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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Frank and Jonathan

Dear Birthmother,

As we think about what to write to you, we are keenly aware that you are facing difficult decisions at this time -- whether to consider adoption for your child and, if so, which family to choose to love and nurture your child. We are grateful that you are taking this time to learn about us and about the love and support we have to offer a daughter or son.
We are thankful to be young and established in our careers, to have the encouragement of our families, and to have found our life partner early in our lives. We are also blessed to be parents to our daughter Ariel, who we welcomed into our family through adoption three years ago.

Our work schedules are ideal for parenting. Jonathan is a university professor and Frank is a high school history teacher. We are also blessed with sufficient financial security and work flexibility to provide a stay-at-home environment for your baby. He or she will have two parents with more than average time to devote to raising a child.

The home we have created is a warm and nurturing environment, built on a foundation that blends the security of daily routine and the excitement of new experiences like jumping an ocean wave, catching a firefly, and riding a pony. No matter how busy we are, we always eat dinner as a family. Similarly, Ariel’s preparation for bedtime is also a nightly ritual. After pajamas are put on and teeth are brushed, we always top off her evening with a bedtime story and a special song. Ariel has come to look forward to our special time together.

Our almost decade-long relationship is built on love, honesty and mutual respect. We met ten years ago in a coffee house, while we were students in Boston. We discovered that we were both interested in history and found ourselves talking passionately about politics. As we became friends, we realized that we shared a lot of common interests like boating, traveling, and playing tennis. Soon we were introducing each other to our families and thinking about how we might change our work lives to live closer to each other. One of the happiest days of our lives came in July 2000, when we exchanged vows and rings surrounded by family and friends. A year later, our joy only increased with the arrival of Ariel.

Together we are a warm and happy family and eagerly anticipate adopting a second child. From the outset, we both envisioned our family including two children. We each grew up with strong relationships with our brothers and sisters. We hope to create an environment where our children can develop strong and mutually supporting bonds that will nourish them throughout their lives. We know that Ariel will be an amazing older sister. She is an extremely compassionate and social young girl, quick to share a toy, a dish of ice cream or a hug. As Ariel’s friends have welcomed new siblings into their families, she has expressed interest in having her own sister or brother.

If blessed to adopt your child, he or she would grow up in a wonderful home. We live in a spacious suburban home with a sunny backyard on a tree-lined street near Boston, Massachusetts. The baby’s room is warm and friendly. There are lots of children in our neighborhood and a real small-town feeling. Just across the street is a quiet playground with beautiful new equipment and lots of room to run around. We also have the neighborhood swimming pool, ice skating rink, and library within a few blocks. Boston’s North Shore is very child-friendly. We are only a short drive from the coast (with a beautiful beach and a wildlife refuge), not to mention all the sights and sounds of Boston, including the Children’s Museum and the New England Aquarium.

Taking Ariel to the playground is one of our favorite activities. We just love to watch her take new chances and master old challenges. Her face clearly beams as she shows us how she can go down the big slide or climb up the monkey bars. We both feel strongly that part of our job as parents is to encourage our children to cultivate their talents and interests rather than project our own desires and needs onto them.

Ariel attends a wonderful private school where she receives plenty of individual attention and encouragement. Our children will grow up with a value system that honors all people and treats others with kindness and respect. We believe in giving back to the community; our children will know the satisfaction of helping others. We are sure that your child will grow up with a sense of personal and financial security. We have already begun to save money for our children’s college educations.

Jonathan is thirty-nine years old, the eldest of four children; Frank is thirty-six years old, the youngest of three. We are very close with our families and they are extremely excited about welcoming another grandchild. Aside from an older sister, your child will benefit from close relationships with his or her thirteen first cousins, including three who joined the family through adoption. We try to plan our family vacations and holidays so that the kids can get together.
Frank's mother, who is retired, looks forward to special grandmother time at her vacation house in the Rocky Mountains. Spending the winter holidays in ski country is always a big treat! Jonathan’s parents visit often and Ariel has an especially close relationship with Jonathan’s mom and youngest sister who serve as important loving women in our child's life. During the summers, we relocate to Jonathan's parents’ lakeside country house in the Berkshires, where there is lots of time for taking walks, picking berries, swimming in the pool, and building sand-castles on the shore.

We would welcome the chance to speak with you and learn more about your hopes and dreams for your child. We’d also love to meet with you, if you would like. We would follow your lead as to how much contact and information you would want. We welcomed Ariel into our family through an open adoption and we still have contact with her birthparents. We are open to exploring different levels of ongoing contact depending on your needs and interests. We will honor your wishes and, together with you, always keep the best interests of your child paramount.

We are truly grateful to you for considering adoption and would be delighted to be chosen by you. If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please call Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT (1-800-452-3678). Because it is so hard to convey who we are in only a few pages, we would be happy to talk and meet with you to allow us both the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

Our thoughts are with you and we send you our warm regards.


Frank and Jonathan


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