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Michelle and Michael

Dear Birthmother,

Our names are Michael and Michelle and we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as possible parents for your child. We have been trying to have children for over four years and underwent many infertility treatments in the process; our doctors informed us that we are not able to bear a child ourselves. We cannot imagine a life without the laughter of children and the love of a family. Michelle looks forward to being a full-time at home mother when we are blessed with a child. Children are a gift and, particularly because of the struggles we have faced, we will treasure every moment we can enjoy with our child-to-be.

Making decisions about the future of your child must feel quite overwhelming. It takes a thoughtful and courageous person to place the needs of your child first. Please know that we will convey, in appropriate ways, a sense of both the difficulty of the decision and the love with which you made the decision; a child that may be placed with us will know he or she is loved by everyone. Our hearts go out to you as you struggle with your decisions. We would be honored to speak with you over the telephone or meet with you in person if you would like this. It would be our pleasure to share photos and letters with you as your child grows up. Michelle loves taking pictures and doesn’t want to miss a single stage of a child’s development.

In order to learn about all aspects of adoption, we have attended many workshops and conferences. We also watched, with great excitement, as our friends Jeff and Saba and our cousins Diane and Greg adopted their daughters. We saw first-hand how beautiful families can be formed and how their families welcomed these babies with open arms. We are so excited to welcome a child into our hearts and home. We will watch with a sense of wonder as this child develops and blossoms into his/her own personality with his/her own unique skills and talents. It will truly be an honor to help a child learn and grow. If you are interested, we would love to hear about your interests and talents or about what you were like growing up so that we may appreciate his or her inherited gifts and also give him or her a sense of connection to you and your family as she or he is growing up.

We have been married since June 15, 1996 and have known each other for over fourteen years. Mike’s life long best friend introduced us and Mike tells the story of how, after meeting Michelle numerous times before, met Michelle again on New Year’s Eve 1988 and he made a New Year’s Resolution to ask me out on a date. We met again shortly after New Year's and Mike kept his resolution. Our first date was on February 1, 1989. We still remember it as if it were yesterday and can even describe the meal that we ate and the clothes that we were wearing. But most of all, it was the start of a wonderful relationship. I was attracted to Mike’s sense of humor and outgoing personality.

Mike: I was attracted to Michelle because she is one of the most sincere and loving persons I have ever met. Michelle has a way of bringing out my best qualities and helps me to be a better person. I cannot imagine life without her. We didn’t run out of things to talk about on our first date and found that we had a lot in common (for instance, our fathers were friends in college). We still celebrate the anniversary of our first date by going out on a "date" together to the movies, a concert, or even skiing for the day.

As a couple, we love to laugh together and make up silly names for each other. We enjoy skiing, camping, biking, golfing, movies, reading, going to the beach and getting together with our families and friends. Michelle has played the piano all her life and Mike has been taking piano lessons for a year and a half. We love attending concerts and going to the theater. Travel has always been exciting for us and we love to explore big cities.

Michelle: Mike has always been my biggest fan and has always encouraged me in many ways. Whether it be in preparing a new dish for dinner to completing an art project, he never holds back on his compliments. He is my best friend in the world and I could not imagine life without him. I feel that our relationship is like being on a ‘team.’ Like team members do, we support each other no matter what, care deeply about each other and cheer each other on. We complement one another well, as Mike is more boisterous and funny and I am more sensitive and reserved. We can’t wait to become parents and to welcome a child into our family.

I can’t wait to see Michael as a father. I have witnessed the many times that he has got down on the floor to play with children and read to them. Mike loves my godchild Benjamin (4 years old) and his sister Caroline (18 months old). They call him their "Uncle" Mike. Children are always attracted to Mike and he loves to make them laugh more than anything by doing his animal imitations or acting out characters from Harry Potter. Michael will be a very hands-on father, eager to nurture, teach and love a child.

Michael: Michelle will be a great loving mother. She will be a fantastic teacher and role model. I have no doubt that she will raise a child to be a fun loving happy child with values and a sense of security. Michelle and her mother are very artistic and I have no doubt that art projects and music will be big parts of everyday. Michelle is also a big reader and books and stories will certainly be a daily activity. I have observed Michelle with our friends' children and our nephew, Peter and am always touched by the love, care and patience that Michelle exhibits with them. I am also always moved by Michelle's complete happiness when she is with these children.

Michelle currently works as an auditor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She has been in this job since graduating from college. Just as her mom stayed at home with her and her siblings, she has always envisioned doing the same. Having always been a creative person since childhood, she began taking art courses several years ago. Children’s book illustration, watercolor painting and calligraphy are just a few of the courses that she has taken. Envisioning herself working from home, she enrolled in and completed a program of study in advertising and print design. After a baby comes, she plans to quit her auditing job and do some occasional graphic design work from home. She wants to be home when out children get off the bus so that she may listen to how their day went and help them with their homework and projects.

Michael is a partner in a large law firm. He practices employment law in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Before working for that firm, Mike was the chief lawyer for a Massachusetts law enforcement agency. His firm will be opening a satellite office that will be located less than 15 minutes from our home. He also has an office at home complete with computer and fax machine. As Mike's schedule is flexible, he will be able to come home early to play with the kids, attend school activities or sports, and to share dinner as a family just as his father did. After a little work in our home office, Mike will be ready for baths and bedtime stories.

We live in a three-bedroom home on a one acre lot located on a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood of several houses, all with children.. Our large backyard will be a great spot for a swing-set, wading pool and sandbox. We have a large deck and enjoy family gatherings and cookouts. There are lots of kids in the neighborhood and all of the neighbors look out for one another. We live in a rural community that is about 10 minutes away from a large city, 10 minutes away from the beach, an hour from Boston and short drives to Providence and Newport, Rhode Island and Cape Cod. Our community hosts an annual apple peach festival and we live a short distance from the orchards. Michelle loves to pick blueberries and strawberries and makes home-baked apple pies and strawberry-rhubarb pies.

Our neighbors grow and sell strawberries and apples and keep sheep. When our windows are open, we can hear them calling to each other. Another neighbor owns horses. The local school system is quite good and Michelle volunteers once a month at the elementary school. Our area has a lot to offer to families raising children: the local zoo, the seashore, historical monuments, summer festivals, theater, museums and libraries. A state university is located nearby and it always offers a variety of cultural events.

Education is important to us and our families. Mike's parents were the first of their families to go college. Mike's mom went to school at night when Mike was in sixth grade and became a schoolteacher. She can’t wait to help her new grandchild with homework. Please be assured that we will do whatever is possible to ensure that our son/daughter attends college some day and is able to pursue whatever dreams he/she has. We have already started a college fund toward that goal.

Michelle grew up as the oldest of four children. Her dad, Louis is a lawyer and her mom, Claudette had the very busy job of caring for the kids. Her sisters Rochelle and Andrea are married to Michael and Jason. Andrea and Jay are parents to our one-year old nephew Peter. Both couples live less than an hour away. Michelle’s brother Marc and his wife MaryEmilie live out-of-state and are expecting their first child. We keep in touch through frequent telephone calls and emails. Both of Michelle’s siblings are excited to have cousins for their children.

On a weekly basis, we meet for Sunday dinner with Michelle’s parents, her sisters and brothers-in-law and the baby. We love to share jokes and catch up on news. We especially look forward to seeing Peter and marvel at how much he has grown in the past week. The baby has really been the center of attention for our family and Michelle’s parents are so excited to make room at the table for another baby.

Mike grew up as the eldest of two children. Mike's dad was a mechanical engineer for the Navy. Mike's mom stayed at home until Mike was in the sixth grade. She then went back to school and became a teacher. Every summer, Mike and his family would take day trips all over New England to places Mike and his sister picked. Mike, who was a history major in college, picked places like Plymouth Plantation and the USS Constitution in Boston. Mike hopes to revive these trips with our child. Mike's family was very close and he had his grandparents until just a couple of years ago. The whole family would get together every Sunday. Mike's dad passed away in 1995. Today, on a weekly basis, we love to get together with Mike’s mom and his sister Kathleen and her husband Joe. Mom treats us with her home cooked meals and we get to visit with Max the cat. Kathy and Joe can’t wait to spoil a niece or a nephew. Mike’s mom is so excited about becoming a grandmother for the first time. She has announced this news that we’re trying to adopt to just about everyone she meets. She has been spending time with Mike’s cousin Maureen’s baby Kate and imagining spending similar time with our child.

In addition to our immediate families, we have many aunts, uncles and cousins who we see frequently at different family gatherings such as birthday parties, cookouts and the annual "cousin" party hosted each year by one of the cousins on Michelle’s side of the family.

We cannot wait to have a child and watch has they develop their own tastes, interests and talents. We plan on doing many fun things with our child including going to the mountains to learn to ski, and making snowmen and snow angels in the snow. We also would love to stay at home and watch videos and drink hot cocoa on cold winter's nights. It will be fun to go camping and hiking with our friends and their children. Trips to the local zoo will be frequent (we already have a family membership). Baseball is a sport we both love and many times during the summer we attend minor league games. Mike also plays in a softball league and cannot wait to have a new fan in the stands rooting for him. He also can’t wait to play catch with a daughter or son in the backyard and to explain finer points of the game to them.

It has been a tradition for a few years now for all of our friends and their families to get together and go on a hayride that Michelle would organize in the fall. Everyone drinks hot apple cider and we get bundled up for the ride. We would love to resurrect this tradition once we have children of our own. Michael’s birthday is a few days before Christmas, so the holidays are celebrated in high style with lots of carols and decorations. He is "Mr. Christmas" and looks forward to picking out the Christmas tree with a child. He remembers fondly how the Christmas tree hunt was a big highlight of his childhood.

We are both involved in the community at our church. We enjoy connecting with our friends and family on Sundays. We are grateful for the values we were raised with, particularly the importance of treating everyone with dignity; we were both taught as children to always treat others as we expect to be treated. These and other basic values have informed our lives as adults. We feel that God has blessed us in many ways in our life with good families and friends. It is our hope that, through a generous person such as yourself, we may be blessed with a child. Growing up, Michelle was taught to say bedtime prayers each night. She would like to pass this little tradition along and on the top of the list will always be special prayers for the special woman who gives us the gift of a child.

Thank you again for taking the time to consider us. If you would like to speak with us directly or learn more about us, please call Full Circle, toll free at: 1-888-452-3678. We look forward to having a chance to speak with you, if you would like. We sincerely wish you comfort and peace with all the decisions facing you at this time.


Michelle and Michael


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