Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We’re honored to share our hopes and dreams with you as you consider your choices. We admire your courage and your commitment to providing your child with the best possible life. Our commitment to you, if chosen to be the adoptive parents for your child, is to raise your child to feel loved by both you and us and to give your child all the love and support they need to realize their dreams. Thank you for considering us as a possible adoptive family for your expected child.

We have known, now, for a long time that we can’t conceive a child. Doctors said it was “unexplained” infertility. We went through infertility treatments but they were unsuccessful. Although it was disappointing when the infertility treatments didn’t work, we stayed positive and talked about expanding our family through adoption. We knew we always wanted to have a family together and it didn’t matter to us how that would happen-we are very excited to love the child who comes to us by a very special person, you.  Our lives will be even more blessed than we have already known when we are able to share our love with your child.

There’s a lot we’d like to share with you to help you get to know us.


I love Sean because he is the sweetest, most amazing person I know. He makes me smile and feel good about myself. We laugh constantly. He has an upbeat and positive outlook on life and he is a giver.  He is so great with children. Our nieces, nephews and friends children all love him. Sean has such a wonderful personality that the children of our friends and our nieces and nephews just love playing with him. I love his reaction to when one of the kids does something cute or goofy-you can see he enjoys the kids as much as they enjoy him. He will be a wonderful, caring father. He is a beautiful person inside and out. He is a great person to everyone he knows. He shows respect to everyone he comes in contact with-just an all around great guy. He calls me every night as soon as he leaves work to say he’s on his way home and to see how my day was. Little things like making breakfast together on the weekends or sitting out on our front steps, enjoying the scenery in our yard and watching the rabbits or chipmunks are wonderful moments that we share together and cannot wait to share with our child.


I love Debbie because she is the most kind, unselfish, joyful person I have ever met.  I call her sunshine because she is so cheerful and brightens every day.   Every morning she kisses me before she goes to work and again when I get home from work.  We try to spend as much time together as possible and we always work together as a team.  We enjoy having romantic dinners full of conversation then taking long walks around the marina.  We live very close to a beautiful part of the Eastern Seacoast. She genuinely cares for everyone she knows.  She routinely calls people on their birthday and sends cards to friends that are having tough times.  Debbie has a great sense of humor that is similar to mine so we are always having fun.  She is very outgoing to everyone she meets so she easily makes friends.  She is great with kids and gravitates towards babies always wanting to be next in line to hold them.  Debbie has a keen sense of self awareness that enables her to keep a level head in the most stressful situations.

We work at the same company. Debbie is an administrative assistant and has been there for 21 years. Sean has been there for almost 10 years and is a computer Network Administrator. We are grateful to have stable jobs in a stable business and will be able to provide for our child and support him/her in whatever way they need in their future. We have already started a college savings account for our child. My job is flexible enough that I will be able to work from home and be at home with our child. Sean starts his day a little later than I do so he will be able to have a relaxed breakfast and morning walk with us.

With having such a large extended family, we know that all children are unique. We will support your child in exploring any and all of the activities that  they enjoy or want to try out- everything from sports, to music or arts. If your child wants to play the drums, we have enough space so that they can do so without everyone else wearing ear plugs! If they want to try soccer or softball or the swim team, we’ll be their number one fans. If they’d like piano lessons, learn to build things or capture the world with a camera, we’ll be right here, making that possible. We’ve already started an education fund that he or she  can use towards college or whatever career pursuit is their passion.  They will have our support as we did from our own families.  We look forward to learning more about the unique person he or she is and helping them feel more confident, loved and capable with each passing day.

We have a beautiful 4 bedroom home in the suburbs outside of Boston. There is plenty of room for children to play and enjoy their friends. It’s a peaceful setting on over an acre of land with lots of space for a child to run, play and explore. It’s a perfect place for us to start our family and we look forward to raising a child here. All the children we know, together with our relatives and friends, love coming here in the winter to sled and build snow forts! We have cookouts in the summer and set up games in both the front and back for everyone to enjoy! We live in a very family oriented town with a great school system. There are plenty of parks, horse stables and town activities to keep us busy. We live close to our three nieces and get together with them often; when a child joins our family, our guess is that we’ll see them even more!

We live close enough to the city that we can, at a moments notice, drive in to catch a Red Sox game or spend the day in Faneuil Hall, which is a large area with shops and food and historic places to stroll. We live close to the beautiful New England seacoast and we look forward to exploring tidal pools and seaside meals and after dinner strolls with our child. We love going away for vacations, whether it is to Cape Cod for a weekend or flying off to a  tropical country. We also enjoy kayaking, taking scenic plane rides over the Cape in the fall and sunset dinner cruises in Boston. We look forward to sharing all of this with our child as he or she grows.

Sean and I have tight knit families. Sean comes from a big family with five siblings. I have a smaller family with two sisters. We have one nephew on my side of the family but eight nieces and nephews on Sean’s side. Both of our parents have been married for over 40 years and we enjoy spending time with them. My parents love to go camping. Spending time outdoors camping is something Debbie’s side of the family enjoys doing together. We can’t wait to share these moments with our child exploring the woods, lakes and streams together. Our nephew Zack can’t wait to have a new cousin to go camping with! Sean’s parents are both retired so there would be plenty of visits from Nonnie and Grampa! There are family get-togethers all the time on both sides-there is always something to celebrate! We love spending time with everyone and we know there would be a lot of love shared for the newest addition to our family.

Both of us were raised to respect others and to appreciate the unique qualities in all people. We grew up with a sense of faith in the goodness of life and the goodness of others that we will share with our child as well.  We believe that honesty is what helps us all to trust each other. We try not to lose sight of the importance of humor, kindness, romance and fun as we go about the routines of our days. We will raise a child to be kind to others, to have compassion and to act in ways that take into account the needs of others alongside their own hopes and wishes. .

We feel so blessed to be able to have this opportunity to raise a child into an adult with with the strong values of love, respect and honesty. We will always be honest about adoption with our child-it’s important to us that the child knows he/she is loved by his/her birthparent(s) as well as by us. Our child will know the extraordinary gift you have given us and what a special person you are. We will be happy to send updated photos and letters to you in the coming years and occasional visits. We hope that this letter eases your mind that our promise to you is to love,  and nurture your child and provide a safe and stable home for your child.

We are happy to stay in touch with you over the years so that you can always know and be reassured that your decision was a good one. We think a child is lucky if they can know everyone who loves them; we would raise them to respect your decision and to respect you.

We  would like to know if and how you’d like to stay connected in the years ahead.   We would be happy to send you regular photos and letter updates, set up an on-line photo album and update that regularly. We would like to know if you’d like  in-person visits. We could go to lunch or a park so you can know your child while they’re growing up.

Thank you again for this selfless and brave decision that you are considering. We wish you peace in the days ahead. If you would like to learn more about us or to talk with us please feel free to call Full Circle at 1-800-452-3678. We would love the opportunity to meet you in person if this is something that would be comfortable for you.

Our very best wishes to you,

Debbie and Sean

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