Thank You

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Full Circle Adoptions is a non-profit corporation and is very grateful to have a corporate donor who has been willing to provide matching funds for donations. If you are interested in contributing towards a matching grant, please let us know. Also, many employers are willing to match your contribution to Full Circle. Please ask your employer whether they might also match your contribution. All contributions are tax deductible and Full Circle is happy to give you documentation for your taxes. Thank you for considering a matching gift today!

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!

THANK YOU to ALL the Wonderful Families, Friends of Full Circle, Board Members, Colleagues and members of our Community who donated in response to the agency’s March 2010 fundraising appeal. You helped the agency achieve Full Hague Accreditation and the agency is VERY grateful.

Al and Geri
in honor of Rachel
Anonymous (3)
Full Circle thanks our Anonymous families – you are in our hearts with gratitude.
In honor of Bea and Manny Reshes and Minnie and Sidney Bitter.
Ann Horwitz & Steve Joseph
In honor of their daughter Sarah
Barbara Fell Johnson
Beth and Jay McFadyen
BethAnn and Dan
In honor of Avery Elizabeth and her birthparents
Brian and Brian
In honor of Shelley
The Butz Family
In honor of Birthparents
Cindy Stein and Mike Kolendo
Darlein & Norman Stein
In honor of their daughter, Marla
Developer Finance Corporation
Frank and Debbie Mahan
The Goodwin Family
Janet and Randy Stratton
Jim and Laura Thurston
Judy Harper
In memory of her aunt Alice Feuerstein
Ken, Anita and Andrew
Kim and John Zucco
Lisa and Michael Ciesinski
In memory of Anne Marie Beauregard
Matt and Tricia Bovell
Meredith Davies
Richard Rasa
and Pelorian Digital