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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Louis and Chip

Dear Birthmother:

Before we begin to share our story with you, we would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We realize this must be a very difficult time for you. We would like you to know that, if you choose us as the parents of your child, you have our sincere promise of unconditional love, and a life filled with honesty, happiness and joy for your child.

As we begin, we hope that you will gain a sense of who we are, how we live our lives together, and how we plan to live our life with our daughter or son in the future. Our names are Louis and Chip, and we are both in our thirties. Adoption for us was a natural decision because we are both eager to experience the joys of parenthood and share our lives with a child. We are already shopping for the nursery, and stockpiling all the baby supplies we need. We have even begun having for our child’s education. We are very committed to each other, and to providing a life filled with love, stability and guidance to ensure that our child grows up to be the best person he or she can be.

When we met, it was like we had already been together all of our lives. There was an instantaneous connection, and our lives became one from that moment on. We look forward to living the rest of our lives together, and the privilege of becoming parents would only enhance our lives, and make it all that much more special. We both come from large families, and so, for us, there is nothing like the pitter-patter of little feet in a home, plus all the joy and laughter that comes with having a child. We are confident that with our strong values, large hearts, and our belief in family, we are ready
for whatever comes our way.

Early in our relationship, my (Louis’s) sister was ill and had to stay in the hospital for several weeks. I was spending most of my time at the hospital, as was most of my family. Throughout this time, Chip chose to spend as much time as possible at the hospital with me, and became a source of strength and support for the entire family. Chip would bring homemade dinners and snacks to the hospital, help with errands that the family needed, and simply provided the perfect amount of support and strength. Chip’s natural ability to nurture was evident. Even though he didn’t know our family all that well yet, he knew where he needed to be (and where he wanted to be). His big heart really shined! No one could believe how wonderful he was. The relationship we share is built on 100% honesty, respect and communication. In addition, we both possess the same values when it comes to life and love. Whether as individuals, or as a couple, we have been blessed with confidence that we can do anything we set our minds to. Each of us possesses strengths and weaknesses that complement each other very well. We both have an amazing passion and zest for life. Our home is filled with warmth, security and laughter. We would be delighted to welcome a daughter or son, and we are very comfortable with a child of any heritage or background. We simply want to raise our family with the tremendous love, strength and warmth that we share now.

We are thrilled that Chip will be full-time stay at home parent. He plans on significantly reducing his hours as a real estate agent. We are blessed that we are comfortable enough for Chip to be at home because we both know how much time and dedication is involved in raising a child. First and foremost, Chip’s priority will be raising our child. We both know from our childhoods how time consuming having a child is, so we feel quite fortunate that Chip can focus his attentions on being a stay-at-home parent. Having a parent at home was most important to us in our decision to have a baby. We both believe that a wonderful childhood is the best gift a parent can give, and when the baby arrives, he or she will become the center of our lives.

Professionally, we both really enjoy our work, and what we do. We both have worked hard over the years to secure a level of success that has allowed us to live comfortably. I (Louis) am a Marketing Manager for a large manufacturing company just minutes from our house, which works out so great because it allows me to stay at home as long as possible in the morning, come home for lunch, and then be home at the end of work within minutes. Having worked several years for the same company, I also have some freedom to work from home if need be, or leave work to attend doctor’s appointments and to enjoy school events. Both of us feel so passionately about spending as much time as possible with our child, and, if possible, we don’t want to miss a minute of the baby’s milestones.

Our families are very excited for us and they are very supportive of us as a two-dad household. Both of our families have had positive adoption experiences, so the encouragement has been incredible. Chip’s uncle and aunt just finalized the adoption of their little girl last year. She was seven when she came into the family and is now nine. Louis’ cousin adopted an infant five years ago, and the support from the family before, during and after the arrival of the baby has been so inspirational. This little girl has grown up with so much love from the entire family! She is just about to turn six, and she already knows that she was adopted and how special she is. We plan to raise our child with that same honesty, so that he or she will grow up feeling good about him or herself, as well as for the family that we have created.

We feel quite fortunate to have many family members nearby. Family is most important to us! Chip is the oldest of five brothers and sisters, and I am the oldest of four brothers and sisters. As far back as we can remember, we’ve both loved helping out with feedings, changes, and all the fun stuff in between. We both had the privilege of being role models early on our lives. We have many children in the family; our little boy or girl will have plenty of cousins to grow up with, and hang out with at family events.

We would like you to know that in addition to us, the baby will have many people in his/her life to provide additional nurturing. Many dear uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews and friends live nearby; they are all looking forward to being active in his or her childhood. Our child will grow up with the love, wisdom and joy that comes with the many influences of a large family and the extended family that we find in our close friends.

We live in our own home in a good neighborhood in central Massachusetts. We have a huge back yard that is completely fenced in. When we moved in, that was one of the first improvements we made to the property. We wanted to have that done for the safety of our future child. In addition, we have two little Pug dogs that are friendly, playful and get along great with kids.

We both love to host the family gatherings at our house for any occasion. All of our family traditions seem to revolve around one thing – a huge meal. Whether it is Christmas or Easter, we respect, celebrate and look forward to them all. We both enjoy to cook and bake, so it is so much fun for us! Our biggest event each year is our annual Father’s Day Picnic, because we also have three birthdays to celebrate as well that month. This year we had a piñata, and one of those water slides for the kids to play on. It was an awesome time. We just love to have the family over …especially our little nieces and nephews. Our house is always ready for company. Plus, our closets are filled with toys and games to play with during our family gatherings.

We both enjoy working in the yard, and we have some beautiful flower gardens; this summer we planted a huge vegetable garden. We both love being at home, and puttering around the house, so our yard gives us plenty to do. We keep telling each other how much we can’t wait to have the baby in the stroller outside with us while we do our puttering. In fact, we simply want to have the baby with us no matter whatever we are doing or wherever we are. We also enjoy taking walks whenever we can, and love to go shopping whether is it just browsing or actually searching for a great bargain. We’ve already bought the perfect stroller for the baby, as well as a snugly, to hold the baby in! We also have plenty of room for a swing set, sandbox or other jungle gym when the time comes.

When we first saw our house we thought about how wonderful it would be for the first bedroom to be a nursery, and later a child’s bedroom. Our neighborhood is very quiet, and that is very reassuring. We love our home, and look forward to raising our family there. It is the perfect size, as well as being bright and cheery. It was also important to us to live within a good school district, and that we do. Not only is the elementary school within walking distance, but the Junior High and Senior High are also very close by too! The city is filled with many historical landmarks, plenty of museums, sports teams, and activities that will enable us to provide an enriched upbringing to our child.

We also feel fortunate to have access to my grandmother’s beach house in summer months. It was left to all the cousins in Louis’s family, so we will spend many weekends at the beach during the summer. It’s a great house, and best of all, most of the family is also there each weekend. It’s a great environment, and really gives the entire family a place to rest and just spend good quality time together whether it is on the beach, in the backyard, or just hanging on the porch in the evenings. We can’t wait to build sandcastles on the beach with our little boy or girl, and of course plan to
have plenty of sunscreen on hand.

We want you to know that we will raise your child with a strong sense of values, and that he or she will grow up to have compassion for others, respect and patience for people who are older, as well as instill pride in him or herself. We also hope to encourage age appropriate responsibilities, so that he or she will understand what the future may hold – that in order to succeed, one must work hard, whether it is school, in the home or in the workplace. We both look forward to raising a well-rounded individual to be successful at whatever he or she may choose to do. The cultural identity of our child will play a large role in his or her upbringing. We will be eager to share their ethnic or cultural background with them, and commit ourselves to learn as much as we can to make certain that his or her heritage is something to celebrate, and is a part of who he or she grows up to be. Your child will have our unconditional love and support.

We have never felt more confident in our decision to become parents, and we take on with great pride all the responsibilities that come with being parents. We are ready for the all-night feedings, the diaper changes, the laughter and the tears, and we will be ready to celebrate his or her background. This is something that we have both wanted as far back as we can remember, and we are more than confidant that that we can provide a loving, stable and nurturing home. No matter what, we will be there for this child. We want our child to have the most loving home possible, and when the time comes for our daughter or son to go off to college, we want him/her to be able to come home and remember all their childhood memories of where they grew up.

In closing, we would like you to know that we both fully agree that our child will be told about how much his/her birthparents loved him/her, and how the decision was made with love. We will be glad to share any information you will be comfortable sharing over the years. We are also eager to have the opportunity to share photos and letter updates so you will know the progress your child is making. We want our child to know from the beginning that he/she is adopted, and just how wonderful this gift to us was and how special he or she is and will always be, not only to us, but to his/or birthparents as well.

We are truly grateful to you for considering us as potential parents. You may be presenting us with the most cherished gift of all, the opportunity to experience raising a family. If you would like to speak with us directly, or learn more about us, we wholeheartedly encourage you to please call Full Circle, toll free, at 1-888-452-3678.

Warmest Regards,

Louis and Chip


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