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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile
Val and Brian

Dear Birthmother,

We want you to know that we feel deeply grateful to you for considering adoption and for taking the time to read our letter. We are hoping to build our family through adoption. We imagine this must be a very difficult time for you and we realize that your decision to consider adoption is one that must require great courage and strength. Please understand that we too are reaching out to you. Thank you for taking some time to get to know us.

Brian and I (Val) have been together for over fourteen years. We met on the beach one summer and have been together ever since. We share many memories and have a life filled with much love and happiness! Brian and I both went to college in Massachusetts and we have lived here ever since. We are truly each other's best friends!

We very much wanted to have a family, but unfortunately we were not able to have children. While it was a trying time for us, we made it through together because of our strong love for each other and wonderful support from our family and friends. Brian and I believed that we were somehow "chosen" to be adoptive parents because we are caring, loving, warm-hearted people. More than anything we have learned to appreciate what we have every day and to never take anyone or anything for granted. Loved ones, family and friends are the most precious things in our life. Our work schedules are such that we can, jointly, be full-time at-home parents.

We are the proud parents of Harry, a very happy, friendly, energetic, and curious 2-year-old boy. We adopted Harry at birth and have found our adoption experience to be wonderful. We understand what an important gift he is and what an important gift your child would be as well. Harry is a delightful boy who seems to touch everyone in a special way and loves to make people laugh. He is very happy, affectionate and friendly and loves to be around other children and people of all ages. He plays well with other children and enjoys having his friends come over to play on the beach, with his train set and trucks, or chase each other and our dog around the yard! Babies also fascinate him. Several of our closest friends have just had children and Harry loves to watch them - he thinks they are "so cute'!! He even wanted to share his strawberries with little 2-month old Madeline.

We could not love Harry any more than we do. At the same time, we know that there is enormous love in our hearts for another child. We feel that Harry is thriving with us and we are confident that we can provide the same nurturing environment to a second child. We look forward to giving him or her a loving childhood, like our parents gave us. Our parents and extended family eagerly await the arrival of another child whom they can love and hold forever in their hearts. We look forward to witnessing first steps, first words, birthday parties, Easter baskets, drawings to hang on our refrigerator door, playing ball and teaching them what love and kindness are all about, just as we are doing with Harry. We are both very easy-going people with a positive outlook on life. That is why we believe that Harry's little brother or sister is waiting for us somewhere.

" " " Val and Her Family " " "
I grew up in upstate New York, and was fortunate to have a younger brother and an older one to watch over me. We remain very close and see each other often. My Mom and Dad live in Colorado and run their own business. They both love the mountains and enjoy walking and hiking. They have really enjoyed their first and only grandchild and are looking forward to being grandparents again. They try to come and visit every few months and we've taken Harry to visit them several times as well - He loves to fly! It has been fun for them to take Harry to the zoo and my mom has taught Harry nursery rhymes that he sings with her.

" " " Brian and His Family " " "
Brian grew up in New England, just outside of Boston, and is the youngest of three. He has an older brother who lives near us, and a sister in New York who is married and has a daughter Ashley, whom we see all the time. Brian's parents live in Florida for half of the year and come back to New England to their family house (the same one that Brian grew up in) for the remainder. They are very active, Brian's dad loves to putter around the house, fixing the roof and gardening. Both of them enjoy golfing. They love being grandparents and enjoy spending time with Harry. Brian's entire family usually spends the holidays together in Florida - - either for Christmas or Easter. It's wonderful to all be together for traditional dinners and Harrison and Ashley just love to go swimming with Brian in the pool!

Brian and I agree that we are very lucky, both of our parents and our families are very loving, giving and have always been there for us. They are very excited about our adoption plans and will welcome another child into the family with all of their love.

" " " Our Life Together " " "
Brian and I live in a charming, coastal town. Our home is very comfortable and cozy with our boat moored in the backyard. Our family and friends love to come visit. Our seaside community has many educational opportunities, cultural attractions as well as parks, beaches, and playgrounds. Our town is very family oriented and has a real sense of community. There is always something fun to do with the whole family - - such as town parades and picnics, sporting events, 4th of July Fireworks, Santa arriving by lobster boat, and sandcastle contests! We have lived in our house since we got married and have been blessed with wonderful neighbors. There are lots of children in the neighborhood who love to come by to play with Harry and of course with our dog Tucker.
Brian loves the water and can often be found on our boat, sailing, fishing or swimming. Over the last few years I have learned to sail (with lots of help from Brian) which we both can now enjoy together. We like to spend our summer afternoons out sailing on the ocean with friends. In the winter, we're outside skiing or sledding. We also enjoy working on our home inside and out. Brian loves to landscape and fix things and I enjoy gardening and decorating. However, our favorite times are doing things as a family with Harry - walking our dog Tucker, going to the playground or for a ride on the boat.

Brian runs his own business from our home office where he sells sports and athletic gear. He is a very hard worker and wants to provide a comfortable life for his family. I enjoy playing tennis, biking, cooking and exercising at the health club. I also volunteer in community projects. I currently work in the marketing department for a large financial firm that provides excellent benefits. I will take a long maternity leave when we welcome a second child. I intend to only work part time thus enabling us to jointly be full-time parents.

" " " Our Friends " " "
Brian and I have many friends who we enjoy spending time with. Brian's best friend Paul (who he has known for 20 years) and his wife love to come and visit us with their son Timothy (5 years), who is our godson and Erin (2) who is Harrison's best friend. My closest friend is Amy who is married and has a little daughter Allison (4 years old) and a little boy, Ben (2). We love getting together for weekends and either invite everyone to our home for barbecues on the deck or go to our friends homes. We've also met many new friends in our town that we have become close to and enjoy getting together with for movies or for dinner. The majority of our friends are either expecting or already have children.

" " " Waiting For Our Little Bundle of Joy " " "
Brian and I look forward to sharing our deep faith in God with our family by attending our local church together. Schooling is also very important to us. We believe education is the cornerstone for a child's future and we will encourage our children to obtain as much education as they wish. We have already started a college fund for Harry and our second child, to which we regularly contribute. We will also give our children the option to have ballet and music lessons, sports and art classes - depending on what their interests are.

We want you to know that we would be honored if you chose us to parent your child. Brian and I have so much love to give. Together we have a lot to offer a special child. We are very caring, generous, friendly, loving, happy people who would like to share our lives with children. We have stability, confidence, trust and communication and, overall, we share much laughter and love between us. I know that we are financially prepared for a child and I know that we would give them a happy home filled with love, security and an opportunity to grow up with a loving family.

We can assure you that we will never forget our promise to you to do our very best to give your child a very happy and fulfilling life filled with much love from us. We will gladly send photos and letters to our adoption agency, or to you directly, over all the years of your child's growing up. We want you to know that your child is doing well at all times. We would be happy to have a chance to meet you and/or to talk with you if you would like this as well. We hope you will call Full Circle toll free at 1-888-452-3678 if you would like to learn more about us.

Our warmest regards,

Brian and Val

Full Circle


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