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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Susan and Allan

Dear Birthmother,

First, we wish to acknowledge your courage as you consider placing your expected baby for adoption. We can only begin to imagine how difficult this decision must be. Whether or not you have the support of friends and family, we hope that our getting to know each other in the course of an adoption may be part of making a difficult time in your life, easier to bear. By sharing, with you, some of who we are, and what we hope to offer to your child, we hope to bring some comfort to you. We would be honored to be chosen as the parents for your child. Thank you for considering us.

Our names are Allan and Susan. We look forward to sharing our lives with a child and have much love in our hearts to offer. We've had several years of unsuccessful infertility treatments and have made our peace with the fact that we will not be able to bear a child. We are filled with hope and excitement that the child we have longed for may soon be in our arms.

Susan, who currently works part-time as a nurse, will be home, full-time, with the child we are blessed to parent. We are grateful for adoption as a way to build our family and we, along with the rest of our family, eagerly await the child whom we will love with all our heart.

We met through our families and knew, from the earliest point in our relationship, that building a strong family life is the most important thing to both of us. Susan's brother Jeff has been a close friend with Allan since college. Allan and I'd actually attended many mutual family functions at the same time, for years but had never personally met. But then Jeff thought to fix us up on a blind date. When we did meet, it felt right from the moment we saw each other. It was new and exciting, but at the same time seemed familiar and comfortable because Allan knew my brother and my parents. Almost instantly we fell into a deep conversation, and spent hours talking about those things that are important in our lives.

In building our life together, we have had our family's experiences from which to draw upon. Allan's and my parents have had long and happy marriages. They provided for us a model on which to base our marriage—one based on love, commitment, communication and strong family values. We take our marriage vows very seriously, as a covenant with God as well as each other. We dream of giving love and affection to our child and providing him or her with what we had so much of when we were growing up. We feel that it is important to raise our child in a deep and trusting environment. Your child would be accepted for who he or she is, as a unique individual, and loved unconditionally. 

We are blessed with two daughters by Allan's first marriage, Arielle (age 9) and Julianne (age 6). They live with us and also spend time each day with their mother, Dawn-Marie, who lives nearby in the same town. We enjoy helping them with their schoolwork and playing basketball at the YMCA. They are very happy girls and are very excited about the possibility of a younger brother or sister joining our family. We and the girls have a lot of love to give to a new child who will hopefully join our family.

Our experience, keeping our family together, even through a divorce and remarriage, has taught us how important it is to honor the fact that a child can be loved and nurtured by more than one parent. This carries over to adoption in that your child would always be raised to know that your decision was made with love and that you continue to love and care for him or her.

We are a family who will be very comfortable providing photo and letter updates over the years and communicating with you in other ways, as well, so that you and your child will always know the full breadth of all who care.

Allan: I already know that Susan will be a great mom because I have already seen how loving Susan is with Arielle and Julianne. They have formed a special bond and it shows when Arielle's and Julianne's faces light up when they see Susan. One summer, when one of the girls needed to do some schoolwork, Susan created a fun "summer school" program at home. Susan spent the morning with the kids on reading, math, and drawing skills and, then, in the afternoon took them swimming at our nearby lakeside camp with our dog Emmi. She is always able to find ways to meet the children's needs and make it fun as well. She can't wait to spend special time devoted to the care of a baby. The girls and we have talked a lot about all the fun we look forward to when a baby brother or sister joins our family. Susan has an endless supply of love and affection for all of us.

I (Allan) have an undergraduate and masters degree in business and currently work for a manufacturing company that is based in New England. My job permits a great deal of flexibility in my schedule, so I am fortunate to be able to actively participate in the raising of our children. I have four sisters, two nephews and a niece all of whom have families themselves. They live in New York State and we get together about six times a year. When we spend time together as a family, we enjoy each other's company in many ways. Our girls love to play with their cousins. Their aunts dote on them and take them on outings, such as visiting the ice cream shop and shopping at what the girls call, the "Barbie Store". We all seem to end up playing one game or another—this always fosters a strong bond in our family. The highlight of these get-togethers is my mother's homemade chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves these cookies and can't seem to get enough of them. As a family, we take delight in our children and are very comfortable with building our families through adoption. Our family eagerly awaits the arrival of our child.

Susan: I lived a blessed childhood with two loving parents whose love, commitment and guidance have made me the person I am today. I will always honor them for that. Our house was always filled with so many wonderful people and times, but what stands out the most in my memories is laughter. My mother was gifted with a delightful sense of wit and humor that was passed on to my brother, Jeffrey. I have always enjoyed humor in my family.

My beloved mother passed away a year ago. I nursed her at her home (5 min. away) with the immense support of family and friends. We are a family who cares for each other at all times. My dad (grampy) is very much a part of our lives and is also looking forward to a new grandchild to bounce on his knee, pull in the wagon, and spoil as only a grandfather can. My brother also lives nearby in New England and we visit with him and his family often. We truly have been blessed with the many wonderful times that we have shared as a family. We look forward to bringing our child into this loving environment.

I (Susan) earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and have been working since college caring for those in need, mostly working at a home care agency as a Visiting Nurse/Case Manager. I currently work part time and once the baby arrives, I plan on working only every other weekend until he or she begins school. On those weekends that I work, Allan will take care of our children.

Allan is a great daddy. He is an active parent who is always attentive to the girls' needs. He loves to read to them; they are currently reading the first Harry Potter book. He helps the girls with homework whenever it's needed. At night, he tucks them in at bedtime after prayers and our "gratitude" moment. The girls hug him tightly and tell him that they love him. He eagerly attends school events and recitals and always provides positive energy and experiences for the children. I look forward to watching him as a dad with the child who we will have the joy of raising from infancy, together.

We hope to share with the child who joins our family the love of warm family times, the joys of summer and the full awareness that he or she is loved by many. We have already started a college fund for all three children and look forward to the day when they will take on the challenges and joys of college life.

Our neighborhood reminds us of the places where we both grew up. It is a neighborhood filled with kids of all ages. We have a beautiful yard where the neighborhood kids often come to play. Our four-bedroom house has a wonderful family room that is full of sunlight and a playroom ready for our new child. We have a newly built home and we enjoy spending time putting "the finishing touches" on the house. We love to travel and have been fortunate during the past year to take trips to San Francisco, Florida, London and Ireland. During the spring and summer months we enjoy tending to our flower and vegetable gardens that surround our back porch. Our other interests include reading, cooking, talking politics and working out at the gym. Our most favorite activity is relaxing on the porch and chatting about everything under the sun.

We have a committed, loving relationship and will be delighted to have another child to share and enrich our already blessed lives. We are very grateful to our parents for helping us become the people we are today and we hope one day our children will be able to say the same things about us. We cherish our brothers and sisters and feel strongly about the importance of siblings and the role they have played in our lives. Our girls eagerly await the arrival of a new baby brother or sister with whom to share that same bond for the rest of their lives.

We hope that these words have begun to paint a picture of who we are as individuals, as a couple, and as parents. If you choose us to be the parents of your child, we promise to provide the loving and nurturing home that you have envisioned. We cannot even begin to imagine the tremendous amount of love and reflection it has taken you to consider what will be best for you and your baby. We would welcome a chance to meet you or talk with you. We would like to know more about what your hopes are for your child.  Please know that, if you choose us, we will do everything we can to fulfill your dreams for your child. Please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT if you would like to learn more about us or to speak with us.  We hope to hear from you. 

Our thoughts are with you,

Susan and Allan

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