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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Beth and Jay

beth-jay.jpg (29224 bytes) Dear Birthmother,

As we write this letter to you, we are hoping to find words to fully express our feelings. We are excited, because we are eager to welcome a baby into our family and thankful, because you are willing to consider us to raise your child. We wonder what events have brought us together and hope that we can be supportive to you during a difficult time. Through it all, we are mindful that you are about to make one of the most important decisions of your life. During this time, we hope that you are blessed with the love and support of others, and that your selection brings you great comfort and peace.

In the early years of our relationship, almost 15 years ago, we dreamed about the day when children would enter our lives. Because of our respect for adoption and our love for children, we wanted to have a family of both biological and adopted children, not realizing at that time that we would not be able to conceive. When our fertility treatments proved unsuccessful, we were sad, but we moved quite easily to pursuing adoption.

In October of 1998, we welcomed Juliana into our hearts and our home. We were honored to meet her birthparents and share many special moments together before and after Juliana’s birth, and we continue to keep in touch with them through letters and photos. We are extremely thankful to them for helping us to realize our dream of becoming parents.

We love everything about parenthood and feel especially blessed that Beth is able to be at home full time. Our hearts overflow with love for Juliana. Her presence in our lives has made us realize how wonderful it is to wake up to a warm smile and hug in the morning, read and play all afternoon, and watch an angelic face nod off to sleep at the end of a busy day. It is this pure joy, that we feel so deeply, that has created a longing to welcome another child into our family. Now, we are reaching out to connect with someone special who will help us to fulfill a new dream – the dream of expanding our family.

Since beginning the adoption process, we have been surrounded by people who have provided different perspectives on how adoption touches lives. The recurring theme is that this experience is a unique one for every person: for the birthparents, the adoptive parents and the children. We certainly couldn't expect to fully understand the questions that you ask yourself or the struggles that you face, but one thing is certain; the fact that you have come this far and are considering your baby's well being above all else is a sign of your profound love. Please know that, should you select us, we will tell the loving story that you would want us to share, and your child would always know that he or she entered our lives as a gift of love. Of course, we would feel honored to send to you photos and letters so that you can share in your child's growth and development.

We'd like to tell you about our relationship, parenting skills, families and home.

We met in 1985 when we were members of the Student Council at our high school. As a senior (Jay) and sophomore (Beth), we worked on a committee together to plan the annual Spring Fling Dance. The dance was a great success, and after a few slow songs we were on our way to a major crush. Next came a double date, followed by an invitation to the senior prom and a very wonderful courtship that lasted six years. We were married on Columbus Day weekend in 1991 in the presence of over 200 dear family members and friends.

When it came time to exchange our vows, we shared words that we had written ourselves and memorized. Our parents, who have provided inspiring examples of successful marriages and effective parenting looked on as our siblings, David, Sue and Joe, and nine of our closest friends witnessed our vows and celebrated our commitment to each other. It was truly one of the happiest and most memorable days of our lives.

We are now strong believers in the term "lucky seven," for it was just a few days before we celebrated our seventh year anniversary that Juliana was born. Her warm smile and hearty laugh bring an abundance of joy to us each and every day. Juliana is a free spirit who enjoys flipping the pages of her books and snuggling up on the couch with equal enthusiasm. The park and the pool are two of her favorite outing spots, so we spend lots of time swinging and swimming.

Although she is too young to comprehend the concept of a new baby entering our family, we know that she will be a wonderful big sister. Juliana gravitates toward children, always curious to meet the babies and toddlers in the neighborhood. She is already quite successfully practicing using "gentle hands" on her doll.

Parenthood has offered us great rewards. Perhaps the greatest one is seeing each other as Mom and Dad. Watching Jay recite stories or create names for each person on Juliana’s toy bus is positively heartwarming. The same holds true when observing Beth teaching Juliana how to dance. Each experience has allowed us to fall more deeply in love than we could have ever imagined.

Family was the major consideration when planning our careers, so we selected paths that would allow us the flexibility of having one parent always be at home. Through the wisdom and guidance of our parents, we have made smart choices that now provide us with a very financially stable family life.

Just a couple of years after receiving my undergraduate degree in Business, I (Beth) began a Masters program in Training and Development and graduated in November 1996. After working as a Corporate Trainer, teaching professional development courses like Communication Skills and Time Management, I started my own independent practice. Since Juliana joined our family, I have worked an average of 2-3 days per month while my parents or Jay’s mom have looked after her. Those few days have afforded me the opportunity to stay current in my field and have allowed the doting grandparents to have special time with Juliana to enjoy the pool and play at the park.

After graduating with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1989, I (Jay) began working as an engineer, designing and testing aircraft engines. In the ensuing years I have also worked as a consultant and trainer for the same company. Using my technical and interpersonal skills, I now work as a program manager, responsible for managing the business relationship between my company and our customers. I completed my Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering before we were married, and I completed my Masters in Business Administration in June 1998. In years past, I was thankful that my company funded both of my Masters degrees. Today, I am thankful that they value a balance of work and family life. Even though I truly enjoy my job, it is difficult to leave home in the morning, and I find myself always excited to come home at the end of the day to play with blocks and read stories to Juliana.

I (Jay) love to teach and have spent the last nine years tutoring local high school students in subjects such as math and the sciences. I have also recently begun to mentor college students who are considering the engineering field. Both opportunities have provided excellent practice for teaching our children. Together, Beth and I have had lots of fun watching Juliana learn and respond to different things. She is especially curious about animals, so we always take advantage of opportunities to visit the neighborhood pets and our friends at the zoo. We can hardly wait to observe our next child’s unique interests and help her or him explore them in creative ways.

Watching the special people in our lives fall in love with Juliana has been one of our greatest blessings. Both sets of grandparents adore her and see her at least two times per week. Her great-grandparents, who recently celebrated their 58th wedding anniversary, see her weekly too, and we also enjoy visits to her great-grandmother, who lives within walking distance of the aquarium in Boston. They are all thrilled that we are preparing to welcome a second child home, and we know that they will share their love as enthusiastically as they have with Juliana.

We designed our home and chose its location with raising children in mind. Almost five years ago, we built a colonial-style home at the end of a cul-de-sac, bordering conservation land. The roads in the development are lined with sidewalks that are often busy with baby carriages and bicycles. The neighborhood children, most of whom range in age from newborn to eight, have established wonderful friendships, and we're sure that the many babies who are expected to arrive this year will continue that tradition.

Our children will enjoy the gardens that continue to be built in our yard. Since we've been married, we have enjoyed growing our own fresh veggies, a love that we share with Beth's Dad. The competition for the first ripe tomato and biggest zucchini starts early in the growing season and offers lots of fun and laughs. We intentionally expanded the size of the vegetable garden so that our children would have space to tend to their own crops if they too caught the gardening bug.

Our town is less than 30 minutes from Boston, which provides us with the benefit of both urban and suburban life. But, the best feature of the town is the number of relatives who live nearby. We stopped counting at over 50 cousins, aunts and uncles who we not only see at family events but also regularly see at the grocery store, post office and bank.

We look forward to sharing with our children our love of the outdoors. Visiting National Parks is always one of the year's major highlights. Yosemite, with its breathtaking wildflower meadows, is one of our favorites, and pictures representing the awe-inspiring parks we’ve visited decorate our home and remind us of our special time there.

We are actively involved in our Church, where Beth serves on the Finance Committee and Church Council. Having a strong faith and sharing in fellowship with others has been a blessing to us and we would like to share that gift with our children.

We can't help but think that you might have some special dreams for your child. We want you to know that, if we are selected as the adoptive parents, we would welcome learning about your vision so that we could include your interests, hobbies or values into your child's life.

We hope that these words have begun to paint a picture of who we are as individuals, as a couple and as parents. We also hope that whatever circumstances have brought us together will allow our relationship to continue to grow. If you choose us to be the parents for your child, we promise to provide the loving and nurturing home that you have envisioned.

Thank you for considering us. We look forward to having the chance to talk with you. If you would like to speak with us directly or learn more about us, please contact Marla at Full Circle Adoptions, toll free: (1) 888-452-3678.

Wishing you the very best,

Beth and Jay

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