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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Mark & Cindym

markcindy.jpg (66856 bytes) Dear Birthmother,

We imagine that since you are reading this letter, you have searched your heart wondering what is best for you and your child. We can't imagine that this is easy. We hope you have support during this important time in your life. If you feel we are the family you want for your child, please know that we will be honored to be chosen by you.

Cindy: Mark and I have been trying to have children for four years. I became pregnant, once, but miscarried. We were very sad. We tried again to become pregnant, for over a year. Then, the doctors told us that we would not be able to bear children.  We took the time to feel our sadness and to feel the even stronger feeling - our desire to become parents. After reading about adoption, and talking with other people we know who had been adopted, we realized adoption wasn't a "second choice," rather it was a second chance for us to be parents.

I remember one day, after visiting with Sarah, Mark's goddaughter, Mark said to me, "I know adoption will work for us because we already love Sarah so much and she was not born to us. Can you picture yourself making a life with a baby like Sarah?" It wasn't hard to picture that at all. I said, "Yes." We markcindyheart3.gif (2880 bytes)have embraced adoption, with joy, as the way in which we will build our family. We are very happy about our decision.

Mark and I have been together for 15 years. We met in college. I thought Mark was very handsome. I told my roommate that I really wanted to get to know him. But, then I had to leave school for a few weeks because there was a death in my family. When I came back, I ran into Mark and told him why I'd been away. He told me he was sorry. Later that night, when I came back to my dorm, there was a note in my message box and a bouquet of flowers.  

At first, we both thought of each other as best friends. We took walks together, went to concerts, films, and plays and wrote each other a letter every day, even though we were only a one minute walk away from each other! We became closer over time, slowly realizing we were falling in love. 

One night, Mark took me to a garden and gave me a bouquet of flowers. When I looked down at them, something sparkled. Around the stems was a beautiful silver and amethyst ring. I had admired it on a trip we'd taken a few months earlier. We celebrated with a glass of wine surrounded by roses and wildflowers in full bloom, and shared the news of our engagement with family and friends later. 

We had a wonderful wedding. I cried all through the ceremony, when I wasn't laughing. One of our vows was that we would laugh at each others jokes. The whole congregation started laughing. We also asked our families if they would come together as a new family; everyone agreed. 

Mark and I have been together for so long that we make a great team. We take great pleasure in simple, everyday things-making dinner together, gardening on the weekends, and visiting friends and family. We don't have to do special things to feel happy together. We like it when we are free to stay home and putter around the house. Even though it has been hard waiting so long for a baby, we feel lucky that we have had so much time with each other. Now our arms are wide open, waiting for a child. 

Mark works as an agricultural development specialist. He works for a community organization that promotes locally grown food and other agricultural products. He is also a potter. I love watching his enthusiasm over his pottery. I love how his work, whether a mug, vase, bottle or bowl, shows the imprints of his hands. We enjoy eating off of the pottery pieces that he makes. Music is also an important part of Mark's life. He plays three instruments - the guitar, bass guitar and flute - and has performed locally and nationally with different groups. Mark also loves skating and playing ice hockey, tennis, biking, and hiking. He puts so much energy into everything he does and is looking forward to teaching our child how to skate and play tennis, or even to learn a new sport with our child. 

Mark is committed to becoming a parent and will be a great Dad. I love watching himmarkcindyheart2.gif (2871 bytes) play with children, being with them at their level. I remember when our friend's four-year old son, Abel, came to visit one day after preschool. Since he loves to help with the dishes, he dragged a chair over to the sink, next to Mark, and filled his favorite water bottle. Each time Mark washed a dish, he held it in front of Abel who rinsed it off with his water bottle. Mark is always happy to have Abel's help, even if it means cleaning up takes a little longer.

Mark: Cindy is a wonderful, passionate woman. She knows me so well and finds so many wonderful ways to express her love. Once, after a beautiful trip to Appalachia. she found a great old southern pottery churn that I had admired. I was so surprised when she gave it to me as a gift. Somehow, she managed to buy it without me knowing. She loves gathering flowers from our garden and giving them to me. Growing our own food and eating healthy is important to me. I love gardening with Cindy, side by side, then cooking a meal, together, with the food we've grown. We have plans for a children's garden and can't wait to dig in the dirt with our little one - maybe we'll even make a few mudpies! 

Cindy also loves reading children's books. I know she wants to share this love with our child. She began saving books and stories to read to our child even before we decided to start a family. The last time Cindy's little three-year old cousin, Dimitri, visited, she read him a favorite childhood book, "The Fire Cat." Dimitri has a cat named Nina and all cats that he sees are, of course, Nina. When he saw a cat in the book. he kept saying, "My Nina, my Nina." Cindy and Dimitri snuggled up for a long time reading the book, over and over again. I had a hard time telling who was having more fun, Dimitri or Cindy.

Cindy also loves the great outdoors. She likes taking nature walks and hikes, canoeing and sailing.  She knows a lot about outdoor activities that we think would also be a lot of fun for our son or daughter.

After a child joins our family, Cindy will be home with our child except for some very part-time work. She will also have summers and school vacations off. I have a flexible work schedule and can work at home. 

Both our families are close and gather often for holidays, birthdays or just to be together. Our child can look forward to spending summers at the beach with my family like we've been doing since I was three years old. Our child will be the first grandchild on Cindy's side of the family.  So much of Cindy's work and personal life involves children. She works on a project at our local elementary school that helps working families get day care. She is also an experienced day care teacher. Cindy has a wonderful way with babies and can entertain them endlessly. I am looking forward to having a family with her.

markcindyheart1.gif (2594 bytes)Cindy's family lives several miles from New York City. Her mother is looking forward to showing her grandchild the "Big Apple".  Cindy's seven cousins have nine children between them, so there will be no shortage of playmates there either.

Our neighborhood is a picture-perfect New England village.  We live right in the center of town, next to a church and the town library. Our house is across the street from an 80-acre park. It has a swimming hole, a great hill for sledding and paths to follow through the fields and woods. Our home is within walking distance of two playgrounds. There are lots of neighbors with children, including one with an infant who eagerly awaits a little friend to play with. One of our best friends, who has three children, lives a short walk away. 

Our house is one hundred and fifty-years old and is in great shape. We have a large bedroom saved for the baby and a playroom off the kitchen. We plan to hang a big swing from the beautiful maple tree in the back yard.  Its really a cozy area.  We have two cats named Ivy and Mocha, and six baby chicks who will give us fresh, organic eggs.  We live close to several farms that provide fresh, organic food, and we make our own maple syrup, jams, pickles and other treats.

Friends and family have been saving furniture, clothing, and toys for us. Waiting grandparents and great-grandparents are already talking about saving for our child's education. Our friends and co-workers say they can't wait to see a baby in our arms. The neighbors are excited. It seems that everyone is waiting for this baby!

We know that choosing parents for your child is an important decision. We would be very happy to talk and meet with you so that we can get to know each other better. If you select us as your baby's adoptive parents, we would like to learn about some of the special dreams you may have for him or her. We want to be able to pass on whatever information you want your child to have about you. We will ensure that your child understands why you made this adoption plan and knows of your love and hopes for him or her. We want your child to know that he or she can love more than one morn or dad. 

Thank you for your consideration.  If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions:  Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45ADOPT.  Because it is so hard to convey who we are in only a few pages, we would be happy to talk and meet with you to allow you the opportunity to get to know us a little better.

No matter what you decide, we wish you the best. Our thoughts are with you.

Mark & Cindy

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