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Brian and Brian

Dear Birthmother,

Although we have not yet had a chance to talk or meet, one could only imagine the difficult decision you are facing. We hope for a warm and supportive connection with you as we travel the adoption path together. Clearly, this is a difficult decision. Thank you for the chance to tell you of our dream to become parents through adoption. Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves.

Our commitment is to give your child the best life possible. One of us will be a full time, at-home parent, and the other father has a schedule allowing him to be home all summer long (with a relaxed, flexible schedule the rest of the year). We look forward to being active, involved parents devoted to raising your child to be the happiest person he or she can be. We believe that the most important thing is that your child will have a home filled with unconditional love and security. It takes a strong and loving person to pursue the difficult decision that you are considering in your life, and we both respect and admire you.

We were both blessed by our parents with the first name Brian. While this gives us humor and sometimes a little confusion, our family, friends and loved ones have easily navigated this by coming up with affectionate nicknames for us that refer to our passions, Brian R. has been called "nurse" because of his devotion to medical care of children and Brian K. has been called pilot because of his interest in airplanes and aviation. Our child will know Brian K. as Dad (who'll be full time at home) and Brian R. as Daddy. We'll also include our photos in this letter so that you can know who we are.

Your child will grow up with parents who have been together close to a decade, who are in a stable long-term marriage. While we knew each other socially about ten years ago, we came together about eight years ago and have been together ever since. Our love and friendship have grown over the years and we look forward to sharing our lives with children.

This past year we were married. We live in the state of Massachusetts, which legalized marriage in 2004. We never imagined that we would have the pleasure of marrying. Now that we are married we are eager to grow our family by adopting a child.

Brian R. (Daddy) is 36-years-old and has a Masters in Nursing. His work will allow him lots of flexible time to be an active dad. He works both as a Professor of Nursing with a specialty in pediatrics and as a staff nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit of a local teaching hospital. He has also spent time volunteering with the Nursing Christian Society, where he traveled to the Dominican Republic giving medical care to people in the most remote areas of the island. His current work schedule will allow him to be a full time parent for the entire summer as well as an extended period between semesters. There is a wonderful paternity leave policy which will enable him to take off three months when a child joins our family to spend valuable bonding time with the child.

We both value education and will provide a home that will include the support for education. We have started an education fund so that our children will feel confident of being able to pursue their dreams and having a college education free from worries about finances.

Brian K. (Dad) is 39-years-old and works in a laboratory, as part of a biotechnology team that makes medicine for children. He has worked for many years in this field. Once a child joins our family, Brian will be a full time at home parent. He is looking forward to having the great opportunity to be a stay at home dad. Due to many years as professionals, we have established sufficient financial stability to enable Brian to stay at home with our child. We feel our child should have one of us home to provide day to day love and care.

We are fortunate that our family and friends are as excited about our adoption as we are. Both of us are the youngest in the family. Brian R. is the youngest of three children and Brian K. is the youngest of five children. Our niece Katie and nephews Timothy and Jonathon love to spend time with us at our camp in the summer playing at the beach. They especially love watching the firework celebration on the Fourth of July.

Our families are both extremely close and value the times that we spend together. They all look forward to welcoming a new child into their lives, as a grandchild, a niece or nephew and as a cousin. As we both come from families with siblings, it is important to us to eventually have at least two children. We would like our child to have a sister or brother to grow up with.

The holidays are a very important time to us and we look forward to include our child in future parties and family gatherings. Christmas in particular is one of our most favorite holidays, as we love to decorate the entire house; in fact we put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. We spend the Christmas holiday with both our families, Christmas Eve with Brian K.'s family and Christmas Day with Brian R.'s family. There are certain foods that are a tradition with our families. Mom and sister Roxanne make 2 huge kettles of their special meatballs; by the end of the night, seldom are there any left. Chicken wings and banana and strawberry pie are not far behind as favorites of the season. Everyone usually starts opening the gifts around 9:00pm and finishes around 11:00pm. We're home by midnight, in just enough time to get rest for the holiday celebration with the other side of our family. We are blessed to have a large extended family to share the holiday season with.

We'll share with our child the kind and thoughtful values with which we were raised. We will offer a blend of church traditions, ultimately focusing our energies on giving our child a sense of community and the importance of being kind and caring towards everyone in need. We look forward to enjoying services as a part of participating in our community and particularly look forward to going to church on Easter and Christmas.

We live within a small city in Massachusetts in a new colonial style home that is part of a growing neighborhood. The neighborhood is filled with many other young families with children of all ages. We are famous for our summer barbecues, where all our friends and family come over to enjoy the times together in our yard and refresh themselves in our pool. Brian K., who is an excellent carpenter, looks forward to building a swing set with a slide in our backyard for hours of fun with our child.

We have a nice camp at the beach, where we spend some of our weekends in the summer. The camp is part of a private campground, where there is so much to do, like bike ride, trail walking and swimming in the ocean. There is always a crowd of children gathered at our camp site playing volleyball and participating in arts and crafts, as Brian R. volunteers as one of the family activity coordinators.

We know that considering adoption is one of the most important decisions you will consider. We want you to know that we consider it very important for your child to grow up with positive feelings for you and to know of your love. We want to reassure you that we are open to connection in the years to come. We want to share photos and letters with you, if you'd like to receive them. And we're open to more contact as well, if that's something you'd like. We think a child can only benefit from knowing everyone who loves him or her. We look forward to hearing more about what would meet your needs over the years that your child is growing up.

We hope that this letter has helped to give you a glimpse into our lives as a family. We appreciate you looking at our relationship, as it is one that is based on love, honesty and commitment. We wish only the best for you. Please stay well….. If you have anything you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact Full Circle Adoptions at 1-800-452-3678.

Thank you and God Bless!

Brian & Brian


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