Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Paul and Aubrey, and we are humbled to write this letter. We first wanted to express how much respect we have for your decision to choose life for your baby. Undoubtedly the decision to make an adoption plan is one that demonstrates love, bravery, and commitment. As prospective adoptive Christian parents, we promise to raise your child as our own with that same love and commitment.

We have known each other since we were teenagers. Aubrey had a crush on Paul way back in junior high and even dreamed that she would marry him one day. Years later, while home on summer break we had our first date, and got married in 2012.

When we began making plans to have children, we left New York City to be closer to our families. Our daughter, Sydney, was born in 2015 just one week before we moved into our new home in Massachusetts. Three years later, after a miscarriage and a very difficult pregnancy, our son, Vincent, was born. Our children are the focal points of our lives and our world’s perspective is centered around them. After much prayer we realized God has given us the love and desire to welcome a third child through adoption.

Five things I love about Aubrey, by Paul

1. Supportive, loving, and loyal. When my dad unexpectedly passed away early in my relationship with Aubrey, she lovingly stood by my side and patiently helped my family with our grieving process. My dad’s death was the hardest thing I’ve had to endure and I will never forget Aubrey’s love and commitment.

2. Work ethic. Aubrey has an accounting degree, law degree, CPA, and is on her way to being promoted to the highest level by her employer. She is one of the most successful people I know.

 3. A detail-oriented problem-solver. When we have a big decision to make, like buying a house or car, Aubrey researches, creates spreadsheets, and organizes all of the information. She makes complex issues easy to understand.

4.  Leadership. Aubrey has risen up the ranks at her job with unusual quickness. She has also helped steer our town into financial stability and has become a trusted and respected leader within our school community.

5. A beautiful and loving mother. Our children adore Aubrey. She makes sure that we eat dinner together, read bedtime stories, have movie nights, and enjoy at-home adventures (like turning our kitchen into a Mission Impossible-themed laser maze). And, she still finds time for date nights!

Five things I love about Paul, by Aubrey

1. An incredible pianist. Paul has performed internationally with huge bands like Maroon 5, but at home he fills our house with jazz and classical music. We get many opportunities to attend recitals, concerts, and musical theater events because of Paul.

 2. Immensely creative. Paul creates hilarious “Elf on the Shelf” ideas, landscaping plans, designs for the kids’ rooms, and beautiful decorations for the holidays.

3. Cool under pressure. When we have real emergencies, Paul is the field general. The kids and I had a car accident not long ago that was traumatic. Paul took charge that day and made us all feel protected and safe.

4. The outdoors. Whether it’s camping, hiking, boating, or just “roughing it,” Paul loves the outdoors. Through him, I discovered my own love for the outdoors. On our honeymoon, we hiked the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii, a 22-mile intense and thrilling trek, and it remains one of our greatest adventures together.

5. A passionate teacher and bluntly honest. Paul has a direct, forthright approach to education that earns him excellent evaluations. When I need honest feedback, I always ask Paul because I know he will give me his unbiased opinion.

Five things we love about Sydney & Vincent

1. Sydney is a dynamo. She has an outgoing and infectious personality. She is a social butterfly, whose smile can light up a room. She’s the kind of kid who plays well and makes friends in any large gathering of children. She loves animals, especially our toy poodle, Lucy. Sydney is inherently maternal and excited for a new baby.

2. Vincent is a cuddly sweetheart. He is quick to compliment and has a calm demeanor. He loves superheroes and can regularly be found in costume showing off his best ninja moves. He is ready to be promoted to big brother.

 3. Sydney is smart, creative, and kind. She has a thirst for knowledge. She loves to memorize facts, has a high capacity for math and is learning to read. Sydney’s favorite hobby is crafting (and she’s also becoming an excellent gymnast).

4. Vincent loves doing “jobs.” Any time we have a chore or an errand that he can help us with, he very quickly volunteers and enthusiastically works with us until the job is done.

5. Our children have a strong Christian foundation. They regularly talk about God in everyday conversation, they pray without being prompted, and they have a respect for life and nature that is grounded in appreciating God’s goodness and grace.

Our Home

We chose a small town in central Massachusetts to build our home. We loved the suburban feel set in the beautiful rural backdrop of the Blackstone River Valley and we were able to afford a home in this community that exceeded our expectations. Our house was built in 2015 at the end of a cul de sac (so our kids can safely ride bikes and power wheels), with a large one-acre yard. One of the selling points of the house was the large family room. It’s perfect for hosting our extended families each Christmas, complete with an over-the-top amount of decorations, visits from Santa, and an ever-expanding sized Christmas tree.

Our community – Central Massachusetts – contains a major New England city with many small suburbs that have that old-school New England vibe. Trick-or-treating in New England is exactly what it looks like in the movies: fall foliage, corn husks, and pumpkins on each doorstep. Summers are the best as Paul’s mother lives close by in a beautiful house on a private lake and 75 acres of forest, and a deck large enough to hold 50+ people for regular summer parties. The house serves as a meeting point for all of us throughout the year.

Our Family

We are fortunate to have large families who live nearby. Paul has two sisters who are both married with children (one sister has four children; the other is pregnant with her second). Aubrey has a brother and a sister, both married, with two children each. Paul also has an unusually large number of cousins that grew up with him, all of whom are married and have children. This mixture of aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins represents our family.

Vacations each year include trips with our extended family to Maine, Florida, and Western Massachusetts, with weekend and summer escapes to Rhode Island and Cape Cod beaches. In the fall, we enjoy excursions to corn mazes and farmers markets, and winter snowmobile trips to New Hampshire. Birthday parties and 4th of July and just about every hot summer afternoon find us swimming, fishing, kayaking, barbecuing, and “campfire-ing” at the lake house, which has become an incredibly valuable retreat for the entire family.

Our parents are irreplaceable. Aubrey’s mother Linda, (a former daycare and preschool teacher) was our children’s first teacher. Bryan (Aubrey’s dad) is the quintessential grandfather. Donna (Paul’s mother), is always helping with last-minute babysitting, picking up or dropping off kids, and as a teacher during Covid, helping to homeschool her grandchildren.

Our Interests & Traditions

Music – Paul really loves music. He is a concert pianist who teaches at multiple universities and plays throughout New England. It’s normal for us to have professional musicians rehearsing in our house. Sydney recently performed on her first concert with one of Paul’s college bands. We have a family tradition of sending “Happy Birthday” videos to loved ones with all of us huddled around the piano.

The Outdoors – Our family always opts for great outdoor vacations over theme parks and resorts. We prefer exploring beaches in Maine and Florida and hiking and rafting trips to the Deerfield River. We recently took a family road trip, stopping in Savannah, Georgia, then spending a month in different parts of Florida. In the winter, we head north to the White Mountains for an annual snowmobile trip.

Christmas – We spend weeks decorating, including two Christmas trees, garland, thousands of lights, a Christmas village from Paul’s father, and a Nativity set. We start playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving, attend and host parties, wear matching pajamas, and watch Christmas movies (like Elf!). On Christmas Eve, we go to Paul’s mother’s house for a huge family party – about 50 of us! Christmas day is spent at our house with gifts from Santa and then a large family dinner.

Thank you

Thank you for considering us for such an important commitment. We promise that, if selected, we will love your child unconditionally, educate him/her to the best of our abilities, and introduce him/her to the arts, the outdoors, and a Christian worldview. Your child will be surrounded by a large, loving, and supportive family and will always know how much we, and you, love them. Their story will remain a part of them as they grow into a remarkable young man or woman and write their own story in the world.

Please know that we are thinking of you. We are praying for you daily and hope that you have all the support you need at this time. If you have any questions or simply would like to get to know us a little better, don’t hesitate to make contact. We would love the chance to meet you.


Aubrey & Paul

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