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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Alan and Jane

Dear Birthmother:

We imagine that everything is incredibly difficult for you right now but your contemplation of adoption reflects your courage and love for your child. We wish you and your baby happiness in whatever you decide and we are grateful to you for thinking of our family and reading this letter.

We have been blessed with our son Elliott through adoption and have nothing but gratitude and admiration for his birthmother. Because we have so much love to give and wish to share it with him or her, we are now eager to welcome another child into our family. Should you choose us to parent your child, please know that we will raise your child in a spirit of thanksgiving and with an abundance of love.

Our family's journey to this point began in 1990 when we met through a mutual friend and feel in love. In 1993 we were married in a church built in the 13th century in The Netherlands where we had both gotten jobs for a few years. Our plans to start a family soon afterwards only led to failed pregnancies. After the sadness from these experiences and years of infertility treatment subsided, we embraced the miracle of adoption. On March 29th, 1999, we were called with the news that a baby had been born and we flew to meet him and his birthmother in the hospital. We will never forget those first few days. He was born 2 days after Jane's birthday, the most wonderful birthday present one could ever hope to have and enjoy. We were so full of love for our new son and also for Elliott's birthmother and gratitude for her decision to trust us with raising her child. We have an "open" adoption relationship with her and met her in the hospital and again when Elliott was 18 months old when we were visiting Jane's brother. Being parents has been the most magnificent experiences of our lives and has increased the love we feel for each other and Elliott. We tell Elliott about his birthmother and how much we all love her and we send her photos and information about him as he's growing up. Elliott and his brother or sister will always know how special they are to their birthparents.

Elliott has brought us so much joy and happiness over the last three years. He is the happiest little boy we've ever known, smiling since he was a few weeks old. All day long he's running around playing basketball, playing with his trucks, and digging in his sandbox. He talks so much and is very inquisitive and healthy. He's very friendly and is always asking to play with his many friends. He seems quite smart, knowing all his letters by the age of 2. His happiness is contagious and makes him a real joy and easy to parent.

Jane: I was raised Presbyterian in the mid-west in a family of four children (two brothers and a sister). I loved having a sister and 2 brothers and we always played together because we moved around a lot (my father was in sales). I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Institutional Management (Hotel and Restaurant Administration) and am also a certified elementary school teacher. When Elliott came into our lives, I stopped working as a first grade teacher. I feel so fortunate and so happy to be able to stay at home with Elliott and will continue to stay at home to raise Elliot and his brother or sister while they are young. There are many families in our neighborhood with children Elliott's age that he plays with. Elliott really enjoys the playgroups and "tiny tot" gym we go to and is really looking forward to attending a part-time nursery school this fall. I play the piano and plan to start Elliott with lessons when he gets a little older.

Alan: I was raised in Connecticut with my two younger sisters and am Catholic (and was an altar boy for many years). As a child, I enjoyed family vacations to the beach and various places across the country, 4H, church activities, cornet lessons, playing with my friends in the woods around our home, and learning from my father how to develop my own photographs. Since gaining my Bachelors Science degree in chemistry and Masters degree in engineering, I've been an engineer for recycling and environmental engineering companies. A good education is very important to us and we will instill our love of learning in our children so they will want to excel in whatever they choose to do. Being a father has been more wonderful and rewarding that I could have imagined.

Our strengths as parents include having a wonderful marriage to show as an example of a happy and warm environment, the ability to teach and give good examples to our children, and an extended family to love our child. We are grateful to be financially stable and confident that we be able to provide for our children's needs and education. We still consider ourselves so lucky to have found each other and while we enjoy doing many things together, we support each other in our individual interests as well. Like our parents, we want to raise our children in a warm and nurturing Christian family. Other than raising our family, hobbies and interests we enjoy together include traveling, bicycling, gardening, skiing, camping and taking walks in the country.

We enjoy living in New England with its seasons and history and own a 6-room home with a nice, roomy yard for playing and a small garden with fruit trees. We live in a wonderful neighborhood and our home is only 4 houses away from a new playground and elementary school that contains the town's competition-size swimming pool where Elliott takes swimming lessons. We also own a cabin in the country where we go on many weekends to ski, hike, swim, canoe, garden, and enjoy nature.

Our parents, brothers and sister love Elliott and were so happy when we were able to adopt him and are enthusiastically waiting for the time when he'll have a brother or sister. Elliott's four grandparents are all retired and live within a few hours drive of us and provide the special love and support for our child as they have always provided for us. We are already lucky enough to be uncle and aunts to three nephews and a niece and they would love to have another cousin.

In considering adoption for your child, you have shown yourself to be a courageous and loving person. Thank you for reading about us and thinking of us as possible loving parents to raise your child. We are open to a range of openness during the adoption process and afterwards. Please call Marla at 1-888-452-3678 to obtain more photos and information about ourselves or if you would like to speak with us. It's difficult to put into words who we are and why this is so important to us but our hearts are waiting to hear from you.

Alan & Jane


Full Circle

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