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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Bill and Diane

Dear Birthmother:

We imagine that this must be a very difficult and emotional time for you, as you consider placing your expected baby for adoption.  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, which introduces our family to you. We hope that, by sharing this information about our family, it will help you in making your decision.

Our names are Bill and Diane. We are a happily married couple who just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. We have a son, Billy, who joined our family by adoption.  All three of us are eagerly looking forward to adding a second child to the family. Diane will be a full time, at home mother when our second child arrives.
We met while working together in our local supermarket when we were 17  years old.  Our relationship was special 

Diane:  When I first met Bill, I knew he was the one for me.  I love his honesty and his wonderful sense of humor.  He is a warm, loving person who invites me into his life.  He has high morals and values.  He is a hard worker who takes great pride in providing for his family.  He is a loving father.  He is my best friend.

Bill:  Diane is a warm and loving woman.  She is full of energy.  She puts a lot of feeling into everything she does.  I love her compassion for people and her sincerity.  She puts her heart into the daily activities we all take for granted.  She finds something positive in every situation.  She is a wonderful wife and mother and I enjoy sharing my life with her.
We knew early on that we would not be able to have biological children, due to infertility.  We were both disappointed because we had looked forward to having a family.  We looked into adoption and after speaking with family members who had adopted, we felt really good about making that choice. We applied soon thereafter.   

Our son Billy arrived in September 1987.  It was the happiest day of our lives!  We were so excited and very emotional.  All the planning we had done did not prepare  us for the love we instantly felt for him.  Billy is a warm and friendly boy who feels good about himself and who likes spending time with others.  He is a talkative child who loves animals and who has many  friends.  Billy loves his younger cousins and looks forward to holding his baby brother or sister and teaching him or her how to do things.  We are so grateful to be his mommy and daddy. He has been our greatest gift.     

Bill works with his father and brother in a family-owned business in the security technology field.  The business was established in 1957 and is well respected within the community because of their strong business ethics.  Diane joined their business two years ago, offering the benefit of her management skills, which she had gained through her experience as a Human Resources manager in a large hospital.  We work well together, both personally and professionally.  Diane is currently working part-time while Billy attends school.  After the arrival of our second child, Diane looks forward to being a full time mom.

We live in a cozy, 3 bedroom cape in the small town where Diane grew up.  We have lived here for 12 years.  During this time, Bill has completely renovated the entire house. He is a very skilled craftsman.  Diane has enjoyed creating a home that is warm and inviting.  We have a golden retriever named Pertie and a tiger cat named White-Paws. Our neighborhood has lots of children and we enjoy spending time with our neighbors.  The school system is excellent and there are many nice walking areas.  We are within walking distance of a lovely park that has a small duck pond, a playscape and a baseball field.  Feeding the ducks is one of our favorite family activities.

We both have very strong relationships with our extended families.  We have lots of nieces and nephews on both sides. We often get together for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations. Our family members all know of our desire to adopt another child and are excited and supportive of 
our plans.  They are eager to see our dreams fulfilled. 

We are an active family and do many things together including bicycling, boating, movies, and eating dinner out.  We have an 18 foot boat which we take on vacation every summer to a lake in Maine.  We go fishing, hiking, and blueberry picking.  It is a special place for us and has become an annual tradition for our family. Diane especially loves walking, gardening, and tending to the yard, while Bill loves fishing, camping, and cooking fabulous meals.

Billy has been involved in the Boy Scouts since he was small, and Bill enjoys being a Scout leader.  Billy learned to cross country ski when he was a toddler.  He also plays soccer, basketball, and baseball.  He loves the outdoors and enjoys playing with his friends in the woods behind our house.  Bill and Diane spend a great deal of time with him and are actively involved in his activities.

Bill and I love each other and are deeply committed to each other and our family.  We support each other and our decisions are made together.  Our values – honesty, spending a lot of time together and communicating clearly are all values we share as a family.  We have raised Billy with these family values that we were blessed to have instilled in us when we were growing up.  Billy is a very happy, communicative boy and we are very proud of him.

Billy’s birthmother selected us as parents for Billy.  We continue to write letters to her and keep her up-to-date on Billy’s development and activities.  Billy knows he is adopted.  We say a prayer for his birthmother and thank her for bringing us together as a family.  We hope that we will have an opportunity to meet the birthmother or birthparents of our second child.

We have always known that we wanted to adopt a second child.  We long for the joy that  raising another child would provide. If you choose us to be parents for your child, we would give your son or daughter every opportunity for a full and happy life.  We are also very open to any requests you may have in the raising of your child.  We would be happy to send you pictures and letters over your child’s growing up years.

Thank you for your consideration.  If you would like to learn more about us or speak with us, please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45 ADOPT.  Because it is so hard to convey who we are in only a few pages, we would be happy to talk and meet with you to allow you the opportunity to get to know us a little better.

Our warmest wishes for you.


Bill and Diane

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