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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Jamie and Greg

Dear Birthmother:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and to share with you our enthusiasm about the prospect of becoming parents. We understand that you are about to make a difficult and important decision. We want you to know that should you choose us as the adoptive parents of your child, we will make every effort to ensure that his or her life is filled with love, fun and opportunity.

Our names are Jamie and Greg. We are 37 and 36 years old and have been in a loving and committed relationship for the last 12 years. We have been inseparable since we met and the strength of our relationship continues to grow. We are not only partners who are committed to lifelong companionship, but are also best friends.

We are anxious for the day to come when we are able to hold a child in our arms and devote ourselves to that child. We first spoke about starting a family several years ago and are now in a position to make our dreams of becoming parents a reality. We plan to adopt two children, one at a time, but close in age. We are open to the idea of adopting children of any ethnicity and given Jamie’s mixed ethnicity (African American, Swedish and Scottish), we are uniquely prepared to raise our children to be proud of their heritage and the traits that will make them unique and wonderful individuals.

We are lucky enough to have reached a stage in our lives in which we have the resources and time to provide a loving and stable home and to invest in the future of our children. We are both well educated and will ensure that our children have the opportunity to attend college and graduate school if they so choose. In fact, we have already set aside funds for our children’s education so that they can feel confident that they will have the resources to pursuit college and graduate degrees.

Jamie is one of the managing attorneys at a large financial institution and has a schedule that will permit him to work from home when necessary, attend PTA meetings, school plays and every other event in which our children participate. Greg is one of the senior systems engineers at one of Boston’s oldest and most prestigious law firms and will also be able to work from home when necessary and attend all of our children’s events.

In addition, we are fortunate to have excellent day care lined up, Jamie’s mother, or “Nana” as we already refer to her. Nana lives nearby and will be the caregiver while we are at work and will join us for family dinners and breakfasts that have long been a tradition in our household. She is so excited about the prospect of watching our children and showering them with love, that she forbade us from adopting a child until she retired early and could take care of the little ones. We also live in the same neighborhood as a couple whose family has been close friend’s of Jamie’s family for two generations (and, hopefully, three once we are fortunate enough to become parents ourselves) and who themselves have adopted three children. They have already been discussing their experiences with us and will be a tremendous resource with respect to issues that are unique to children who have been adopted.

Our children will also be part of a large family. Although Greg’s family lives in other States, Greg has four siblings and already has many nieces, nephews and cousins. In fact, one of Greg’s sisters just had a daughter, Claudia, who we are excited to see in an upcoming visit to our house. We are also very close to Greg’s mother and youngest sister and envision many family vacations with our mothers and members of Greg’s family. We love to vacation on Cape Cod during the summers and can already picture a big house filled with children running around and having fun.

As an extended family, we have a large group of friends from diverse backgrounds, jobs and experiences who would serve as positive role models. Many of these friends have recently had babies who would be wonderful playmates. We have already received extensive parenting tips that range from things as small as the type of diaper disposals that we should buy to tips on how to successfully negotiate with a two-year old, to the extent that you can do so!

We not only have a tremendous support network in place, but also have what we consider an ideal home environment in which to raise children. Two years ago, we sold our condominium in Boston and bought a large colonial house in a small town about forty minutes outside of Boston. We have a small room next to our bedroom that we are converting to a nursery, a large playroom and plenty of bedrooms. In addition, we have large and front and back yards filled with trees, bulbs and flower gardens, and a secured above-ground pool. Our neighborhood is full of children of all ages and ethnicities and it is common to see children playing in their yards, riding their bikes or walking their dogs. It is a family-oriented community with parks, trees, and most importantly, plenty of playmates. Our town’s close proximity to Boston will enable our children to reap the benefits of urban life such as children’s museums, zoos, sporting events and numerous other children’s programs.

Our home is already full of love, the love we have for each other and for our two cats, Clyde and Ginger, who are of the same litter and have been with us since we first moved into our house. Our cats are lots of fun and have engaging personalities. In fact, they have so many babysitters when we are away that we wonder whether they even miss us when we are gone.

Our house and our lives will be complete when there are children running around, lying in bed while we read them a bed-time story, or waking up on Christmas morning to run down and look at the presents that Santa left under our 13-foot tree. Christmas and Thanksgiving are big family events in our household. We throw a big party each December for all of our friends and their families and look forward to the time when our children are part of that tradition. We also make sure that we buy new ornaments each year that we use to remember prior Christmas celebrations.

We also look forward to beginning new traditions with our children. For example, we both look forward to reading to our children in bed each night. We will also share with them our many interests and hobbies. These include tennis, bridge and other card games, gardening and cooking. Jamie frequently thinks back to the hours he spent with his grandfather learning chess, Scrabble, cribbage and other games and we are both anxious to share similar times and create similar memories with our children. We have also traveled extensively both in the United States and abroad and will show our children the beauty, history and cultures of other parts of the world.

When we are lucky enough to become adoptive parents, we plan to raise our children in a manner that will make them feel loved, confident and enthusiastic about life. We also want them to understand the importance of respecting themselves and being respectful of others. We will raise our children to appreciate the outdoors, the environment and the well being of animals and all of life. Our children will have a sense of the importance of others and living things apart from our cozy world. We will devote ourselves to our children and their happiness. We sincerely believe that we can provide your child with a life full of love, fun and opportunities and would be grateful for that opportunity.

We know you have many questions as you consider the best home for your child and we are open to exchanging letters, talking by phone and/or meeting in person to get to know each other better. In the future, we would also be happy to provide photos and letter updates. We want your child to know that he or she is loved not only by us, but also by you. We are open to knowing what would help you feel reassured over the years that your child is happy, healthy and loved.

Our warmest wishes for you,

Greg and Jamie

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