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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Ginny and Adrian

Ginny and Adrian Dear Birthmother, 

We recognize that the decision you are facing right now is probably the most difficult one you will face. Your love and courage in searching your heart for the right answer is something we both admire. We have always dreamed of having a large family. After a series of infertility tests and procedures we learned that we couldn’t have children and were very disappointed. But we come from a very special family which includes two children adopted as infants - our niece Margo, 17, who has attached a letter, and our nephew Ross, 11. They both experience so much joy in our family! We knew that our dreams of having a family could come true through adoption and that our family welcomes all our families’ children with open arms. We hope that this decision will be made easier for you knowing about our experiences with adoption and about our family and our lives. 

 We have spent so much time with our nieces, nephews and friend’s children that we feel we have learned a lot about what is important in bringing up a happy well adjusted child. With the adoption of our son Matthew two and one-half years ago, a new, wonderful and exciting phase of our lives began. We have annual communication with Matthew’s birthmother by sending pictures and notes. Matthew will always have a good feeling about why his birthmother made her decision about adoption. We have watched Margo and Ross ask questions about their background and be given honest and open answers; we know that this is how we will handle this with Matthew and with another child. 

 We met seven years ago on a blind date. It was love at first sight! We were married two years later on the second anniversary of our first date. The deeper our commitment grows, the more we understand that we were destined to be together. We share many of the same values in life - especially those about maintaining close ties with family, helping others and being an integral part of our community. We are also both very romantic - Adrian brings Ginny flowers "just because" and Ginny likes to surprise Adrian with his favorite dishes at the end of his work day. Adrian kids Ginny that he married her for her meat loaf! 

 Ginny: I love being home with Matthew full time. We go to pre-school, the library and to playgroups. Matthew has several neighborhood buddies - and of course, cousins - who come play on his wooden playscape. Sometimes our yard looks like a preschool playground! I love to make cookies for them and play with them all. The more children the better! Our seven-year-old golden retriever Morgan always waits patiently for cookie crumbs (and pieces!) to fall...he is never disappointed! We chose a golden retriever because they are so gentle and loving with children. 

 I think one of my greatest strengths is my love of being with people and sharing conversations and laughter. A passionate interest is my work for a cancer foundation. They research how to help adults and children with cancer; this is a cause that I consider extremely important. We have many fundraising events in our area which I participate in, including one of the largest national charity golf tournaments. 

 Adrian: I am a sales representative for a nutritional supplement company and enjoy making a difference in people’s lives by teaching them about taking better care of their health. But my favorite part of the day is when we sit down to dinner together as a family and then afterwards when I give Matthew his bath. We like to play with squirt guns in between all the scrubbing and rinsing - and the bathroom floor is always the cleanest in the house. At night Ginny and I both snuggle with and read to Matthew; we look forward to the first time he begins to recognize words. I am already teaching Matthew golf, baseball and basketball. He also shares my interest in airplanes and loves to go to the airport to watch the planes land and take off. It is hard to believe that it was only last year that we were playing airplane with spoons of his first solid food! We also love to roll down the hill together, and we make Ginny laugh with our antics. Especially if Morgan is rolling around with us. 

Ginny: We are both very close to our families. My dad and two brothers Jim and Ron and their families live nearby and have five children between them. We get together with them several times a week. My mother died when I was twenty. The importance of family comes from my mother - she always made certain that family came first. My dad and I grew even closer after she died. He is a very gentle soul. He also is in incredible shape: he plays tennis four mornings a week, golfs regularly and enjoys watercolor painting. One of our sweetest family rituals comes from my dad - he delivers hot bagels on Saturday mornings to each of our family’s homes and visits with his children and grandchildren. He also takes the entire family, including babysitters, on a vacation to Puerto Rico every year. He is an extremely kind and generous person. 

Adrian: My parents live within a half hour of us and we see them at least once a week. One of the highlights of our week is having dinner with my parents. My mother is a gourmet cook and the best baker in the world (restaurants have even asked her to bake for them). Ginny’s sister Jill and my brother Mark (who live out of town) get together with us several times a year. We love being a family and cherish Matthew. When our yard is full of children eating Ginny’s famous brownies or when our relatives and friends are gathered around the Christmas tree with their young children, we feel the pang of wanting another child. There is nothing that makes us happier than our yard or our home being full of children laughing and playing together. And more importantly, we would love a brother or sister for Matthew. If you would love for your child to have an older brother to love and care for him or her, we can offer you that. 

We live in a 4 bedroom 22 year old colonial in a wonderful neighborhood. Our home is down the street from the elementary school, and our town’s school system has one of the highest ratings in the state. We also have a community center in our neighborhood complete with a pool and fitness facilities which we use regularly. We have a big fenced in back yard and beautiful gardens which we enjoy working in together. Our house feels good inside. We have beautiful furniture, yes, but the style we both like to refer to it as, is "lived in." Even as we "set up housekeeping" after we married, it was with children in mind. Now we imagine Matthew and his new brother or sister romping around, the house full of laughter. Our town is full of young families like ours and yet is only ten minutes from a small city that offers many opportunities: a children’s museum, a large park with zoo animals and a science museum with lots of interactive games. 

If you choose us as the family for your child, please know that we will love him or her with all our hearts. We also want you to know that we are financially solid and have made many investments that will insure a college education and more for our children. 

 Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little about our family. We welcome a chance to speak with you. We will be happy to provide photos and letter updates about your child over the years. If you would like to speak with us directly or learn more about us, please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT 

With our best wishes and love, 

 Ginny and Adrian 

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