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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Rick and Lisa

Rick and Lisa Dear Birthmother,

 We are so grateful to you for considering us as possible parents for your child. We hope that reading this letter will comfort you as you consider adoption. We imagine that this must be a very difficult time for you and think of you often, although we have not yet had a chance to speak. Life is full of rewards and challenges. We did not know that the challenge of infertility would be something we would face, but it has been our experience. We have been fortunate enough to give birth to our now 3 year old daughter, Siena. However, doctors tell us that we will not be able to bear another child and we so long to adopt. This would deepen and broaden our love of family even more, love knowing no boundaries. We look forward to Lisa being at home with our children when our second child joins our family. We are especially comfortable with adoption as Rickís sister Joan has a son, Jesse, who joined the family through adoption. He is a very happy and handsome 15 year old. We have witnessed the beauty of adoption over many years. Joan is wonderfully supportive and helpful in our endeavors. 

We have been married for seven years, but in love for fourteen years. We met in medical school when Lisa was giving a class on holistic medicine. When our eyes met, we felt an instant connection. We talked for hours and, over the following weeks, we met for lunch and in between classes to talk, talk, talk! Of course, courting in the midst of medical school was very challenging, but we realized that we loved each other. We kept alive each other's compassion and dreams. We hiked in the mountains and the desert just to be with each other and rejuvenate ourselves and reaffirm our love. We traveled together in Europe, Africa, and Asia working in hospitals, sharing precious time and experiences together. Looking back, the fact that we survived as a couple during our medical training is a true testament of our love. 

We live in rural New England on a spacious farm with a beautiful view. We have 2 horses, 2 sheep, 2 chickens, 1 cat and 1 big white dog who loves everyone. We love the outdoors and go hiking, swimming, horseback riding and skiing as much as possible. In the summer, our vegetable and flower gardens give us ample opportunity to enjoy our land.

 We also thoroughly enjoy cultural activities together as a family. Although we live in the country, we have easy access to several cities, including Boston and New York. We journey to these two cities several times a year, enjoying plays, museums, zoos and the sights. We both have family in California; we also visit there at least twice each year. We never tire of building sandcastles and take several beach trips each summer with our family and friends. Our friends with children often say what great parents we are and how we should have another child. Siena loves to play with other kids, neighbors and cousins. She always begs for a brother or sister. She knows we are hoping to adopt and canít wait to show her toys and the farm to her younger sister or brother. Even with the holidays, during big family meals, family and friends will comment on how our home is perfect for children. 

We are both physicians with flexible schedules, allowing us to keep family and farm life top priority. Although we enjoy our work, our family life is the most spiritually and emotionally fulfilling part of our lives. There is nothing more important to us than family. Lisa works part-time right now in order to care for, play, and grow with Siena. Rick is a wonderful father, equally engaged in Sienaís care and upbringing. Rick and Siena particularly enjoy gardening. Rick loves children and is known as a very playful father. Lisa has 2 sisters and Rick has 2 brothers and a sister; we both strongly believe that brothers and sisters offer loving growth and support throughout life. 

Please know that the child you bring to the world will be loved and cared for with all our hearts. He or she will be given every opportunity to achieve his or her potential and find personal fulfillment. We can easily provide for the childís educational needs including college and beyond. Your child will be received with great warmth and love into our home. We imagine his or her first ponyride or the first time he or she watches lambs being born, and can barely contain our smiles. 

We would be happy to keep you updated on your childís well-being through photographs and letters. We would welcome an opportunity to meet you if if you would like to meet. It would be our finest blessing to expand our family through the adoption of your child. Thank you for considering us. If you would like to speak with us directly, or learn more about us, please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT


Rick & Lisa 

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