Introduction & Our Story

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We are Jenn and Adam.

We met online in late 2014 and, despite both having low expectations going into our first date, we quickly fell in love. When we first met, we bonded over our mutual love of nature documentaries, animals, science fiction, and exploring the outdoors. We took trips throughout New England, exploring the mountains, beaches, and small coastal towns together. Almost exactly a year after we had started dating, Adam surprised Jenn with a birthday trip to Woodstock, Vermont. There, he proposed under a covered bridge and we were married the following summer.

In 2016 we moved into a beautiful neighborhood, and in August 2018 we welcomed our son Calvin into our family. Jenn had a challenging pregnancy and experienced a number of complications, and as a result, we were advised that it would not be safe for Jenn to become pregnant again. We still have the desire to grow our family and have wonderful adopted cousins, and so decided to pursue adoption ourselves.  We are so excited to welcome another child into our home and for Calvin to have a sibling to grow up with.

About Jenn

My family and I lived in many different places when I was a child because my father was in the army. We ended up settling in western Massachusetts, and after I had spent a little time away after college, I couldn’t help but come back here. I’ve worked in the nonprofit world since graduating from college as well as in elementary education.  I love knowing that my work helps people and communities.

All throughout my life I have loved creating artwork and making things by hand. As a mom, I now get to enjoy doing these activities with our son, Calvin. I also love the outdoors, gardening, and taking photos of the plants and animals Calvin and I see in nature.

I feel so lucky to have met Adam and to have had a child with him. He’s an incredibly involved dad, all while working hard at his job. I enjoy being a mom, and experiencing all the new little things Calvin has been able to do, from the way he used to do a “big stretch” after a nap as a newborn, to the way he pores through books about dinosaurs and knows all their names now. I’m so excited to experience these moments with another little one.

About Adam

I grew up in Massachusetts with my parents and older brother before going to college in Vermont. While there I discovered a love of math and followed this passion to graduate school in Colorado. I spent a year doing research in Georgia before returning home to Massachusetts to be closer to family and later start my life with Jennifer.

I’ve always loved the outdoors – hiking, skiing, and camping. It’s not a coincidence that I chose to go to school in Vermont and Colorado! I’m an avid traveler and have had the opportunity to explore many parts of the world, some on my own, others with my brother and Jenn. We very much look forward to bringing our children with us on future adventures.

Fatherhood has been an amazing experience. My favorite memories are from when Calvin was young, and I would get up with him in the morning. He would sleep on me while I drank coffee and rocked in an old chair. Now I love taking him to playgrounds, reading his favorite books, and chasing each other around the house. As he gets older, I look forward to taking him and future children to museums and zoos, Patriot and Red Sox games, and coaching their sports teams like my father did for me.

About Calvin

Calvin is our three-year-old biological son. He loves reading, puzzles, and animals. He has a wonderful sense of humor and an infectious laugh. Calvin is quickly becoming an amateur musician, frequently strumming on our guitar, beating on a drum, and playing the piano. His favorite food is almost any kind of fruit, and his favorite song is “Baby Beluga.”

Calvin shares our love for the outdoors, and together we take long walks around our neighborhood and the surrounding woods. We regularly visit several playgrounds in our town and Calvin eagerly heads toward the biggest slides and climbing structures. In the summers we frequent a nearby park with a splash pad and he spends most evenings playing in a small pool in our yard.

We are so excited for Calvin to be a big brother and share his love, humor, and passions with a little sibling.

Calvin has attended a Montessori school since he turned one, except during the pandemic when we kept him home. The school is a wonderful environment filled with loving caretakers and young friends.

Our Home

When we first drove up to look at our home, we pulled up to the end of a cul-de-sac and saw our neighbors outside playing with their twin three-year-old daughters. Another neighbor drove by, rolled down her window, and said to us, “This is a wonderful neighborhood.” In the five years we’ve lived here that has been proven true over and over again. It’s a close community that hosts summer barbeques, holiday parties, and Halloween parades.

We fell in love with our home as soon as we saw it. A contractor built it for himself, and the extra care he took is evident throughout. The large main room is perfect for us and serves as our family and dining room. It has a beautiful fireplace and there is a large deck just outside the door. Our home is surrounded by woods and nature trails. The elementary school is also right next door and we visit the playgrounds there with Calvin regularly.

A thriving downtown area is a short drive away, with a fantastic library, a children’s art museum, and an abundance of parks. Although we live in a small town there are several colleges and universities close by, so we have access to a wealth of museums, restaurants, concerts, and college athletic events. We love our home and our community and think it is the perfect place for our family. We can’t wait to share it with another child.

Our Family

We are lucky to be surrounded by family. Jenn’s parents live a few miles away and we see them several times a week. They babysit for us regularly and always indulge Calvin’s requests for his favorite songs, books, and games. Adam’s parents are an hour drive away and visit several times a month. They like to call over Zoom to read books to Calvin as well. We both have older brothers that live nearby and visit often with them and their significant others.

Jenn’s mother is one of seven siblings, so we have seemingly endless aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom remain nearby in Western MA. Adam’s extended family is smaller but all live within a short drive. Our families have merged over the years into an amazing and loving community.

Holidays and birthdays are filled with family and traditions from both sides.  We celebrate Christmas Eve with Chinese food, Adam’s mom bakes her chocolate cake with orange frosting for birthdays, and Jenn’s parents cook family recipes of shortbread and fudge for the holidays.

Our family plays an important part in our life and are as excited as we are to welcome a new addition.

Our Traditions

As a family we’ve developed a wealth of traditions big and small. Some were handed down from our families, others are all our own.

Each year in spring Jenn’s mother hosts a large Easter party, and family travels from all over to join. We share a meal with a few family specialties, including lazy pierogi, spiral ham, and a buffet of bird’s nest cupcakes.  Afterwards, the kids all rush to the yard to hunt for eggs.

In the summer, Jenn turns our yard into a small farm, complete with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This year we had to work hard to get Calvin to only pick the red tomatoes! Every Saturday morning we go to the farmers market in town to pick up some fresh produce and pastries and explore the other stalls. Calvin gets excited for this outing each week.

Fall is our absolute favorite season! We go apple and pumpkin picking each year, usually with fresh cider and doughnuts. We also love going for long drives and hikes to enjoy the amazing New England foliage. Halloween is a neighborhood favorite with fantastic decorations and costume parades.

Winter is truly the holiday season for us. In two short months we celebrate Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, both Adam’s and Jenn’s birthdays, both of our siblings’ birthdays, and New Year’s. As the days get shorter and colder, we find warmth in our families.

In Conclusion…

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and for considering us to parent the baby you are bringing into this world. We are so excited to welcome another child into our family, to parent and nurture, and for Calvin to be a big brother.

If we are chosen as adoptive parents, we will do everything in our power to provide your baby with the best possible life. They will have all the love, care, and affection we and the rest of our family and friends can offer. We will support their education and passions, enabling them to grow and find fulfillment in whatever way is most meaningful for them. We hope for them to have a lasting relationship with you and your family as well. Regardless of the level of openness you prefer, we will ensure our adoption child understands their roots and the loving woman they came from.

We wish you all the best as you consider your options and would be honored to welcome your baby into our family.


Jenn & Adam

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