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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
David and Sharon

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for taking some time to begin to become acquainted with our family. We would like to express our respect for you and the choices you are making regarding your baby’s future. It would be a true honor to welcome your baby into our safe, loving and nurturing home. After years as a couple, we look forward to completing our family through adoption. Parenting a child is our ultimate dream.

In over twelve years of being together, we each have felt blessed to have found our life partner. The tenderness between us shows up in small ways. For example, I've always been touched that David hand-designs birthday and special cards for me. And the tenderness shows up in big ways too, such as the steadfast support we showed each other during our infertility treatment. We tried for five years to have a child, but surgeries and treatment all resulted in the conclusion that we will not be able to bear a child. We have already known adoption in our families and feel grateful that our families are as comfortable, as we are, with welcoming a child into our family through adoption.

Sharon has a cousin who made an adoption plan when she was younger; we have tremendous compassion for her difficult decision. And we each have cousins who are adopted and our niece joined our family through a step-parent adoption. Our families are excited for us and feel that this is a continuation of adoption in our family. As we've begun to talk more about our plans, we've also learned that some of our adult friends joined their families through adoption as well. Our child will grow up in an extended family and friendship circle where adoption is comfortable and welcomed.

When a child joins our family, our child will be cared for at home. David works as the head of dispatching for a local police department and Sharon works a few days a week as an emergency room nurse. Our schedules are such that one or both of us will always be at home with our child, and for those infrequent times when we both need to be out, Sharon's mother will be a happy grandmother.

Sharon's mother is a real estate agent and this proved helpful when we looked for a house. She found a perfect neighborhood for us; there are many young families and we live on a "cul-de-sac" so that traffic doesn't pass through. The children in the neighborhood, who are old enough to go to school, attend the highly regarded local public schools. During baseball season, we enjoy watching little league games they play (and our child isn't even playing !). Every summer, we have a large block party. Close by is a Community Center with a pool and other athletic facilities. This all provides a strong sense of community in an energetic and safe environment.

We met over 15 years ago when Sharon was a college student,working part time as a police dispatcher. Ironically it was David's father who met Sharon and introduced her to his son. Just a few months later, we were so confident in our love that we began to plan our wedding. We exchanged our vows in front of our friends and family at Sharon's childhood church. We love doing just about anything with each other; even chores turn into laughs and fun or tender conversation. When we're apart, frequently we talk on the phone and tell each other what's going on about our day. When we have time off together, we still "date" each other. Maybe it is dinner out or just taking a ride to see the sunset. We both feel overflowing with love to share with a child.

Every summer, the family gathers at Sharon's parents' cottage in Maine. We gather from near and far for a four day family festival. Thanksgiving is our other big holiday. The feast is held at Sharon's parents' house. There are several gatherings and celebrations in between; often there is no particular occasion. Saturday breakfast is a tradition; whoever is around or in town, it's an automatic drop-in family event. Family always comes first. Any member would drop everything to help the other. Our love is strong and unconditional.
e were both blessed by strong family support systems and cherished friends. The backbones of loyalty and respect will be passed on through our parenting. Communication between us and our child will be open and honest. There will be nothing our child can't come to us with. We will encourage them to take pride in all they do. All we can hope is for them to do their best and be happy with their achievements.

We believe in providing a good education for our child. We were raised with a strong sense of support from our families for any educational path we wished to pursue and we will pass that gift on to our child as well. We have already started saving for college tuition so that they can feel confident of being able to pursue their dreams.

For fun, we enjoy the outdoors. We enjoy camping, hiking along nature trails and going wherever Otis bids us to follow. We love time with our friends. Spontaneous barbeques on our deck, taking in movies, and helping with local health related charities gives us both pleasure and satisfaction. Almost two years ago, we welcomed Otis, a Terrier/Labrador puppy into our lives. He's a confident and loving puppy who is gentle around kids and well-loved by the neighborhood children.

David: Even to this day, I remember when Sharon and I met. Her smile gave me such a feeling of happiness and joy that I knew I wanted to be with her. Sharon has such an infectious laugh and smile that everyone in a room always takes notice. I would go to the ends of the earth to make Sharon happy and I know she would do no less.

As a nurse, Sharon has such a caring touch and an intuitive understanding of people's feelings. I am without doubt that this ability will carry over into motherhood. She will be able to not only nurture but also be able creatively and lovingly help the child know about the best way to approach things and to learn "right and wrong". I am confident that her"mother's touch" will be complimented by our team approach in giving our child the love and support she or he will need to grow into a strong and loving adult.

Sharon: David has such a comforting presence. He has always known when I need to be held and made to feel safe. On the other hand, when times get tough,he can always make me laugh. Not only is he my husband but he is my best friend. Nothing that happens in my life is real until I share it with David. Our baby will have a lifetime of exciting childhood memories with their father. Somehow he manages to play hard yet create safe and clear boundaries so children feel confident that they're cared for. He will be a strong provider and protector.

The only thing missing from our home is the patter of little feet. We look forward to sharing every developmental milestone with our child. There is no smell sweeter than a freshly bathed baby. I look forward to rocking our baby to sleep in David's grandmother's rocking chair. It is already in the nursery. We've already begun collecting books to read to our baby at bed time. Everywhere we have gone since beginning the adoption journey, we dream of bringing our baby along. Family celebrations will be even richer with our child. Our nieces and nephews are eager to play with their new cousin. We thank you for considering us as parents, for this is our most important dream.

We'd like you to feel confident in the years ahead, that adoption was the right choice for you and your child. Your child will know how much you love him or her and will be raised to understand adoption as a courageous and selfless choice. Your child will grow up knowing how much everyone loved him or her and that his or her bright future was carefully planned, with love, by you. We will provide photo/letter updates to you, directly, or to the agency (to hold for you), whichever you prefer, all the years of your child's growing up. We are happy to stay in touch with you so that you can know your son or daughter is growing up happy and well-loved.

We'd welcome a chance to talk with you and meet you if you'd like. Please feel free to call Full Circle at 1-888-452-3678 if you'd like to learn more about us or talk with us. We hope to hear from you.

Our best wishes to you,

Sharon and David

Full Circle


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