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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Jim and Dennis

Dear Birthmother,

As we write this letter to you, we understand that you may be reading this during a difficult time. We are grateful that you are taking the time to learn about us while trying to make important decisions for your child. Thank you.

One of the first topics of conversation that drew us together as friends, and later as life partners, was our lifelong dream of becoming parents. From the earliest days of our relationship, we have talked about building a family. Jim is the older of two children, while Dennis is number three of six children! Growing up, we each spent a lot of time with our respective families. We are still close with them and they are excited about our plans to bring a new child into our families. The family vacations, working on school projects with our parents, holiday celebrations with everyone crowded around the table, playing games with the neighborhood kids until we got called home for supper and the highs and lows of growing up are the moments we hope to recreate with a child in our lives.

We have both achieved a level of accomplishment in our careers so that, when a child joins our family, we will have the ability to have one of us be an at-home parent and to have some in-home childcare as well. We would like our child to have the option to be cared for at home as well as have the opportunities for play-dates with other children. There are many families in our neighborhood, so our child will have lots of friends to play with. We have both experienced the rewards that come from the working world and now look forward to the joys and responsibilities of parenthood.

We’d like to tell you more about us and about our shared dream of becoming parents. We hope to give you some idea about who we are, but since paper can't always convey everything, we'd welcome a chance to talk on the phone and even meet in person, if this is something you'd like. We're open to answering the questions you have as you consider all of your choices for how to best provide love and care for your expected child.

Dennis: Jim is one of the strongest, most loving and thoughtful people I have ever met. I admire him as well as enjoy living our daily life together. He is an incredibly confident, upbeat person. I have seen how his general confidence carries over into his relationships with the children in our extended family. While visiting my sister last Thanksgiving, our two-year-old niece, Abbey, had a very cranky morning - nothing seemed to please her. Undaunted, Jim had her playing blocks on the floor with him in almost no time. He just sat down right in front of her on the floor and began playing with the blocks, asking her about them and getting her to give him different colored ones. The way he interacted with her was as if to say, “I know your morning got off to a bad start, but I can help make it better.”

He has become such a part of my family that, during a phone call to my sister the other day, Abbey's four-year-old brother Tyler asked me "Where's Jim?" Before we go for a visit, Jim will always stop at this great educational toy store in a near-by town. He has a real talent for picking out games that not only challenge Tyler’s and Abbey’s developing skills but that are fun too! WhenI see him playing with them, as well as his niece Harley, I have no doubt that he will be a great dad.

Jim: Dennis is a kindhearted, caring and loving man. I have seen him run around the jungle gym with his niece and nephew, have heard their laughter and his, and have seen him be a complete kid magnet at his family's annual Christmas party (a party that Dennis’ family and two other families he grew up with have been sharing since he was five years old). He has a real talent for drawing out even the shyest child. Stephanie, who is 16, is the oldest daughter of a childhood friend and is very quiet and shy. At last year’s Christmas party, I watched him engage her and get her talking by showing a genuine interest in what was going on in her life.

My favorite memory comes from a visit to Dennis' sister’s home over Thanksgiving. His nephew, Tyler, insisted that Dennis read him a bedtime story every night - the entire time during our visit. On our first visit to see my family, Dennis got to meet my normally very shy six-year old niece Harley. Dennis and I took Harley and my mom to lunch at the beach. I was driving and Dennis was in the passenger seat in front of Harley, who was hiding behind some pictures she’d drawn. Dennis managed to draw her out of her shell by showing her how neat his digital camera was. We weren’t at the restaurant more than five minutes before Harley and Dennis were walking down to the water, hand in hand, to take some pictures.

As our relationship has grown, we have enjoyed learning about the commonalities and differences that bind us together. We both love long breakfasts on Sunday morning while reading the paper, but Jim reads the real estate and financial pages while Dennis reads the funnies. We both love going to the movies, but Dennis will watch any science fiction movie, no matter how bad, while Jim would rather see a comedy or an action film. We both have strong beliefs in God and look forward to sharing our experiences and perspectives about religion and spirituality in the family we build together.

We currently live in Boston on a pretty stretch of water with a beautiful view of downtown. We have enjoyed many meals together watching the boats go by and taking in the New England sunsets. In the summer, we love to hang out at the pool with our neighbors. We are both looking forward to bringing our children to the pool someday. In addition to the pool, there are a number of wonderful parks very close to our home. There is a large one right on the water where, when the weather is nice and the wind is blowing, you can see people flying kites. We’ve seen several kites that we’d like to fly with our children.

There is a new elementary school, which includes a great playground, only blocks from where we live. When we pass it, we usually talk about what it will be like to take our child to school for the first time.

Our families both support our relationship and are eager to welcome and love the child we are blessed to adopt. We are looking forward to bringing our child to the yearly family holiday parties so our child can meet and grow with our extended families. Dennis’ younger sister and his brother’s family, who are only a few hours away, are planning to visit as often as they can. And both of our mothers and fathers are looking forward to holding their newest grandchild. Both of us grew up on the beach - Dennis in New Jersey and Jim in Florida – so we plan to spend as much vacation time playing in the ocean and teaching our kids the fine art of building sand castles. We are also looking forward to taking our children, as well as our nieces and nephews, to Disney World someday.

As we have both had the benefit of strong, loving families, we know that our home will be a place where your child will have the love, support, guidance and freedom to succeed in life and be happy! We want to provide a home where your child will want to explore, to learn, to challenge and to question. While we were growing up, our parents gave us the discipline to keep us from getting hurt, but also gave us the freedom to make our own mistakes and learn from them. We both believe that it is vitally important to provide not only a physically safe environment, but also a spiritually sound one.

Our home will be a place where your child will be raised to have faith in God, to know the importance of kindness to others and to have family support in the realization of their dreams.

And we want your child to laugh! Both of us have a good sense of humor! We love to have fun and would want your child to know the importance of laughter in the world.

We would truly welcome the chance to speak or even meet with you whenever you wish. It would give us a chance to learn more about you, too. We are open to discussing how you would like to see that happen - through visits, letters or whatever means of contact you are most comfortable with.

We are truly grateful to you for considering adoption and would be honored to be chosen by you. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please call Full Circle Adoptions Toll Free Birthparent Hotline: 1-888-452-3678. They can help answer your questions or connect us for a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jim and Dennis

Full Circle

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