as much time at the pool or the beach, where we pack lunches and all the sunscreen and enjoy music, games, and family for as much of the summer as we can. Fourth of July is a big celebration—Heather’s family has an extended family reunion, where we have a lobster bake and endless rounds of karaoke!

Fall: This is our favorite season, and we are completely into all the fall festivities, including apple picking, cider donuts, hayrides, and fires with s’mores! Shawn is a BIG FAN of the cider donuts.

Winter: This is a new favorite in our household as the holidays have new magic since we’ve become parents. We started a new tradition of picking out a real Christmas tree, hanging lights, and listening to holiday music non-stop. Shawn is also a big fan of his Helper Elf, “Jack”, and wakes up each morning super excited to see the shenanigans he got into overnight!

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile book and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We can imagine that this decision takes so much love and bravery. We have loved being parents and dream of growing our family and for Shawn to have a sibling.

We can’t wait to share our lives with a second child, and we promise to provide them with unconditional love and acceptance, to nurture their curiosity, and to support their unique personality and interests; to provide an education, a large and wild extended family, and the best big brother ever.

Regardless of the level of openness that you prefer, we will always remind your child of the loving choice you made for them to ensure they have a wonderful life.

We are full of love as we write this and cannot wait for the day we get to grow our family. We wish you love and luck as you decide what is right for you.


Heather & Liam

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