Dear Birthmother,

We are glad that you have seen our letter and hope that this might be the start of our relationship with you.   We have had other chance occurrences in our lives which have led to wonderful relationships – including our own.

Our life together as a couple began quite unexpectedly.  While in college, Dev and some friends were having fun on-line and emailed a random student at another campus quite a distance away.  As luck would have it, that other student was Jon.  The email began a dialogue and we started talking regularly as we had much in common.  In fact, Dev’s friends and Jon’s roommates went to high school together and both said wonderful things about each of us!  The connection between us grew, but, at that time, we decided not to date since we lived too far away from one another.

As if that original meeting wasn’t coincidental enough… about six months after we met, Dev’s parents moved to a town that just happened to be a few minutes away from where Jon’s family lived.  That summer we started dating and, a few years later, Jon proposed on a misty night in a small park on a bluff overlooking the river (it was very romantic!)  We got married as soon as we graduated from college and we have been married for 16 years.

We hope that this chance connection with you begins another wonderful relationship. We already respect you for your brave choice and look forward to learning more about what you want for your child. We hope we are the parents you are looking for to care for him or her.  However you want your adoption plan to unfold, we will listen to you and honor your wishes.  We would be delighted to meet with you in person if you would like this too.

Who We Are:

We are ready to have children – we have stable careers, time to devote to a child and a deep desire to share our love.  Jon works as a research scientist.  Dev works in the software industry and works from home a couple days a week (her company is very flexible.)

Why we are looking to adopt:

We wanted to start a family right after we got married, but decided to wait because Jon was starting graduate school and we didn’t think we could afford children at that point.  When we did start to build our family, we had a slow start.  We’ve gone through multiple rounds of infertility treatments and have suffered multiple miscarriages. These experiences strengthened us as a couple – making us stronger as we learned to understand the emotions of the other person and be patient.

Things we value:


Our families are such a big part of our lives. We both grew up with brothers and these bonds are very important to us.   We speak with or spend time with our parents every week.  They are looking forward to becoming grandparents through adoption.  Both of our siblings have friends who are adopted or who are adoptive parents and they are also excited about this opportunity for us to grow our family.

For us, having a family is about loving one another for who we are – not in spite of who we are.  Parenting is about sharing that love: teaching, nurturing and guiding a child.  We want to teach compassion and patience, we want to nurture love and imagination, and guide our children so that they can grow up to be intelligent, compassionate adults.


Education is also very important to us.  We both love to learn and to teach.  We were fortunate to have family support when we attended college.  We already have started a fund to pay for our children’s education – whether this will be for college, art school, or a vocational program of their choice.  Whatever their dreams are, we will be here to help them realize their personal goals, and, generally, be their number one cheerleaders.


We both grew up attending church and observing our parents show their faith through compassion and love for all people.  These experiences shaped the values that guide our everyday lives. We expect to bring our child up in the Christian tradition with a very strong respect for people of ALL faiths.  If our child decides later that our faith is not really his or hers, we will encourage and support their exploration of alternatives.

Where we Live

You’re probably wondering by now where we live.  Ours is a traditional New England town just outside of Boston.  We have highly rated school system and our neighborhood has lots of kids, who walk to the elementary and middle schools that are only a few blocks away.  From our house, you can also walk to the quaint downtown that has numerous shops, including our favorite: the frozen yogurt shop

We live in a charming old house with a modern kitchen and lots of little nooks and crannies (and window seats for reading books.)  There is a lot of room for children to play and grow.  We’ve already picked out a nice large room for the nursery.  The house also has a porch that looks over the back yard.  We spend a lot of time on the porch cooking and relaxing in the summer.  It will be a nice place for a toddler to play and for us to watch the children in the backyard when they’re older.

Our Families

We both grew up in small cities in the Midwest.  Jon’s mom came from farming stock and, upon retirement, she moved back to the family farm that is on a beautiful lake.  We like to visit her and have fun going fishing with our nephews.  She is thrilled about our adoption plans and is looking forward to having more grandchildren to spoil.  Jon’s dad passed away the year before we were married and we miss him very much.  Jon’s mother was lucky to find a wonderful man in Jon’s stepfather and he has been part of our family for a while.

Dev’s mom and dad are retiring and will be moving to New England this year.  They are very excited about our adoption plans and the opportunity to visit their grandchildren frequently since they’ll be nearbyThis child will be the first grandchild in Dev’s family.  Her mom has already sent a big box of Dev’s old toys and expressed how excited the two of them are to spoil grandchildren.  Dev’s dad is getting ready with grand stories to tell – he is the favorite storyteller with all the kids at their church.

Our Brothers

Dev’s younger brother and his fiancée live two streets away and come over frequently for dinner and to play board games.  Their house is right next to a large park with a brand new playground and baseball field.

Jon’s older brother and wife have two boys, James and Will, whom we love to visit and spoil.  We’ve been a part our two wonderful nephews’ lives since birth and have enjoyed watching them grow from toddlers to teenagers.  On every visit we spend most of our time playing with them – from Legos and toy trains when they were little, to Wii Sports to Guitar Hero now that they are older.

Our pets

Both of us also grew up with dogs and cats as part of the family.  When we moved into a house with a great yard for playing, we rescued Sage.  She is part Border Collie and she is quick to learn tricks and very sweet.  She is always happy to see new people and is especially gentle with children.

What we like to do:

Be Outdoors

We enjoy camping and hiking.  Some of our favorite vacations have been in National Parks like Sequoia, Yosemite and Rocky Mountain.  We are excited to share our love of nature with a child.  Dev is especially looking forward to teaching our children about how things grow.  She is never happier than when she is tending her gardens, covered in dirt.  We are already drawing up plans to create an alphabet garden where our children can plant herbs and flowers and eat the vegetables that they grow.


Jon likes to experiment, frequently introducing modifications and rarely following recipes.  Dev enjoys making pies, cakes and canning fruits we grow. We both fondly remember helping our mothers make cookies and treats for the holidays.  We can’t wait to enjoy baking, decorating and being creative in the kitchen with our child.

Woodworking & Crafts

Jon enjoys woodworking – he is extremely creative and can build pretty much anything.  After noticing that his mother was having a hard time gardening because her arthritis limited her movement, he built a 3 foot high planter so that she could garden without being in pain.  He would love to pass on his skills to our child if he or she is interested, just as his father did with him.

Dev always has some craft project going.  She has converted a room to use as a craft room – for sewing projects, painting and present wrapping.  She has a large supply of glitter, paint and other fun art stuff.


We both grew up with books always in hand.  Passing on our love of reading and learning is very important to us.  We already have lots of children’s books in our library, including Dev’s childhood favorites, Winnie-the-Pooh and Peter Rabbit.  We can’t wait to hold our child in our laps and help them read picture books and, gradually, books with more words.


We love to learn new things!  We frequently go to the numerous museums, zoos, and historical sites around New England.   Recently, our local museum had an exhibit where they had asked children to look at a piece of very abstract modern art (think red circle, blue squares, splashes of paint etc.).  Each child wrote or drew what this piece of art meant to them – “makes me happy,” “makes me sad,” and “unicorns.”  After seeing this interesting way of getting kids to participate and figure out what art meant to them, every place we went we started talking about how we would share the experience.    We can’t wait to see what excites our children!

Childcare plans

We both plan on staying home for a period of time after a baby joins our lives.  Jon will get to stay home for about a month; Dev will stay home for a longer period – most likely between six months and a year.  For days when Dev doesn’t work at home, we know a wonderful day care center down our street, where our child can spend some time socializing with other young children.

Where do we go next?

In learning more about adoption, we’ve come to understand how important it can be for children to know their birth family.  We would be glad to talk about a plan for contact over the years.  We look forward to knowing you and to loving your child, if given the opportunity.

There’s a chance you’ve made it to this last page.  We had a lot we wanted to share and we’re grateful to you for reading our story.  If you’d like to learn more about us or talk directly with us, please let our agency know – Full Circle Adoptions – 1.800.452.3678 or

We would welcome the chance to know you, to learn what your wishes are for your child and to see if we can imagine the future together.


Dev and Jon



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