Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Our Story

We are Kim and Steven. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope this profile gives you a better understanding of who we are as a couple and the family and friends that support us.

We met by chance in December of 2008 while home for Winter Break. Kim was in her senior year of college, and Steve was a few weeks away from beginning graduate school. We had our first date of dinner and ice skating the day after Christmas. Before heading back to our respective colleges, we made our relationship official, which marked the beginning of many weekends spent traveling between Connecticut and Rhode Island. As we transitioned from college into our careers, our relationship continued to grow. We became engaged in 2014 and had a travel themed wedding in 2015!

Our wedding day was beautiful. If you didn’t know any better, you would say it was perfect. Kim had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a few weeks prior and was in the middle of her first major flare. Kim’s diagnosis did not stop us from continuing to plan our future together. Over the years, Kim’s flares have brought on new challenges, but we have worked together and with Kim’s doctors to control her symptoms.

Having MS does not prevent one from having children; however, considering Kim’s current medications, we feel having biological children is not the right decision for us. We look forward to having a son or daughter to raise and to welcome into our family. We cannot wait to continue our family traditions with a little one!

About Kim

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts with my parents and older sister. My mother always told me that I would make a great teacher because of my creativity and organization. So when I chose to major in Elementary Education, there was no question! While working at a residential school for children with Autism, I earned my Master’s degree in Severe Special Education. After completing my degree in 2012, I became a 6th-grade special education teacher and now work in a district close to my hometown. Watching my students grow and learn over the years is why I love my job! I like to be involved with my district and serve as a board member of the teacher’s union, a member of the Parent-Teacher Association, and a mentor to new special education teachers.

Besides teaching, one of the biggest parts of my life has been my volunteer work at Camp Sunshine, a camp specially designed for sponsored families affected by life-threatening illnesses. I began volunteering in 2004, and every year since, I have spent at least one week giving my time to the organization. The friendships I’ve made there for the past 16 years now extend past camp, and we continue to celebrate our milestones with each other. I had no idea that I would seek out their strength and support when going through my own medical illness years later but I will be forever grateful to this community.

After years of working with youth as a volunteer and educator, I am excited to become a mom to a little one and shower them with unconditional love and support.

About Steven

I was born in Rhode Island and grew up in a small Massachusetts town with my mother, step-father, grandmother, and cousin. Though my childhood was fun, much was expected of me. I was responsible for cooking family dinner before I was allowed to play video games. And my mother always made sure my homework was completed. She emphasized the importance of working hard and getting into college so that I could have more opportunities than she had.

When I wasn’t working on school work, I spent a lot of time swimming in my pool and playing with my dog. In high school, I became involved with my church as an altar server and a Eucharistic Minister. There, I met my mentor, Father Dennis. He was someone outside of my family who I could trust and talk to, and he became my role model throughout my teens and early adulthood.

As a kid, I always played with Legos, a childhood hobby that sparked my love for architecture. During college, I joined the SkillsUSA team, honed my craft, and competed nationally. After earning my master’s degree in Architecture, I began my career. Since 2013, I have been a project architect at a firm in Boston, where I have designed buildings for universities and companies big and small. I love seeing my visions come to life and watching the details come together. As a father, I hope to provide a little one with endless opportunities and encourage them to dream big. Whether they share my affinity for legos or not, I look forward to inspiring them to use their creativity and imagination!

Our Home

We bought our home in Central Massachusetts on New Year’s Eve of 2015. We instantly fell in love with the charm and location. The house was originally built in 1900 with an addition built onto it in the 1970s. Right before we bought the house, it underwent another renovation, but there are still a few projects left for Steve to work on, such as re-finishing the basement. We love that our house has plenty of space, especially now that Steve has more opportunities to work from home and Kim likes to take live fitness classes when she can’t be in the studio. There is currently an empty room right off the kitchen, which we think will make the perfect playroom for a little one.

We could not have picked a better location since we’re only minutes away from shops and restaurants and less than 30 minutes away from family and friends. There is a fishing pond with a playground just a walk away, and the local schools are within a few minute drive. Though our town is bigger than the small towns we grew up in, we get the best of both worlds with town traditions like tree lighting in the commons during Christmas, a diverse community, and a strong school system. Living next to a major city means we are lucky to have a short drive to children’s museums, hospitals, highways, and restaurants.

Family and Friends

Family is a main priority in our lives. Both of us grew up surrounded by family, and we look forward to traditional family gatherings. Each year, our families gather together for our Memorial Day BBQ, the Fourth of July party at Kim’s great aunt’s house, and many Christmas celebrations with the extended sides. Both sets of our parents are experienced grandparents and are excited to be able to share their love with a new grandchild. We love spending time with our niece and nephew and cannot wait to see their reaction to a new baby cousin.

We also consider our close friends our family and have always been known as “Auntie Kim” and “Uncle Steve” by their children. Many of our closest friends have been in our lives since our childhood, and we are lucky that they consider us to be family as well. Kim takes advantage of her teaching schedule and likes to fill her summers with time spent making memories at the beach and local parks and coloring on the back patio.

Josie and JT are probably the smallest members of our family but also very important. We adopted our cats in the spring of 2016, and they bring so much joy and love to our lives. Kim always had a cat growing up, and Steve quickly became a cat lover. We always plan to have a cat in our lives.

Hobbies and Interests

We like to spend our free time together with our friends and family. Whether we are eating out, kayaking, or going to a movie, concert, or play, we always have fun together. We even enjoy grocery shopping together!

Though we do not travel as much as we would like, visiting new places is one of our favorite things to do. We tend to take vacations to places that are rich in history and have plenty of things to see and do. We try to find a penny press machine to remember each of our travels and add to our collection. At least once a year, we make it a tradition to have an outing with Kim’s aunt and uncle, which usually involves some type of activity like hiking or kayaking.

Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions are some of our favorites – when we can spend time with our family and loved ones. We host Thanksgiving every year. Steve is always very proud of his turkey brine, and Kim looks forward to making her gingerbread cookies. Both sides of our family gather at our home and enjoy a large homecooked feast!

Many of the family traditions we look forward to are around Christmas time. Each year we cut down our own tree with the help of Kim’s father; it has been our tradition since 2012. Though Kim’s dad says he could sure use another helper to pick out the perfect tree! We also find a lot of joy in donating new toys to various organizations in our community and end the season by driving around trying to find the best Christmas lights. We look forward to helping a little one with writing letters and leaving cookies for Santa. We hope to teach a child about the magic of Christmas and the joy of giving.

Thank You

Your decision to consider adoption is courageous and loving, and we appreciate your consideration of us as adoptive parents. While we don’t know exactly what you may be going through, we know that whatever choice you make will be the right one for you and your child. If we are chosen as an adoptive family, we plan to be open from the beginning with a child about their adoption and birth story though we will respect the level of openness that you prefer. As parents, we hope to offer a child love, acceptance, comfort, a great education, a large extended family, and more.

We are excited for the day we become parents and can welcome a child into our lives. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope to get to meet you!


Steven and Kim

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