Dear Expectant Parent(s),

I’m Cheryl and I would like to tell you about myself.  As I was growing up I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, whether I had a partner or not.  I am now ready to make that dream a reality.   

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I could never fully understand all of the feelings and thoughts you have put into making what must be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. I admire your willingness to put your child’s wellbeing above everything else. If you decide to choose me as the adoptive parent for your child, I will love your child and help them to have a happy and fun-filled life.    

My Story

It’s always tough to answer the question of where I grew up. I was born in Massachusetts, but moved to Maine when I was 8 years old and then back to Massachusetts after I graduated high school. After finishing college and graduate school, I was married in my early 30s, but unfortunately the marriage did not last. I don’t look at it as a failure, though. Rather I see it as a learning experience about never accepting anything less than being happy.  After my divorce I spent a few years hoping to find someone to build a life and home with. But after realizing I shouldn’t settle to have a child, I made the decision to do it on my own. Unfortunately, my body was not on the same page. After multiple attempts at fertility treatments to become pregnant, I was told that I had less than a .01% chance of conceiving a child. I was devastated. After a lot of thought, I understood the end goal was the same whether I carried a child myself or not – to be a mother.  

My Career

While pursuing my undergraduate degree I developed a love of criminal justice and knew I wanted to seek a career in that field.  In 2006, I applied to several courthouses in the area and got a job with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in Probation as a clerical worker. During that time I balanced a job with the Commonwealth, a managerial position at a local movie theatre, and attending school for my Masters. In 2011 I received a Masters of Education with a focus in Psychological Studies. In 2013 I applied and was hired as a Probation Officer and I have been in that role ever since. I love my job and am very lucky to work for the Commonwealth which will provide great benefits for my child.  

My Family & Friends

I currently live in a single family home in western Massachusetts with my 13 year old cat, Duma. My parents live 20 minutes away and I have one brother that lives in Maryland with his wife and 2 children.  

My family & friends are very important to me. My brother and I grew up with two amazing parents who always taught us the importance of education and doing the right thing. My mother is my best friend. We talk several times a day and have breakfast every Saturday morning at a local diner. We have a family group chat that we message in often, sharing our favorite television shows, a photo or something funny that happened to one of us. Movies have always played an important role in my life and they still do. My first job was at a movie theater at the age of 16, and now as a family we love going to the movies on a rainy Sunday or on a holiday when we’re all together.  My father is my rock; he’s the first one to bring me back down to earth when I get too excited about something. He’s all about thinking with your head and not always your heart. My family in Maryland is incredibly important to me. We all see one another 4-5 times a year. My mother and I put packages together for my nephews for EVERY holiday and constantly spoil them throughout the year. It’s a tradition that every Sunday night we Skype as a family, checking in for the week and catching up on weekend activities.  

I would be lost without my friends; they’re there for me before I even know I need them. I have known my best friend since starting in probation all those years ago. I am like an aunt to her children. I’m there for sports games, recitals, and holidays. Her family is my second family. I love spending time with my friends, whether it’s going to a concert we all enjoy or doing crafts as a group.  

My child will grow up surrounded by a loving and supportive family and have many other children to play with and learn from.  

My Home

For the past 9 years, I’ve lived in a single family home on a quiet street. The local area is filled with a variety of cultural experiences like museums, parks and theatres, which will provide endless opportunities for activities during the week and on weekends. I love to bake, and I envision my child and I baking cookies at Christmas and bringing brownies we made together to loved ones just because. want my child to share my love of movies and can’t wait to start taking my child to the newest films as they are released.  

In addition, my family owns a house on a lake in Vermont, which is like a second home from May through October. We’ve owned it for the past 11yrs and my parents have made it a home.  You can find family, immediate and extended, playing outside, kayaking on the lake, or sitting around the campfire. Vermont has played a role all throughout my life. My father was born in Vermont and as kids we would often spend weeks visiting family there during the summer.  I can’t wait to bring my child there so he/she can run around with their cousins and enjoy the beautiful Vermont air.  

From My Friends & Family

I asked friends and family to state in one sentence why I would make a good motherand of course I had to include the ones whose opinion matters most – my niece & nephews. 

Cheryl has a huge heart, intelligence, and the biggest reason is that she is extremely calm and patient  my aunt 

Because she’s already had experience with my brother and me – my best friend’s daughter, age 8 

I want to shout from the rooftop that Cheryl will be a remarkable mom. She is full of love.  my mother 

Cheryl gives 100% to anything she loves – my friend and co-worker for over 10 years 

She talks nice – my best friend’s son, age 6 

Cheryl is an amazing and loving individual, a role model in so mays with the desire and ability to be a good mom – my best friend and co-worker for 14 years 

Cheryl would be a good mom because she is extremely organized, very highly motivated and extremely dedicated to her job, family, friends, pets and loves all children especially her nephews and bestie’s kids.  – my friend and Office Manager for 14 years 

Auntie Cheryl will make a good mom because she would give her kids vegetables – my nephew, age 6 

Cheryl has waited her whole life to love a child. She was raised by two loving parents and everything else in her life is fulfilling. This is the only piece missing. She is a nurturer by nature. She has the patience of a God. The thought of watching a child learn and grow puts a smile on her face. She wants to contribute all those qualities to enrich a child’s life. To be loved unconditionally and to love unconditionally is the greatest gift. Sorry, Cheryl is just too wonderful to narrow it to one sentence. – my friend and co-worker for 4 years 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey. Considering making an adoption plan is an act of courage and love. Please know your child will understand their adoption story from an early age and will be encouraged to communicate with you at whatever level you’re comfortable with. If you choose me to be the parent of your child, not only would you be choosing to give your child a safe and happy life, you would be making my dream of being a mother come true. If you would like to learn more about me or speak to me, please call Full Circle Adoptions at 1-800-452-3678. 

Warm Regards,


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