Dear Expectant Parent(s),

First, I want you to know how much I admire you for choosing the gift of life for your little one. That choice says so much about you, your character, and your strength.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We have a unique and amazing family. Our home is full of love and adventure. Adoption has long been part of my story, and as a family, we embrace the beauty in our differences. As you look through this page, you will see that adoption is not new for us, and we are looking forward to adding to our family.

I understand that what makes me excited is the very thing that is bringing you pain right now. That is not lost on me. Please know that we are praying for your peace and comfort. We pray you are surrounded by love and acceptance.

I’m a quiet, easy-going person. In a large gathering, you’ll find me enjoying the small groups. I love to laugh, and I have a fun sense of humor! I enjoy reading and will spend as much time as I can with a good book. I am also very handy around the house and enjoy doing small projects. This includes keeping the yard and gardens around the house beautiful. When I have time, I also enjoy doing crafts.

I am very hands-on with my children. We enjoy taking walks to the beach to make sand castles. We decorate them with shells and seaweed. It’s the best! In October we carve intricate pumpkins. It typically takes us a full day as some have very complicated faces. We also love to read, and we read together every night. You can often find us playing board games and cards and working on puzzles. Time together is our favorite.

My Favorites

  • Love to Read
  • Favorite Place – at the beach staring out over the limitless ocean
  • Favorite TV Show – NCIS, never miss it
  • Favorite Dessert – anything chocolate and homemade apple pie
  • I like to watch my children giggle; it makes me SO happy

Meet My Children

Five of my children still live at home with me.

Riley is very outgoing and friendly. She enjoys playing soccer on her school team. Riley also enjoys being part of the swim team and playing lacrosse.

Jack is a peaceful young man. Although he likes teasing his sister at times, he is very kind. Jack loves everything about football and plays on the peewee team this year. He also enjoys swimming and lacrosse.

Amara is a very academic child. She loves school and reading. Amara also enjoyed playing soccer for school this fall, and she is very artistic, too.

Tes is an amazing child. She loves to snuggle and is so compassionate. She loves animals and will help even the smallest bug if she is able. Tes loves to ride her bike and make mermaids’ castles at the beach where she thinks crabs and snails live when she is done.

Finn is a typical toddler. He loves to run and scream but also likes to kiss and snuggle. He adores trains and cars and will play for hours with his little cars and blocks -pretending he has a car wash and cleans all the vehicles.

I have six older children: Josh, Andi, Liz, Christian, Caroline, and Taylor. They all live independently now, however we often get together for holidays. They all are close with their younger siblings.

Our Home

Our home is a large, colonial style on five acres of land, and we have lots of space to play both inside and out. We have seven bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a finished basement that is a huge playroom. I love our home because I built it 20 years ago with our family in mind, so there is room for everyone. However, the best part of all is that we have a lovely yard that is very secluded, yet it is only a short walk to the beach. We have the sand and ocean as our playground, too.

We live in a small, seaside community with some diversity and an excellent school system. We are a family community, and we often help each other out. Our church community is also excellent at serving the needs of the people. This year we cleaned up the yards of three of our older church members, and they reciprocated by making us all dinner. It was a lovely evening and great to see everyone pouring into others.

Family is Everything

I have five siblings who live in town, so we are fortunate to be close. One of my sisters lives on a farm. She has horses, miniature donkeys, and an assortment of small animals; we visit often! My other sister has a swimming pool which we enjoy almost daily in the summer. This is awesome for us as the children can swim every day while I don’t have to worry about having a pool. We are all close and get together year-round, whether it be for a fire pit to make s’mores or a simple potluck dinner on cold winter nights.

We love to get together for Thanksgiving and tell why we are each thankful for each other. At Christmas, we love to go out with hot chocolate, cut down our Christmas tree, and then decorate it that evening while we eat grilled cheese sandwiches and enjoy hot cider. It’s a fun tradition, and the children love it!

We also take a trip or two each year. We especially enjoy making trips to warmer climates in the winter. By February we REALLY need to warm up! We have been to Disney World a couple times and to the Caribbean a few times. We just love spending time doing things together. Last year, we tried zip lining above the rainforest, and the children loved it.

Why am I Adopting?

I LOVE being a mother! I love doing things with my children and watching each of them grow into the people God created them to be. I look forward to adopting again and sharing my love and family with another child. We are a family that loves doing things together, whether it is swimming, hiking, camping, or traveling to new, exciting places.

I have previously adopted, and it has been a wonderful experience. I am still in contact with a couple of my children’s first Moms, and we all have a beautiful relationship. They have my cell phone number and call if they feel the need, and we exchange gifts on holidays too.

Planning for the Future

Education is very important to me. At this time my children are in public school, and we have one of the best public school systems in our state. As they approach high school, I will think about sending them to a private high school if I see the need. I will encourage all my children to attend college. Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you, and it often opens doors for more career options. I hope they will all attend!

We are also active in our Christian faith. We attend church and Christian education every week, and I have had a few children go on missionary trips both here and abroad in recent years. I was a Christian education teacher for years but have taken this year off.

A Last Note Before You Go

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know our family. I want you to know, indeed, we all want you to know that we will love this child unconditionally and without reservation. Our family is full of love, and we cherish the opportunity to share it with another child. In our home, adoption and first Mommies are spoken of often with the honor so deserving of them both. May God bless you through this time and in the future.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Get to Know Us!


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