Dear Expectant Parent(s),

Hello! We are Jess and Jake! Thank you for taking the time to view our profile and get to know us.

Our Story

We met and became friends during our high school years. After graduation, we kept in touch long distance, while both feeling a connection deeper than friendship. We began dating in 2014, six years after high school. Jake proposed in 2018 and Jess was overjoyed with excitement, beginning to plan the wedding right away. We were scheduled for a large wedding and then COVID changed our plans. We kept our scheduled date and were married in 2020 with just nineteen of our closest friends and family members. Although it was a big adjustment, it was the perfect day and we learned what is truly important in both marriage and life. It wasn’t about a large, extensive party, but simply a day for us to celebrate love and our dedication to each other.

At age 16, Jess learned she would be unable to have children biologically. Given the timeframe of the diagnosis, we have always known that our path to parenthood would look a bit different. This allowed us time to process and explore options. We were quickly drawn to adoption and felt it was the best fit for us as a couple. We are ready to grow our family and dedicate ourselves to this future child. We acknowledge the strength and love required for a birth parent to choose adoption and the magnitude of that choice is not lost on us.

About Jake, by Jess

Jake is my other half. He balances me in the most important ways, while also challenging me to be the best version of myself. Through difficult times, we are able to take the time to talk and process, often both compromising for the best outcome. Jake is strong, both physically and mentally. He is incredibly hard-working and driven to build a secure future for our family. Jake works as an accountant for a local company, where he has been for five years. I feel safe with Jake as my partner in life.

One of my favorite things about Jake, is his loyalty. He has maintained friendships from his early childhood and is a reliable friend, always there when someone calls. Whether someone needs advice, help moving or wants to play a round of golf, he is there for them. Jake is family-oriented, just as I am, which was a connecting interest of ours. He is close with his parents and brothers, and they quickly accepted me as part of their family. Jake has also blended into my family seamlessly. His bond to my nieces and nephew has made me love him even more.

Jake is an inquisitive person, always seeking to learn more about a given topic. This has translated to our adoption and parenting journey, as Jake will research anything from new baby items to local pediatricians. He prefers to make decisions with all the possible information available, which can balance my impulses at times.

About Jess, by Jake

If we are measuring Jessica as a person, she is a gold medal Olympian. Jess exhibits every quality you look for in a significant other. She is loving, caring, funny, independent, and strong. Jess is dedicated to her career as a Social Worker, serving children and families in our community. While focused on her work, she has ensured she will have the time to be home as we grow our family.

Even before we began dating, I often told my mother that Jess was the woman I would marry. For my mother, it was easy to see why. Jess has seamlessly blended into our family, often becoming the first phone call to help organize family events such as backyard barbecues, gender reveals, or birthday parties.

In addition to my family, Jess is extremely involved with her family. To me, she has single-handedly redefined the role an aunt plays. Since the day they were born, Jess has made her nieces and nephew a priority in her life. Despite all of this, she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work. While remodeling our home, she is hands-on. From demo to painting, Jess has never shied away from what it takes to make the vision come true.

Jess is in every definition my best friend. Her strengths complement my weaknesses and there is no one else I would rather have by my side to take on life’s challenges. I am confident no matter what obstacles we face, we can overcome them together. I consider myself lucky to not only have met Jess, but that I get to spend every day of the rest of our lives together.

Our Home

We purchased our home in 2017. Over the years, we have remodeled nearly every room to make it best fit our needs. We were able to learn and complete much of the work ourselves, with the help of family and friends and a few hired contractors. The home was originally built in 1910, so we were able to make it safe and updated, while also keeping the original charm. Our home is two floors with three bedrooms, plenty of space for our family to grow. We have a large back yard that our two dogs, Max and Trot, enjoy. Jess’ favorite part is our new tree swing, while Jake is often practicing his golf swing in the yard.

Our neighborhood is a suburban area with many neighbors. We often see families playing outside or going for walks. Our dogs love to adventure around the neighborhood. Our next-door neighbors are a retired couple that frequently ask when we will be growing our family. They love our dogs and Trot can often be found sitting on their back porch waiting to be pet!

We love living in Western Massachusetts, as we are in a smaller town but only just a quick drive away from several larger cities. We live within minutes of both our families, which is important to us as we see them frequently. We are walking distance to the local elementary school and there are nearby family-friendly parks. Our town has great access to nature with hiking trails and lakes, while also providing great children’s programming through the local library and museum. We are so excited to raise a family here.

Our Family

Both our families are important pillars in our life. We were both raised in close-knit families, spending time with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Not just for holidays and special occasions, but routine visits and dinners. As our immediate families have grown, we have continued that tradition of closeness. In addition to getting together at least weekly, we are in regular contact through text and Facetimes, even though they live right down the road.

Jake’s parents have been married 32 years and Jess’ parents have been married 36 years. Jess has an older sister and Jake has an older and younger brother. We have several nieces and nephews, from 2 months to 7 years old. We love being Auntie Jess and Uncle Jake! We are very invested in their lives, attending their ballet recitals, horse shows and science fairs. They each have their own unique personalities and quirks, and we are excited to watch them grow into their own. Watching our siblings become parents, has given us an accurate understanding of parenthood, and has confirmed our desire to be parents ourselves.

Our families have been so welcoming and open to our adoption journey. Our decision was accepted fully and immediately, and we feel so blessed. We are fortunate to have incredibly supportive and responsive families. We know raising a child takes a village, and our village is just as ready as we are!

Hobbies & Traditions

As a couple, we enjoy staying busy and share many interests. We often attend sporting events, like a baseball or college football game. We enjoy traveling, near and far;  from a simple day trip to, most recently, we traveled to South Africa. That said, we can have just as much fun staying home watching Netflix, playing Yahtzee or lounging on the couch with our dogs.

Our family has established traditions, some that have been around our lifetime, others that are new. We enjoy the holidays and spending time together. Each holiday, Jake’s family gathers the evening before for a festive game night. Every Christmas, Jess gets together with her sister, mother, and nieces to make Christmas cookies, which she has done since she was a little girl. Every summer, we take a beach trip as a family, creating new memories while all staying under one roof. Jake’s family holds a wiffleball tournament every July, a tradition lasting over fifteen years. He is proud to hold the championship on two occasions. More recently, during the pandemic, our family started having Taco Tuesday, as a way to schedule a get together each week.

Outside of our shared interest, Jess enjoys reading. This is a renewed interest after she was given a Kindle as a gift. She loves to be at home, organizing or re-doing a living space. Jess often finds older furniture items at local thrift stores and restores them to unique pieces for their home. Jake enjoys golfing and is a member at our local course. Through the necessity of buying a home, Jake has found a passion in renovating our home and learning new skills.


Again, we thank you for taking the time to read our profile and get to know us better. We hope we were able to capture the joy and excitement about this next phase of our lives, in starting to build our family.  We cannot put ourselves in your shoes, or truly understand the depths of the decisions you are making. That said, we want you to feel comfortable, strong, and supported through this process.

We promise, if chosen as adoptive parents for your baby, to love them with all our hearts and surround them with acceptance and support to be their best self. We are comfortable with an open relationship with you, if that is what you would like. We will always speak of you with respect and of the unbelievable sacrifice made by you in making an adoption plan. Our adoptive child will always know their story. We are so eager to becaome parents.


Jake & Jess

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