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Dear Birthmother Letter / Profile

Nancy and Phil

Dear Birthmother,

As you take the time to consider a loving plan for your child, we want to let you know that we admire your courage and deep caring for your child. We can only imagine how difficult a decision this is for you. Just as we have wondered if we will be blessed to be parents, we imagine that you, also, wonder if you will find the family who is right for you. We know you want to feel confident that your chosen family will love and care for your child in the way that realizes your dreams for him or her. If blessed to be the chosen adoptive parents for your child, we will love your child with all our hearts and for all our days. We have planned our lives so that Nancy will be able to be a stay-at-home mother; we are unendingly grateful for this opportunity. For three years, we have been trying to conceive a child. Although we have felt sadness over our infertility, this has brought us closer together. We continue to feel confident that completing a family will fulfill our dreams. We are now feeling excitement about the adoption process, which we hope will help us to become a family. 

We have close family, friends and co-workers who have experienced the blessing of adoption. A close member of our family made an adoption plan for a child conceived with her high school boyfriend; the child is now a happy teenager and our family member is happily married. She is an active parent, as well. She has no regrets and finds strength from the courage she had and the good decision she made in her early life. Our friends and co-workers have been adoptive parents and have shared the joy of these experiences, as well. We look forward to welcoming our child into our circle of family and friends.

I (Nancy) am delighted that I will be able to be a full- time, at-home mom with our child. I currently work for a medical products company providing lab equipment. While I enjoy my work, I look forward to being a parent when a child joins our lives. 

We are one of those couples blessed to have met each other at an early age. It was love at first sight when Phil and I met on the school bus in 10th grade! It was almost like in the movies. We dated for a very memorable summer and shared hand holding, first kisses, and long walks on the beach. As we were so young, it took a number of years before we realized that our friendship of over a decade was leading to the dream of being husband and wife. Over many years of late-night phone calls and Hallmark cards, we grew closer and closer.  We married in November of 1994 and both feel very fortunate to have found our soul mates. I feel blessed to have Phil as my husband. He is understanding, loving, intelligent, and ever so dependable. As a parent, I imagine Phil being the patient teacher, as I've watched him teach my nephews to tie their shoelaces & complete puzzles.

And I, Phil, am blessed to have Nancy as my wife and life partner. She always knows how to make me smile and has the kindest heart. Nancy is going to be a great mother. I've seen what a natural she is with our nieces, nephews, and the neighborhood kids. Like me, they all love her.

I (Phil) work for an electronics company, as a business manager. My position affords me the opportunity to occasionally work from home and work consistent hours. I look forward to the joy of coming home to Nancy and our child. We live in a quiet suburb outside of Boston with our cats, Larry and Darla. I (Phil) am quite proud to say that after two years of building, painting, tiling, and using every other skill you could imagine, we now live in a beautiful four-bedroom home. It truly was a labor of love - with plenty of calluses and splinters!

Since we have always planned to have children, we settled in a community with an excellent school system. We also plan to provide our child with the opportunity for a college education. Phil and I (Nancy) belong to a church in our community where I run a group for teenagers. We enjoy our friends who also belong to our church and they look forward to welcoming our child, as well.

Phil and I live in a close-knit, family neighborhood with many children under the age of 4. As we are the only couple in the neighborhood without children, our friends have welcomed our willingness to help with caring for our littlest neighbors. We are excited for our child to partake in our neighborhood children's activities. Every year we have a holiday party and a summer block party. Everyone anticipates the newest addition to the neighborhood.

We have eight nieces and nephews from age 1 to 9 years old. Phil and I dearly enjoy our time with our nieces and nephews. There is great excitement and anticipation as the eight cousins are about to have a ninth to play with.  Each summer, we take the kids hiking and rollerblading. Each winter, we take them all ice skating. Our family gatherings during the holidays are always filled with laughter and love. Whether it is Christmas caroling, where I (Nancy) play the guitar, or the festive Christmas Eve gathering at my Uncle Bill and Aunt Betty's house, there is always fun for kids of all ages.

Together, Nancy and I (Phil) enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. In addition to me helping with her gardening, we roller blade, camp, hike, bike, and ski. I've already got my eye on a baby jogger so that our child and I can go "running" together.

One of my (Nancy) greatest loves is gardening (flowers, herbs, and tomatoes). I'm proud that our town recently presented me with an award for the "Most Beautiful Yard." I've already purchased a mini red wheelbarrow and shovel to share with our child.

Growing up in my (Phil's) family meant lots of time outside. Every summer my parents would take me, my brother, and two sisters on a camping trip or cross-country vacation. I'll never forget some of those experiences as we camped in the beautiful Adirondacks, watched magnificent Niagara Falls, and looked out over the spectacular Grand Canyon. Nancy and I are looking forward to similar family vacations as we explore the world with our child.

We recently welcomed a new nephew, Tommy, into our family. I, Phil, have taken particular pleasure in feeding him! He is the first grandchild in our family and we look forward to having him and our child grow up as close friends. Our parents are delighted to be first time grandparents and have expressed excitement over being able to spend time with our child when he or she joins our family.

We respect that you may have certain values and interests that you would like to be part of your child's life. We will also be more than happy to provide pictures and letters for you as your child grows up. Your child will always know that you selflessly love him or her.  Please know that we would welcome a phone call or meeting with you. Also, please feel assured that as parents, we will offer your child a happy, healthy, and loving environment, where good values, self-expression and self-confidence will be our child's most prized possessions.  We look forward to having the chance to talk with you. If you would like to speak with us directly or learn more about us, please contact Marla Allisan at Full Circle Adoptions, toll free: 1-888-45-ADOPT.  

Warmest wishes,

Nancy and Phil

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