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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Ellen and David

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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for looking at our letter and pictures.  We know this may be a stressful time for you.  We wish you ease and comfort along the way as you make plans for yourself and your baby.  We will be honored and grateful if you choose us to be the adoptive parents for your child.  If you want to know more about us, or you want to meet us, we will be happy to respond.

More than anything, we long to be parents.  We can easily imagine holding and rocking our baby, smiling and singing to him or her.  We look forward to his or her first steps and first words, and to the years of providing guidance, love and comfort.

We feel fortunate that our work schedules will allow both of us to share the daily joys and responsibilities of raising our child together.  Ellen, a singer and choir director, will cut back on her work commitments and happily devote herself to caring for our baby during the day.  David, a writer who often works from home, will enjoy special times alone with our child on the one or two evenings a week when Ellen is at rehearsal or performing.

We have been trying to have a baby for three years.  We have been to several doctors and have undergone many fertility procedures.  This has been a time of high hopes followed by deep disappointment.  The doctors have told us that there is nothing more they can do for us.  Over time we have come to realize that our deepest desire is to be parents, and whether we are biological parents or adoptive parents is secondary.  We long to welcome a baby into our family and surround him or her with loving care and support, laughter, and music.

David and I met through our mutual interest in music.  I was hired by David's publishing company to make a CD of me singing.  Listening to the playbacks on tape, David and I began to feel sparks flying between us.  In spite of our feelings, we kept things strictly business for several months until the CD project was finished.  Then, after many email messages across hundreds of miles, and several visits, we both knew we were falling deeply in love.  I decided to move much closer to David, and we were married the next year.

Music continues to be a big part of our lives.  David has learned to sing, and to play the double bass.  In the evenings we often enjoy playing music with friends.  We play jazz, old Beatles' songs, folksongs, and church music.  Our son or daughter will grow up in the midst of lots of live music shared by family and friends.

Ellen:  I know that David will be a wonderful father.  He is devoted to me and to our family.  He is dependable and responsible, but at the same time he knows how to relax and enjoy life.  He forgives quickly and doesn't hold grudges.  He is smart and funny.  David comes home with flowers for me for no special reason.  He leaves me notes on the kitchen table and on the car dashboard to say he loves me.   He makes me a cup of tea each morning when I come downstairs.  Of course I could make it myself, but it always tastes better when he makes it for me, with love and affection.

David loves children.  He invents games, on cardboard and on the computer, for kids in the neighborhood.  He plays football and baseball with them, and together they make up long science-fiction stories.  He plays cards with and tells fortunes for our nieces, Margaret and Lilia.  They talk with him about their schools and their friends and their plans for the future, knowing they'll find in him a listening ear and an understanding heart.  David is spontaneous and playful with the children of our friends and with children in our extended family.  He is gentle, strong, and wise.  I can't wait to see him holding our baby in his arms, smiling and humming a special tune made just for him or her.

David:  Ellen is going to make an incredible mother!  As I watch her dancing with our nieces in Grandma's living room, or hugging and playing with the children of folks who sing in her choirs, I can see how easily and completely she will love and cherish our own son or daughter.

Ellen brings every day alive with energy and exuberance.  She can make an adventure of exploring a new place to go canoeing, cooking a new recipe, or meeting the neighbors.  On the spur of the moment, Ellen makes chocolate pudding and cookies for me.  She calls me at work in the middle of the day just to say, "I love you."   She is patient and kind.  We share our hopes and fears and dreams with each other in an open and unguarded way.  Together we have created a loving and comfortable home.

Ellen fills our home with music.   These days she's having fun making up a song to welcome the baby who will join our family.  Ellen has spent a lot of time with children; she loves their energy and honesty and curiosity about everything.  She knows when to be firm, and when to just let go and enjoy the moment.  I can picture her now crawling on the floor with our child as she or he learns to walk, or tucking him or her in each night with a kiss and a song.

As we think about and yearn for the child we will be blessed to parent, we wonder what your hopes and dreams for your baby are.  We want you to know that we will always tell our child that his or her birthmother loved him or her very, very much, and did everything she could to give him or her the best possible life.  Your baby will grow up knowing of your courage and your caring.   You will be spoken of with love and respect.   We want to honor the unique relationship you will always have with your baby, and we will send photo and letter updates to you regularly.

We live in a small town on a quiet street lined with big old maple trees.  At the back of our yard among the raspberry bushes and pine trees is a small two-story barn with lots of nooks and crannies for a kid to explore.  In our house is an empty room painted light yellow with white trim.  It has large windows looking out onto trees and sky in three directions, and a window seat perfect for snuggling into with books and toys.  The emptiness of this room is our daily prayer of hope for a child.  We long for the day that our child will fill the room with dreams, songs and laughter.

We are glad to live in a friendly neighborhood with lots of other children.  There are always kids out skateboarding, biking or drawing with chalk on the sidewalk.  Matthew, the one-year-old next door, has just learned to walk, and he waves hello and talks to us whenever he sees us outside.  The couple in the house behind us have an in-ground pool which they share with us.  We enjoy visits for coffee and homemade crumbcake with the elderly widow across the street.  Our son or daughter will have many friends, young and old.

There is conservation land all around us, including meadows, woods, rivers, and small mountains.  We love the outdoors, and picture ourselves carrying our child on the hiking trail in a backpack, or taking him or her canoeing for an afternoon adventure.   We are 45 minutes away from a thriving city, with museums, ball games, ethnic festivals, concerts, and so many other fun and enriching experiences awaiting a growing child.

The baby who is welcomed into our lives and hearts will be welcomed with great joy by our extended family as well.  Ellen's brother and sister, and David's brother, can't wait to have a baby nephew or niece to dote on.  Our nieces jump up and down at the thought of having a new cousin to babysit and play with.   Ellen's mother lives in a nearby seaside town and looks forward to gardening, baking bread, and playing Scrabble with her youngest grandchild.  David's parents have no grandchildren so far, and have spoken wistfully about the day when we have children.   We know that when a baby joins our family, they will be thrilled!

The gift of your baby to our family is immeasurable, because it is the gift of life itself.  We will honor and nurture this gift forever.  Your son or daughter will be surrounded with stability, loving care, and joy.  She or he will be raised with a faith in God and with values that will help him or her be a cherished member of the community. He or she will be given a good education, with every opportunity to pursue college if that is what she or he chooses.

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.  Whatever choice you make, we hope that you will take good care of yourself during this challenging time. We wish you every blessing as you make plans for yourself and your baby.  We would welcome the chance to speak with you, and, if you would like, to meet with you as well.

 If you would like to speak with us directly, or learn more about us, please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: 1-888-45-ADOPT.

Ellen and David

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