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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Scott and Sheila

Scott and Sheila Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for considering adoption. We are Scott and Sheila and have longed for a child for over six years. We are so grateful that you might consider us as the family to raise your child.

We met eleven years ago while both of us were working at the same store. Sheila asked Scott out! This began our wonderful life together. We married in Sheila's church (where she is very active) surrounded by loving family and friends.

We have many of the same interests and many of the same values and goals for our life together. Scott: I have always believed that Sheila will make an excellent mother, and that is one of the many reasons that I asked her to marry me. We tried to bear a child for over six years. After a burst tubal (ectopic) pregnancy, doctors indicated we would not be able to have a child. Sheila: When Scott & I met, my nephew Chris was 2 years old and my niece Katie was 6 months old. Watching Scott interact with them with ease and comfort has always made me feel confident that he will be a great father.

We began to learn more about adoption and talked with our extended family. One of our parents and an aunt is adopted. We also have a family member who placed a child for adoption many years ago. We feel enriched by their positive experiences and feel very comfortable with adoption as a way to expand our family. All of our family members are enthusiastic about our plans to adopt and eagerly await the girl or boy who will join our family.

We want you to know that we will always let your son or daughter know how much you care and how difficult this was for you. Based on family wisdom, we understand the lifelong importance of sharing with your child whatever photos and letters you wish for us to impart over the years. We will also be happy to send you photos and letters over the years. We want you to feel reassured that your decision was a good one and that he or she is surrounded by love.

We'd like to tell you a little more about ourselves:

I, Scott, am 33 years old, the oldest of three boys in a very close family. My parents live only 15 minutes away and we see them regularly. My brothers live less than an hour away, and we spend a lot of time with them as well. My younger brother and his wife chose me to be Godfather to their 8 month old son Jack, a role Sheila and I enjoy frequently.

I, Sheila, am 37 years old, the eldest of 5 children. I have 3 sisters, one brother and one nephew and niece from one of my sisters. My niece takes dancing lessons and my nephew is very active in sports. We enjoy attending many of their recitals and games. I have been very active in our local Congregational church; I am on the Board of Deacons and the Board of Christian Education. I teach second grade Sunday School which has been a wonderful way to surround myself with children. I so look forward to being a mom!

We both love to travel. We've visited 15 states, Washington D.C. and 4 provinces in Canada.

We chose our home in anticipation of soon having a family. We live in a 7 room ranch, on an acre of land. We have a fenced-in pool in the backyard where we host many gatherings of friends and family. Scott was on swim teams beginning at age 10 and was qualified as a lifeguard at age 16; therefore we will always be very safety conscious. In the winter, we ski with friends and family. Scott's family has a vacation home in the mountains that we can stay in.

Scott: Growing up, our parents encouraged me and my two brothers to try as many things as possible, so that we would be able to discover our strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. There were only two rules: We were to put our best effort into whatever we did, and we were not to quit anything in the middle. This applied to everything we did, whether it was schoolwork, team sports or associations such as Boy Scouts. My parents were very supportive with everything we attempted, and attended everything they could, be it swim meets, basketball games, chorus recitals or acting as den mother for our Cub Scout pack. I feel that this was our most important lesson in life and we intend to use the same principles raising our children.

We are blessed to be able to plan our work lives around our child. I, Sheila, currently work as an office manager for a transportation company. I will be able to adjust my schedule to spend time during the day with our son or daughter. We will each be taking 6 weeks off from work after the baby arrives. I (Scott) work as an Officer with a bank, a company I have been with since I was in college. We are both well respected in our positions.

There are many young families with children of all ages in our neighborhood. The town has an excellent school system, playgrounds and a skating rink. Soccer and little leagues for boys and girls are popular here. As ours is a college town, we have many opportunities for music and children's theatre.

We look forward to speaking with you. If you would like to speak with us directly or learn more about us, please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: 1-413-587-0007.


Scott and Sheila

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