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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Kerry and Patrick

Dear Birthmother,

We are Patrick and Kerry and hope to begin our family through adoption. We appreciate the significance of the decision you are facing; whether to place your child with an adoptive family and, if so, who that family will be. Of course, you want the best for your child; a loving and supportive family.

We are eager to provide that love and nurturing to a child. But we realize that you have to feel 100% comfortable and confident in your decision. We thank you for taking the time to read our letter and hope we are able to give you a sense of who we are.

We met almost 14 years ago while living in Boston. That first night we met, we talked for hours getting to know each other. We quickly realized that we had much in common and that we'd like to get to know each other better. We dated for several years before marrying. Our relationship gets stronger with each passing year. We can't think of a better gift to give each other than a child to share our love with.

We want nothing more than to be parents. Despite being in very good physical health, we have been unable to have a child of our own. None of the fertility treatments we tried worked for us. While this was hard for us to accept at first, what we realized was that we wanted to be parents and so much the better if we could provide a loving home for a child who needs one.

Our lifestyle is one that will be perfect for raising a child. I, Kerry, work part time as a nutritionist and Patrick has a great job as a graphic designer for a large family-friendly company; he looks forward to 'flexing' his hours so that he can enjoy the school "assemblies", "show and tell" and school vacations. We are both fortunate to have loving and supportive families and friends who cannot wait to be a part of our child's life. The community we live in is small and very family oriented. And we love to be outdoors and active and look forward to sharing all of our interests with our child.

I, Kerry, work part time as a dietitian in a large teaching hospital. I love the work I do and am passionate about the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. I love the fact that I can potentially improve someone's quality of life by educating them on the merits of healthy eating, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle habits. It gives me so much satisfaction when someone comes back to see me after having made some of the changes I suggested and feels better. I am eager to pass along this passion for a healthy lifestyle to our child. We plan to do this by cooking healthy meals together, eating together as a family (which we feel is very important), going for walks together and sharing the joys of gardening (if he/she shows an interest). We look forward to giving our child a chance to know about and try a number of different activities and interests.

I, Patrick, am a graphic designer working as the creative director at a large health insurance company. I also love the work I do, managing a team of designers as we create a brochure or improve the company's web site. Giving customers the information they need in a visually pleasing, and even artistic, way gives me satisfaction. I was always interested in art; I took art lessons as a child and was always drawing or painting something. At this point in my life, design has become a part of me and influences my experiences. I love to go to museums, go on architectural tours, and read about design. It also reinforces my need to do things with my hands. I love to build things; I have been able to use my skills to renovate our home, (one room at a time!), build furniture and maintain our home. The idea of passing this knowledge and sharing new experiences with our child is beyond exciting.

I feel that I have a lot to share and can't wait to do so. Our families are central to our lives. We both have very good relationships with all members of our families and we enjoy spending quality time with them whenever we can. We are fortunate to live only a few minutes drive from Kerry's sister, Kelly. She and her husband, Tom live in the town next to us with their three girls, Ellie, 6; Sarah 3; and Caroline 1. We spend quite a bit of time with them; having dinner together, going to the beach, or just "hanging out". We really enjoy our time with our nieces.

We often have them over to our house without their mom and dad for "special time" with us. Patrick loves to create new and fun games to play with them. Kerry especially likes snuggling up and reading to them before bed. We adore our nieces and this gives us the strong sense that we would enjoy sharing this treasure time with the child we will be blessed to tuck in for sweet dreams every night. We think how fortunate our child will be to have cousins who will be such a big part of their life and look forward to seeing them play together often.

Kerry grew up in Georgia, which is where her mother, her oldest, sister, Kathy and her two children Cory (age 21) and Jessica (age 19) still live. We get to see them several times a year. And Kerry likes that she is still able to go back to the home that she grew up in. Everyone gathers at her mother's house for Christmas every year. The house seems smaller and smaller each year as the extended family grows but it is full of warmth and love. Kerry cannot wait to share that part of her childhood with their child.

Her mother, Gretchen, comes up to visit several times a year as she just can't get enough of her grandchildren. She, as well as the rest of the family, are thrilled about the adoption and cannot wait for us to share in the joys of parenthood.

Kerry also has extended family in New York. Her father's family is still in the same small town that he grew up in. She loves visiting his family and spending time with them in his hometown. Patrick grew up in rural Connecticut, also in a warm and supportive family. His family is small; it's just he and his mother now. He does have an extended family of aunts and uncles who live near his mother who we see a few times a year.

Growing up, he was the oldest of two boys. His parents instilled a very good set of values-respect and caring for others, independence, responsibility. His father was a master carpenter and taught Patrick the art of finish carpentry. He also taught him how to draw, which began his talent as an artist. But the one thing that Patrick speaks most fondly of to this day is sailing with his father. His father shared that passion for sailing and he hopes to pass that on to our child. Patrick looks forward to sharing art projects, sailing and his passion for learning in fun ways with the child we are blessed to parent.

We live in a small community on the shore just south of Boston. We think it's the perfect place to raise children; our town is a genuine "community". There are always a lot of family oriented events especially in the summer when. There are outdoor concerts, outdoor movies, and events involving boating and kayaking. We have several great playgrounds; one of which is right in our neighborhood and another that is in the shape of a boat at the beach (all the children really love that one!). We live in a quiet area with great neighbors and many children. We happen to live in a spot that is the gathering area for watching the sunset. Each evening the neighbors all gather to sit, talk, and watch the most amazing sunsets. It's a lot of fun and our favorite part of the day!

We are both active in our community. Kerry is a member of the local artists group (she has sideline passion as a photographer) and is involved in different events the group puts on throughout the year. She volunteers each week at a local farm and is a member of a few committees at our church. Patrick is also involved at their church as well as in the local sailing program.

We live in a cape-style home with a wonderful front porch (perfect for watching those sunsets). Our home is sunny, warm and very welcoming. It has three bedrooms; one of children's rooms has just been renovated to add their own bathroom and space for playing. Our back yard is fairly small but large enough to play in. It's also completely enclosed so we feel it's a safe place to play. Our nieces and friend's children have spent hours in the yard playing ball, blowing bubbles and doing other "kid things".

We can so easily imagine a child in our lives. We are very active but not so "busy" that we don't have time to enjoy the treasure moments of each day. We love to mountain bike and sail during the summer and snowboard/ski in the winter. Kerry enjoys gardening which she does around our house but also volunteers each week at the local farm where she does some real heavy duty gardening in the fields. Patrick likes to cook; it's a particular treat when he prepares one of his "gourmet" meals. Kerry's not as good of a cook but likes to help him with the meal and especially likes to eat it.

We want you to know that if you choose us as your child's adoptive parents, we will love and cherish your child without limits. We also feel it's important to instill a sense of values to a child such as honesty, responsibility, trust, respect and compassion for others. We are grateful for a wonderful educational system in our area. We will make sure to provide for our child's education and have started a college fund already Our child will be encouraged and supported through his/her education from pre-school to college (if he/she chooses). Along with all these values, we feel laughter and just having fun is essential to life. We plan on laughing and playing and with the child we are fortunate enough to be blessed with every single day.

Knowing that your child is loved and well cared for must be one of, if not, the most important considerations for you. We are happy to share pictures and written updates as he or she grows and matures. We are open to talking about what kinds of communication and connection, over the years, will reassure you that you made a good decision and a good choice. We think it's important that your child grow up knowing how loved he or she is by everyone in their life.

Part of that contact would be for our benefit; to be reminded of who gave us our child and made our dreams of becoming parents come true and to thank you for your selfless act to provide the best for your child. We hope you have been able to get a picture of our life together and the type of life your child would have with us. However, this is no substitute for actually meeting and talking in person. We are happy to meet with you and give you more information about ourselves.

If you'd like to connect, whether over the phone or in person, please feel free to call Full Circle Adoptions Toll Free at 1-800-45-ADOPT (1-800-452-3678). We thank you for reading our letter and truly wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.


Kerry & Patrick

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