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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Kelli and Kara

Dear Birthmother,

We understand that you are making an extremely difficult and important decision. We sincerely want what is best for you and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. If you would like, we are open to speaking with you on the phone or meeting with you. We look forward to sharing letters and pictures with you in the future, so that you can feel connected and be comforted to know your child is joyful and thriving.

We are grateful to you for reading our letter and taking the time to get to know us. Our names are Kara and Kelli and we are 32 and 33 years old. We have well established and flexible careers that will enable us to be active parents. Kara works as a special education teacher. After a maternity leave, she'll be able to be off in the afternoons and the whole summer. Kelli works as a graphic designer and works for a family friendly company that will enable her to flex her hours and be an active mother. We will care for our child in our home; we'll provide most of our child's care and we will also have the loving help of in-home care by Kelli's sister.

We are eager to build our family through adoption. We've had friends who have adopted and Kara has had a number of students in her classes who have been adopted. We feel very positively about adoption and we feel as though we know, from both personal and professional experience, how to help a child who joins his/her family through adoption to always feel acceptance and love.

Our relationship began over 10 years ago. We met in college and became close friends. Over time, we realized that we loved each other. We count the discovery of each other as one of the treasures of our college years, a true blessing for us. Our families came to expect that if Kelli was coming home, Kara was not far behind, and vice versa. Our families have been wonderfully accepting and will welcome the child we adopt with equal enthusiasm. Our love is strong and will be the foundation for building our family. The love and respect that we have for each other is unwavering. We share the same values and complement each other in many ways. We are ready for the commitment and challenge of raising a child. The love we have to give to a child is abundant and
unconditional. The joy and excitement that a child will bring into our home is something that we look forward to experiencing.

Kara is a special education teacher in an elementary school. Teaching children with special needs has given Kara wonderful insight on how to nurture children and how to help them strive to reach their potential. Kara loves to see the growth and improvement in her students as time goes by. The school schedule allows for time at home when a child comes into our lives. Knowing that Kara will be able to spend every summer and vacation at home with our child is both comforting and exciting for us.

Kelli is a graphic designer in a company that allows for flexibility and time with our child. She works in an environment that allows her to demonstrate her creativity. Kelli designs brochures, catalogs, and packages using a variety of computer programs. Kelli has all of the equipment she needs to work from home enabling her to be at home some days as well.

Trips to Disney World are practically an annual event in our families. Kelli says that Disney World is her favorite place in the whole world! Her father loves to plan trips for family and friends that include special dinners, and making time for the children in the family to "meet" Mickey Mouse and his friends. People are always asking when the next trip will be! We have been to Disney World many times in our relationship. It is a place we look forward to taking our child someday so he or she can experience the magic of Disney!

We love to travel. We have been to many places around the United States - California, Florida, New Mexico, Yellowstone National Park, and the Grand Canyon, just to name a few. We love to explore and visit new places. Kara's grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins on her Dad's side of the family all live in Greece. We spent time there visiting family, as well as traveling, this summer. Discovering new places is something we love to do together and we can't wait to show our child the world!

We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful relationship with our immediate families, as well as our extended families. Your child would be joining a family where love and respect are part of our daily lives. Our extended family lives nearby so your child would grow up with many active and loving uncles, aunts, grandparents and cousins. The network of loving, caring, and supportive people in our lives is practically endless.

Kelli has two sisters, Jodi and Marci, and one brother, John. Her parents live in the house where she grew up. They love when their grandchildren visit. Kelli has four nephews ranging in age from 6 months to 9 years. They are all excited about a new member of the family.

Kara has one sister, Katie. She and her husband are looking forward to becoming an aunt and uncle! Kara's father is "ecstatic" about welcoming his first grandchild into the family. Kara's mother and her partner, MaryAnn, are also looking forward to their new grandchild becoming a part of the family. They have a wonderful home in Florida where we will enjoy vacations on the beach!

We have both had an active role in the lives of our niece and nephews throughout the years. Between Kelli's sisters and our close friends, Bridget and Rob, we have 5 nephews (Matthew, Cole, Jack, Gabriel, and Hunter) and one niece (Anna). They are a continuous source of joy for both of us. We love to spend time with them carving pumpkins, apple picking, kayaking, going to museums, going to the library, watching movies, and having sleepovers. They love to stay at our home, play computer games, make pancakes for breakfast, and spend time in the backyard playing with Max.

Kara has a very special relationship with her two-year-old goddaughter, Anna. Kara has been a huge part of Anna's life since the moment she was born. Kara was present at her birth. Now, Kara loves to spend time with Anna reading books, going to the playground, singing songs, and going on special outings to the library or a museum.

Throughout the year we have many special traditions that include our families and friends. Wintertime begins with special Christmas traditions. Kelli's family celebrates with a visit from Santa Claus each Christmas Eve. The kids can't wait for the knock on the door! Once he arrives, everyone gathers around as Santa calls each person by name to sit on his lap. It is a time that her family looks forward to for the whole year. Another Christmas tradition is making Gingerbread Houses with Kara's family. Since Kelli's nephews have been old enough, they have also joined the festivities. Every year, tables are filled with cookies, frosting, and tons of candy for all of the children to build their cookie village while singing Christmas carols. It is a special time that our cousins, nieces and nephews look forward to each year. It has been going on since Kara was a kid herself! Christmas day is spent with our immediate families enjoying family dinner by the Christmas tree.

In the springtime everyone looks forward to the annual Easter Egg Hunt, another special family
tradition. This has been going on for nearly 20 years and is a wonderful time for the children in Kara's family to come together. Our nephews have been coming to the Easter Egg Hunt since they could walk! Dozens of colored eggs are hidden in the yard and after everyone assembles, the hunt begins. The day continues with sidewalk chalk on the driveway and games in the yard. It is a wonderful day shared by both families.

In the summertime we spend every Fourth of July watching a small-town parade with our friends, Bridget and Rob, their children, and their family. We start with breakfast in the morning and walk to the parade where we all sit and watch the excitement! Later in the evening, we watch the fireworks over the Boston Esplanade while sitting in front of our home. We have a great view of the Boston skyline and it's even more beautiful when it's lit up with fireworks!

Each fall we are sure to set aside two special dates - one for apple picking and one for carving pumpkins. We started an annual apple picking trip a couple of years ago with the kids. We have a blast climbing trees and finding the perfect apples! Carving pumpkins for Halloween started when Kelli's nephew, Matthew, was just 3 years old. We have continued ever since. We have fun scooping out the inside of the pumpkin and roasting pumpkin seeds. Now, Matthew is joined by his brothers for the annual pumpkin-carving event!

We have so many special traditions and events in our lives that we can't wait to share with our child. We can't wait to see our child sit on Santa's lap. We look forward to the look in his or her eyes when they find their first Easter egg. We can't wait to see the expression on our child's face as they watch the floats pass by at the Fourth of July parade. We are so excited to watch as our child carves his or her first pumpkin.

The everyday activities are also precious. We can't wait to read bedtime stories each night. We already have quite a collection of children's books. Living near the ocean, we look forward to spending time at the beach and teaching our child how to swim. Taking family vacations, exploring the seashore, bike riding, snuggling up on the couch to read a favorite book, and gathering with family and friends are all wonders that we look forward to sharing with our child.

We have worked hard to turn our house into a beautiful and inviting home. We live in a family oriented neighborhood on the water, just outside of Boston. We have a beautiful yard and a view of the ocean. Our home is right around the corner from where Kelli grew up. Much of her family lives within walking distance. We love to entertain and our home is many times the gathering place for family and friends. Many family dinners, birthday celebrations, Sunday brunches, holidays, and barbeques have taken place at our home. Max, our Bassett Hound dog, loves children. He will be a patient companion and he is a friendly and fun presence in our home.

We believe in providing a good education for our child. Our home is within walking distance from the elementary school that Kelli attended as a child. We were both raised to value education and we will pass that gift on to our child as well. Because education is very important to us, we would provide the resources for college if that is what our child chooses. We have already started saving for our child's education.

Should you chose us as your child's adoptive family, we would offer the day-to-day love, support and encouragement that every child needs. Your child will have two committed and loving parents who will always be there and will always love him or her as much as we do each other.

We will be happy to send photos and letter updates so you will always know that your child is happy, secure and surrounded by love, as you would wish for them. Thank you for your consideration. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please call Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-800-452-3678.


Kara and Kelli

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