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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile


angela.jpg (31377 bytes) Dear Birthmother, 

It is a beautiful spring day in New England as I sit down to write this letter to you.  Before even speaking with you, I already admire your courage in considering adoption for your expected child.  My prayers are with you and your child.  I know that you will make a choice that feels right for you. I am grateful to you for taking the time to read this letter.  My hope is that it will give you some information about what I can offer to you and your child. If you choose me as the adoptive mother for your child, you will be helping me to realize the most important dream in my life. 

I have given a great deal of thought to my decision to become a single parent. I come from a large and loving extended family and have always wanted to be a mother.  My decision to adopt a child is one I have thought long and hard about.  I know it is right for me and for the child I will know and love.  I look forward to watching his or her excitement the first time he or she glides in a swing, runs through the snow or pets a kitten. 

Your child will know the ever present circle of close family and friends who live very close by.  He or she will never lack for cousins, aunts, uncles or family friends to provide encouragement, love and a feeling of belonging.  Veronica and Jose (dear friends) and Joe and Kathy ( my cousins) both have children and are so looking forward to teaming up with me for the daily rituals of parenthood. Everyone is so excited about welcoming a new baby into our family. 

I love children! The children of cousins and friends all know me as a nurturing and fun person.  I hug and praise. I listen and play. Most importantly, I am their most ardent fan. When my godson, Joseph comes to visit I cradle and rock him to sleep.  I read Good Night Moon to his sister, Danielle.  We all enjoy watching Barney and playing Barbie, zooming the trucks and building with Legos.  I so look forward to sharing this love and affection with a child that I can call my own. 
When a child joins my family, he or she will know a loving and secure home life where mom and child time is the priority. 

My work is perfect for becoming a mom.  My job involves helping companies develop child-friendly policies in the work place.  I am grateful to have work that I love which provides me with the substantial resources necessary to comfortably single parent.  I also can do much of 
my work from my home office.  My position also offers me the flexibility to assure that my children will always come first and assures my being able to maintain time with family as my top priority.  I am also blessed with a network of close friends and family.  I already know that I can 
count on them and they can count on me for the kindnesses of daily family life. 

I was born in New Jersey and grew up in a very warm and nurturing extended family.  My parents were originally from Italy and worked hard all their lives to provide me with all of the opportunities they did not have. I knew that I could accomplish all my dreams because I always had 
my parents behind me 100%.  In addition to easily providing for the material needs of a child, it is very important for me to pass on the values I learned at home: that the love and the support of family are the greatest gift.  My family will feel complete when children  -- their laughter, their presence and their love -- fill my home.  It was with my parents' ever-present support and encouragement that I earned a masters degree in Guidance and Psychological Services. Although my father passed away 15 years ago, I still feel warmed by his support.  My mother lives a short drive away and is a wonderfully warm parent who can't wait to be a grandmother.  The child whom I have the honor of adopting will know, as I did with my parents, that he or she is the most important person in my life and that she or he will always have my unconditional affection, 
love and support. 

I had the good fortune, also, to have grandparents with whom I had a very close relationship.  They took me to the park, the zoo and the movies.  Now my mom looks forward to that same closeness with the child that I raise.  She has already designed a special room in her home that 
she can fill with a crib and toys for our visits with grandma. 

My home is in a pretty country setting.  I have a 3 bedroom home with a large family room spacious and ready for children to play in. My home is close enough to a large city that we can reach out for concerts and other cultural events, but far away from traffic and congestion.  My 
neighborhood is family-oriented with lots of children. I often watch the children playing, hear their laughter and dream of the day that I can bring my child out and joyfully watch as he or she joins in the fun and games.  I am ready to make these dreams come true and to give all that I 
have to your baby. 

If you honor me with the opportunity to mother your child, I will give her or him everything possible to become a happy, healthy and caring individual.  I am very committed to teaching a child to be respectful of others and considerate of all of the gifts given to us in this world. I believe that all children need love and consistency, but I also know the importance of really listening to a child and spending lots quality time together. While I am excited about the joys of parenting, I am also 
looking forward to the responsibilities. I will love your child in the middle of a sleepless night, during visits to the doctor, while changing diapers, as well as when I witness his or her first laughs and steps. I am eager to assume the responsibilities of parenthood and to provide 
your child with the very best of everything. 

Most importantly, I will always make sure that your child knows you gave him or her the most precious gift - life.  She or he will know that you were so committed to him/her, that you made the hardest and most loving decision a parent can make: you put your child's needs first. I so want 
to know the hopes and dreams you have for your baby.  I promise that I will pass on the information you share, as well as the hopes dreams you have for your child. If I am lucky enough to be chosen as the adoptive parent for your child, I will join in your commitment to provide him or 
her with a bright future.  With your permission, I would also look forward to updating you regularly through photos and letters. 

I hope that you are finding the support that you need during this time and I would like to be a part of this support in the days ahead.  If you decide that I am the right person the raise your child, please be assured that I will live by my promises to give your child everything I can so that he or she will live a happy and fulfilling life. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  I would welcome a chance to meet with you. If you would like to learn more about me or to speak with me directly please call Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions: Toll Free Birthparent Hotline 1-888-45-ADOPT. 

No matter what you choose, I wish you the best. 



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